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  1. It has been one and a half years since our first ARP Yamato mod, but the project did not end, as our goal was to rebuild this one: And finally here comes our ultimate ARP Yamato: ARP i-401 (Combined; YAMATO) This is not supposed to be a "utility mod", you may feel confused when you aim another Yamato, so please check the armor model before battle Attention, this mod will make your ship extremely stupid when put in water... ===================================================================== Credits: Authors: Woodman, Yuntian, FABAJI, AstreTunes Special thanks to when you're the rose for helping us to make models I401 MMD model credit to touhu ====================================================================== Then there are 2 ancient versions: ARP Yamato which is just a skinned Yamato... ARP Yamato with graviton lenses and floating turrets ===================================================================== Download: ARP Yamato Lite: ARP Yamato Pro (with graviton lens and floating turrets): ARP Yamato Ultimate (ARP I401 Combined Yamato):
  2. I've done some digging around to find a proper model/mod of Space Battleship Yamato, but haven't been successful so far. I'm just genuinely surprised that no one has released/shared a model /mod of this yet (not referring to the April fools special space yamato back in the closed beta). I'll continue my search to find a model/mod of it, but if anyone else finds one or knows where one is it would be very much appreciated if you shared the location and the creators name (to give proper credit).
  3. These incessant tier 12 games are really getting me down. Switching to playing a cruiser and going back to being sunk by less than 20 torpedoes. After a few games, the sound of those main guns start to get annoying... well... no.. they are still INCREDABLY AWESOME. Hearing the sound, "You just sunk an enemy destroyer" when you didn't even know it was there. --- round of beers for the secondary crew - good job.
  4. A couple of days ago a salvo from my Bismarck rolled for over 50k damage on the mostly flat and above water portion of a Yamato's citadel at relative close range with 4 citadels and 2 normal penetrations. It was a surprise as I would assume the Yamato's citadel is essentially immune to penetration by a 15 incher. How much luck and RNG were in my favor when this happened? It also made me wonder why the Yamato has a above water citadel in game and if it's historically accurate. I recall that the Iowa and Montana also had chunks of their citadel above water until fairly recently and used to get freakish citadels regularly... Is this something that's based on historical blueprints and diagrams or more of a flexible parameter that can be adjusted depending on in game performance? Recently I also found out the hard way that when my Ranger is discovered, it essentially have a very short shelf life and would take extreme damage from everything. it's too slow to really run away, and its hull and superstructure is apparently so thin skinned that HE will pen; and since for some reason it has a raised citadel, HE can also citadel it. Is there even any legitimate reason to designate that part of the ship's hull citadel? As I look more into this, I found out that the Midway also has a above water citadel armor belt, which for some reason is designated as just a regular armor belt of the same thickness when it's below water. Is this even something that corresponds to the design of the actual ship or just a thing to balance a ship in game? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  5. I'm not a fan of Japanese Battleships, I really hate the looks. I love the German BB and I like USN. BUT I really wanted a Yamato so I free XP ed past 4 of them to get the mighty Yamato, cost somewhere around 900,000, how bad did you want a ship?
  6. I have finally attained the mighty Yamato after the painful Izumo grind (unlike some people, I didn't free xp her). I'm having a good time so far. I'll have an even better time once my commander is trained and I have money to buy upgrades. I do have a few questions though. First off, is there a particular way I'm supposed to aim its guns? Whenever I aim at the waterline of other BBs, I just get a bunch of ricochets and shatters. It's very rare for me to get citadel's on them except for two times I got devastating strike on Iowas. They must have been really confident in their lowered citadels. Other than that, I get a lot of overpens on cruisers and BBs alike. The dispersion on the guns just seems a bit wonky. My Amagi felt more accurate than both of the ships after it. My other issue is that I lose a lot of money regardless of whether or not I win or lose. I'm thinking about buying doubloons so I can get the Yamato's premium camo. That's all that's coming to mind right now. Any further advice would be much appreciated. :)
  7. I enjoyed a lot the Mutsu idea of torps on a BB. My Tirpitz is fun too with that feature. But in an Mutsu IJN type experience, I'd like to have defensive torps on my Yamato. Isn't it a good idea when you are mainly a brawler with your Yamato?
  8. Which tier 10 BB do you think looks more beautiful in terms of appearance?
  9. Felt the need to show this one for some reason, just so people know that us Uni's don't always club seals at low tiers. (We club them in high tiers as well, seals be everywhere) Anymawhoo's in my 3rd Yamato game ever, I managed 300,000 damage and 6 kills, with 10 cits landed, Hi Cal, Confed, Kraken, Dreadnought, and Fire Proof. (Curse you Henri IV !!!) Screenshots for proof. Managed to beat my previous high score for damage by more than 50,000. Poor Gearing lost his record at 246k. Edit: Replay is here on WoWs Replays
  10. *cough* Well at least till they release a new line And no, I'm not the usual BB player that screams everything needs to be nerfed since I play the other classes too.
