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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow players and hopefully some WG devs I would like to start this off with an agreement, the goal of game balance and class balance should be to make the game environment healthy and fun FOR ALL. As long as we can agree on this, we should be open minded and be able to strive for a healthier, more fun, and engaging game environment for all types of players. CVs should be able to do damage and have game impact, and surface ships should be able to ACTIVELY play to negate this damage and impact. WG I hope you guys are reading, a lot of thought, heart, and level heading thinking has gone into this. "Herr Durr just remove/delete CVs" is not an option. To begin I never considered myself a CV main, but I definitely played my fair share of CVs and I enjoyed the RTS gameplay. However I recognize the flaws in the system and the need for fixing it. I am okay with this "more dynamic" gameplay. Since the beginning I have had the same problem with how the CVs play, they are too reliant on poor target skill and RNG. Allow me to explain Long wait times, perfection and RNG luck are currently too necessary for everyone Perfection and RNG: If an intelligent player simply turns away or in at the correct time, your torp strike could and most likely will net little results. The same with bombs and rockets to a lesser degree because aim times are generally shorter. If you adjust your planes, your aiming reticule will get huge and the RNG can screw you. This is good for the surface ship because duh, who wants to receive damage. On the other hand, it is not so good because you have about as much impact on the engagement as the current RTS style. When a good player can figure out all the quirks and such of the system to abuse it, it will have the same broken result of the current RTS CVs. There are extremely good players than can get great results with the current system. They can do it more reliably than I, but they still have to rely on the target messing up and some good spread RNG. And long wait times: For the average player and even a great player, making the strike sucks do to the unreliability. To a degree you have to take the time to fly your planes over to the target, causing you boring time of just waiting and not really playing when you finally get to the drop, you have you play just right so you can get into a position to make a perfect strike. Any movement can make all that time flying the planes over worthless because of little to no damage. While trying to line up the drop you can lose planes from AA and the surface ship can maneuver throwing off your attack pattern. Than you need to turn the planes around and go through the same process, all while dodging flak cloud. Pretty much its a big cluster $@&* and both the CV and surface ship have to hope for good luck. This is not a good thing for either player When trying to strike destroyers with rockets, and they have their AA off, they will have around a 3-4km air detection. This is problematic because you won't quite know where the destroyer is. If you preemptively hit the "GO" button to strike the destroyer and hope to spot it, but it maneuvered away and you can't strike it, its a waste of time for both players. The DD is being constantly spotted, and the CV is wasting time too fruitlessly. All the DD can do is maneuver away and try and hide. Just like the current version. For the surface ship the current mode sucks too because You have about the same impact on the engagement as before the rework. All you can do it click a button and turn your ship a certain way trying to corral the planes into an advantageous area. The sector system is a great idea, but its just a stepping stone Its not engaging. This is a lot like the previous point but more emphasized. How you will handle a CV won't be in your skill, but by the dice you roll through the match CV you're against, and the hope you don't get on fire or flood or get hit. I am EXTREMELY passionate about carriers, I love them and naval aviation. I might even make a YouTube account and channel to properly show what I'm talking about. I have suggestions on how to fix all of these problems, and if you would like them let me know. CVs are a heated topic, but I implore you to take a breath and really think before being like "GRRRRR CVs" or "GRRRRRR AA"