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Found 1 result

  1. YAADLA Nueva Esparta Navy of Venezuela Destroyer Built especially for the Venezuelan navy by Vickers in the mid 1950’s, the Nueva Esparta (New Sparta) destroyer leaders were some of the most powerful ships of the type in South America. Built on a heavily modified Battle class hull, with armament lifted from the Daring destroyers, and customized for operations near the equator (YAY air conditioning!!), these boats have many unique qualities best seen by taking a detailed look. Nueva Esparta in port Hull: Displacing 3300 tons, they are big boats, with approximately 18K hitpoints. Health is perhaps not the best way to tier a DD, but just on this metric alone, it’s a tier 8+, with even more health than a Tashkent. Armor: It’s a destroyer. There is enough metal to keep the water outside the boat as long as you don’t jostle it. Main Armament: 3x2 114mm/45 Mk IV UD. Three twin turrets, A-B-Y, these DP guns are full of good news. Good news #1: Good news #2: Good News #3: AA Armament: 3x2 114mm/45, 4x2 40mm/60 Mk5, 4x2 40mm STAAG Mk2. Nueva Esparta is the Texas of DD’s. The DP main guns are functionally similar to the USN 5”/38, with good post war fire control, and she also carries no less than 8 twin Bofors, including 4 STAAG mounts, with built in radar fire control. For comparison, the Fletcher has only 5 twin Bofors, and the Gearing carries 2 twin and 2 quad mounts. This would give Nueva Esparta nearly 100 DPS mid range, besides the 50-60 DPS from the long range DP guns. Modeling sheet showing just how they crammed that much AA on a DD Torpedoes: All of that AA comes at a price, and the price is a pathetic torpedo armament. 1 triple launcher, when most of its tier mates can carry 10-15 fish. Any source that lists the type of torpedo calls for a Mk IX, which is an excellent torpedo, 10km range @61 kts and 16k damage, but you have three of them, limiting their use to long range harassing fire or occasionally ambushing wounded prey. Maneuverability: 9/1 length to beam gives a better turning circle than most DD’s, but the extra girth shows in the speed. At 34.5 knots, it’s barely faster than some of the BB’s it will be facing, and nearly 10 knots slower than some of the VMF DDs. Consumables: Nueva Esparta is going to be a brawler, and needs consumables that can keep up as it dives into the telephone booth with a K-Bar. Given its relative youth, we could be looking at the first radar equipped DD in WOWS, or perhaps another destroyer with Hydro. A DF consumable would complement its superb AA, though it’s slow speed almost demands the turbo button instead. Pros: Substantial HP pool, matching the VMF destroyers Excellent AA, with a focus on TB killing long and midrange auras Rapid ROF and fully revolving turrets give an extra edge at short range Powerful, long range torpedoes Cons: Mortar like shell arcs IJN slow speeds 1 torpedo launcher limits tactics At sea, displaying the 80* elevation of the main guns Conclusion: Nueva Esparta is an excellent choice for a unique South American DD, as a Tier 8 premium it has superb AA and ROF as selling points. As a tech tree ship, it could perhaps be moved up to T9 with maximum stats on the main guns and radar. Matt