  11. Okay, now that I have your attention, I shall begin. I found this cool function graphing website for an engineering personal project (build a gazebo for the local church, needed a quick project for the kids there to figure out using math, long story for another time). This website can graph mostly anything and I thought: "Hey, I could make something for WoWs in what little free time I have." Okay, I didn't actually think that, but you get the point. This is the final result: No, it is not to scale, but I thought it came out pretty good. I attached the link HERE for you to see the functions I used. Getting a degree in mathematics never helped this much... haha. Hope you enjoy! I might be tempted to build some other things (to scale maybe) if interest is high. What are your thoughts? Regards - Shield
  12. Disclaimer: Wall of text incoming... Greetings! As some of you know, I'm Kelorn of the Warships Podcast. If you've listened to the show, you know that I consider myself to be something of a battleship specialist. In the last 286 days, my top two played ships are the Yamato and the Grosser Kurfurst, and had the following stats: With bona fides established, I would like to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Yamato, how to use her most effectively, and what are the dangers of her armor scheme. In short, How to Make the Most of the Yamato. Armor and the Yamato The Yamato's armor belt is 410mm thick and is unified with the hull of the ship. This means that unlike the German battleships, which use a turtleback armor scheme, the Yamato's Citadel has only a single thick "layer" of armor for AP shells to penetrate. The armor is inclined inwards at approximately 15 degrees, increasing the effective armor against direct fire, in a minor way, and against higher angle fire, in a greater way. According to the design specifications in Target of Opportunity & Other War Stories by Robert Mckellar, the Yamato was designed to be immune to its own guns between 20,000 and 35,000 meters. The concept of an "Immunity Zone" in the form of "X to Y meters" is such that the belt armor can be penetrated below X meters, and the deck and citadel deck armor can be penetrated by a high angle plunging shell above Y meters. Below you can see the armor profile of the Yamato at amidships: In our case, the Yamato deck armor can be penetrated at 35,000 meters by 460mm guns. This isn't a terribly useful piece of information for us in World of Warships as the only guns with that kind of range are Yamato's own guns, with the Range extension module and the spotter plane active. Additionally, the chances of hitting a ship at that kind of range are minimal, even if the ship is sailing in a straight line. More useful is the fact that the Yamato can penetrate the belt armor of another Yamato at under 20,000 meters with a zero angle of incidence. This number is approximate, but it's safe to assume that you're vulnerable to another Yamato when broadside on at under 20 km. At about 18km you're vulnerable to the 406, 410, and 420mm guns of the other battleships in your matchmaking tier. Lesson learned? Don't show broadside. Armor Angling So, we're not showing broadside to our enemies, that's step one. The next step is to learn about armor angling. For the purposes of this section, we will ignore the possibility of the bow armor and transverse citadel bulkheads being penetrated. This is something we'll cover in the next section. So what is the effect of armor angling and how do we understand the concept of auto-bounce mechanics in World of Warships? Note in the upcoming Paragraphs, I will refer to the angle of incidence. Please see the following diagram, which uses the terms Laser light and image sensor, but the concept is the same: The first formula we need to understand is that of effective thickness in the case of inclined or sloped armor: Effective Armor Thickness = Actual Armor Thickness / Cosine of the Angle of Incidence As any World of tanks player will tell you, never park your tank pointed straight at the enemy, give him an angled side to shoot instead. The concept for World of Warships is exactly the same. In the case of Yamato, the 410mm belt armor, (ignoring for a moment the inclined inwards plate), when angled at 50 degrees to the front has an effective thickness of 637mm. Therefore, shooting at the angled belt armor of a Yamato angled at 50 degrees of the angle of incidence to your guns is nearly impossible to penetrate, even at extremely close ranges. The second formula we need to understand is that of the Auto bounce mechanic. 0-30 degrees -> auto ricochet (0-22.5 for USN 8" shells) 30-45 degrees -> chance to ricochet (22.5-30 for USN 8" shells) 45-90 degrees -> ricochet doesn't occur (30-90 for USN 8" shells) Simply put, if the shell impacts armor and does not overmatch, then if the angle is between 60 and 90 degrees of the angle of incidence (aka 0-30 degrees in the table above), then the shell will automatically bounce. Between 45 degrees and 60 degrees of the angle of incidence, then you may bounce. Under 45 degrees of the angle of incidence and ricochet cannot occur. So now we're not showing broadside, and we're angling to at least 45 degrees of the angle of incidence, preferably at least 60 degrees. So we're done, right? Sort of. If you've done this correctly, with your armor angled to 60 degrees of the angle of incidence