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Found 7 results

  1. Please next season lower Rank 15 out of the Second League. Players at that rank still do not have the basic skills needed to survive in Ranked Battles. To many still fire in open waters broadside in Cruisers. Yolo and Sit in smoke in DD's, and BB's just sit there ignoring the rest of the team.
  2. Wow i'm bad

    So i'm at German T7 now.... with 100 total games played ........( halloween event making scrubs like me get in high tier ) man i'm feeling the effects of my autistic aim , it was fine in the lower tiers but now. it hurts I Barely hit 50k damage per game..... and then there's the lucky games where i do over 100k and the usual 20k when i eat 10 citadels or got out aimed really hard...... Kinda feel like playing cruisers for a while to git better at aiming , at least on cruisers missing wont be as painful as BBs right TvT or Join my fellow seal brethren in T4 coz that's where i belong. Still working on aiming game and citadel game..... still sucking at it .... do i need at least 1000 games to git gud? : 33 So looking forward for my i got deleted by BBs on a cruiser experience.
  3. I realize this is something you can only really do in low-mid tiers ,but that's all I'm playing at the moment, and I happen to think it's the most fun in this game..... but I suck at at. Usually I'll charge right in with speed boost and jink/dodge if I see his guns training on me, then at about 4km I'll pop smoke to mess with his secondaries and then turn to my side and launch torps....and I've been missing.... a lot. Any specific techniques that work for you all or is it just a practice thing?
  4. Using one of my favorite DDs the tier 4 American Clemson, Bruce and I had a fun game getting people to run into our torps and boosting into islands to "evade" incoming torps ourselves. The strategy worked most of the time except when I really needed it work and I got nuked! =P Sometimes one simply must yolo for the greater good! *** [Content Moderated - Inappropriate Content] --Rhonico
  5. Having a discussion about play styles. It cost a few buck to create a team. So I was thinking sometimes I get that urge. Banzai!. I don't last too long unless I have team support, but usually the red team is so focused on my vessel that my random team could pick them apart if supporting. Your thoughts? Tactics? This is an arcade sim game. Leeroy! Charge!