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Found 1 result

  1. - You can't look at a week, or even a month. The lifetime stats paints a much different, and better picture. NoZoupForYou - Half the truth is often a great lie. Benjamin Franklin You probably remember that: last week one of Community Contributors posted a video analyzing trends of WoWs online population. Conclusion was - "Right now it's just as healthy as at any other point in game's lifecycle". And it has few charts in between, helping him to illustrate why. I would completely ignore whole deal if not those charts. Boy, I love charts. And I love analyzing data. I watched through whole video few times and some things left me wondering "Is it really so?" You know, that feeling one fisherman has listening another fisherman's story. Feeling that something is fishy. Don't get me wrong, the whole narrative of NoZoupForYou's video looked okay-ish, however, some details especially in final part, looked suspicious. If you want details, expand following spoiler. If you want just conclusion, go to TL;DR section below. TL;DR If you take analysis NoZoupForYou used to get this: and say "Online numbers are fine, move along!", and apply it for other regions (EU, Asia and Russia), you'll get picture totally contradicting his conclusion. Edit: (taking it from spoiler section, so people won't miss it): I have to repeat it again: trends won't show you future, you can't just extrapolate them, even linear ones. Curve fitting (in most cases, including our) works only for data in known boundaries. Tomorrow WG can do something that will depopulate game completely or will attract two times more users. Unlikely, but totally possible, and even most sophisticated analysis of past data won't be able to predict it.