you are functionally immune from being citadeled by guns of any caliber less than 457.6mm. Therefore, against Montana, Kurfurst, Izumo, Iowa, Fredrich de Grosse, North Carolina, Amagi, Bismarck, and Tirpitz you are completely safe if their fire comes at you from any angle over 60 degrees angle of incidence. Overmatch So why did I specify against guns of under 457.6mm in the previous section? The last mechanic a Yamato captain must be aware of is the concept of overmatch. It too is a simple concept, as is one that is crucial to understanding how and why you take damage when facing enemy Yamatos. Overmatch: If Armor Thickness < Shell Diameter / 14.3, then shells cannot ricochet This last section applies only when facing enemy Yamatos, as only the Yamato (as of this writing) has guns with a diameter greater than the 457.6mm necessary to penetrate the 32mm of bow armor on a Yamato. Incidentally, if you were curious why you have a hard time shooting bow on Moskva's, its because they have 50mm belt armor that extends to the bow of the ship and you'd need 715mm guns to overmatch it. Now we get into the peculiarities of the armor scheme of the Yamato. Instead of having flat transverse bulkheads, set at 90 degrees to the belt armor, the Yamato's forward transverse bulkhead is set in three pieces, like a chopped off Pyramid, which you can see in the screenshot below: Because this piece of armor is protected by the 32mm bow armor and is only 350mm thick, it can be penetrated when the 32mm of bow armor is overmatched by the Yamato’s guns. Thus we all know the famous advice when shooting at Yamatos: Shoot under the #2 Turret. This advice takes advantage of this weakness in the armor. So what can we do to prevent taking frontal citadel damage from an enemy Yamato? The truth is that there is no 100% effective way to prevent taking this damage. There are, however, things we can do to mitigate the problem: Don’t be afraid to open your broadside enough to use your #3 Turret. Normally, exposing your broadside is a risk and many Yamato players don’t use the #3 turret at all. However, in a close range duel against another Yamato, your bow armor won’t protect you anyway. Get that turret into play and you’ll not only increase your damage output by 50%, but you’ll also increase the likelihood that his shots will hit your angled belt armor, instead of overmatching your bow and frontal citadeling you. Use your rudder and engine. This seems pointless in a ship as slow and unwieldy as a Yamato, but even small changes in angle and speed can throw off the aim of your enemy. Especially at close range, Yamato on Yamato duels are often orgies of mutual destruction, even small reductions in incoming damage can allow you to win the duel and limp away to heal. Ask for help. This is admittedly easier to do when you’re in a division with a destroyer, but even if you’re not, ask for help. Be polite, but ask if there’s a DD close enough to smoke you up. If they don’t, you haven’t lost anything. If they do, you have a chance to hide and make it harder for enemies to hit you. Conclusion The point of writing this article was to help the community understand what the strengths and weakness of the Yamato really are. She’s one of my favorite ships in the game and I like to see her being played well. Take Care and I’ll see you guys next week. =) Kelorn
  13. Hello WoWs community I would like to seek some advice regarding the build for IJN Yamato. Currently, I have 2 builds in mind a "Semi-Stealth" Secondary build and a Full-Stealth build. I am still grinding my IJN Izumo with the latter build, 150k exp away from my Yammy. Here are the 2 builds I have in mind: 1) "Semi-Stealth" Secondary Build (Using Target Acquisition for the extra torpedo detection) Upgrade Modules: Auxiliary Armament Mod. I, Secondary Battery Mod. II, Main Battery Mod. III, Damage Control System Mod. I, Steering Gear Mod. II, Target Acquisition System Mod. I 2) Full-Stealth Build (Using Vigilance as a substitute for Target Acquisition, but, lately I've been thinking about BoS as a potential 3pt skill) Upgrade Modules: Auxiliary Armament Mod. I, Secondary Battery Mod. II, Main Battery Mod. III, Damage Control System Mod. I, Steering Gear Mod. II, Concealment System Mod. I PS: Sorry if there are any grammatical errors and I'm still a potato so go easy on me =P.
  14. Here are wallpapers made using scenes from various Naval Legends videos. Because of their large size, I'll just post small samples with links to the full-sized image provided underneath. All of these wallpapers are set at 1920x1080. If you'd like a smaller resolution, just let me know and I can resize them for you. Table of Contents (click to jump to section): Naval Legends Yamato Mikasa Texas Naval Legends - Yamato Underway - Aerial: Link: Underway - Eye Level: Link: Incoming Attack: Link: Carrier Fleet: Link: Take-off: Link: Under Attack: Link: Back to Top Naval Legends - Mikasa Model: Link: Aerial View: Link: Fleet Manoeuvring: Link: Preparing to Engage: Link: Near Miss: Link: Back to Top Naval Legends - Texas Model: Link: Shore Bombardment: Link: Read to Fire: Link: Seaplane: Link: Back to Top
  15. This weeks edition of World of Warships (for plebs) features the Yamato! (and no spinning this time!) And a short guide/suggestions on how to actually use the ship unlike last week's montage. All feedback is more than appreciated!
  16. Could I get some opinions on the viability of this captain build? I'm almost at Amagi, but I'd like to go ahead and pursue a build for use on Yamato. I'm leaning towards a somewhat balanced build that emphasizes the secondaries/AA, but still maintains some surivability. Am I better off focusing on secondaries/aa OR going full survivability vs a mix? All opinions welcome! Also, how viable is a concealment build on Yamato? My captain is currently at 14/19 what priority should I take as I level to 19?
  17. Do you guys have any advice on Yamato? I am new to T10 BB. It looks so sexy and yummy, much better than Izumo, which is a 24k experience of torture
  18. Okay, so I'm wondering about one thing: How do I improve my Yamato gameplay? Server stats for Yamato: Also don't know how to bring up a specific ship, so you'd have to go down and get the numbers yourself (unless I'm being a potato in which case please tell ) My playstyle is generally start with 15-20km from enemy fleet and slowly close to where the majority of the red bbs go. By the time several minutes have passed, I'm close to 15-10km range and generally try to maintain that distance (all the while getting showered in he and ap (fires NOT OP)), unless a broadsiding bb invites me to get closer. At this point, I usually have a landmass covering one of my sides, and I just go bow on/reverse go forward. As a general rule of thumb, I only bring my rear turret to bear if I'm confident I can tuck it in again without being nuked. This is my overall strategy in Yamato, and it's been working most of the time, but occasionally I get those odd games where I barely manage to do my own ship's worth in hp (to bbs ofc, though I'll take a broadsiding cruiser if I see it, or the occasional dd). Just wondering what tips people have out there to further improve my gameplay. Note: my style in Izumo is similar/slightly more mobile, though it doesn't work nearly as well Replays available upon request.
  19. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Be sure to turn the volume up.
  20. Torpedoes from surface ships and airplanes is bad enough. If submarines were in World of Warships?
  21. According to ShipComrade, this is the 23rd highest damage Yamato game on the NA server. The highest is just over 400k. Ship goals. And here is the video description, just to save you guys some trouble. This is a game from a while back that I just put off uploading multiple times. With the resignation of the former Warships CC Business6, who is featured in this game, I thought the time had come to finally get this put up. So please enjoy what is my best Yamato game to date.
  22. It seems that the Montana gets a lot of grief for being underpowered compared to the other nations’ top-tier battleships. I can’t really comment on that debate because it’s the only ship of this class that I’ve played. But I can say that the Montana can do some utterly awesome damage in the right circumstances, a point that was driven home in a game yesterday. I was moving through some islands to support my teammates going up against a der Große when a rather unexpected event occurred: a Yamato slid out from behind one of the islands, leaving us facing each other broadside at a range of about 7km. Making matters worse, he was at nearly full health, having taken less than 2,000 damage earlier in the battle; I’d lost about a quarter of mine by then. I’m not sure if he was expecting to find me there, given that his guns were obviously not turned to where they could immediately unload on me. I can definitively say I had no idea it was coming, and was lucky that he was vaguely in the same direction as the der Große. Which means for many agonizing seconds, it was only our secondaries doing the firing. Here again, the Montana doesn’t have a great reputation, but mine managed to do over 3,000 damage, and start a fire that did over 8,000. Nice, but it still left him with over 83,000 health, and he set me on fire as well. And then the inevitable happened: he fired his main guns. I’m not sure if he fired all of them or only the front two turrets, but it was one of the most impressive broadsides I’ve seen, immediately eliminating about half my health. But I was still afloat for the moment, and my guns finally turned. I was hoping to, at best, lower his health before dying to do a favor for my teammates. Instead, the RNG gods smiled on me, and I unloaded a broadside that easily topped his. Of the 12 shells I fired, 10 connected. Of those, 7 were citadels. His 83,868 health vanished in an instant, and I was actually confused by the fact that I was staring at a burning wreck where he’d been. So don’t sell the Montana short. (Kudos to the victim, who seemed just as shocked and impressed as I was in chat. I’ve blurred his name out here, though.)
  23. Everyone says this ship is the bee's knees and I believe it. I know I'm doing something wrong with it but I can't figure out what it is. I can't rely on dispersion to permit me to hit anything past 12km. Citadel penetrations are rare unicorns. I can't even pen a broadside Edinburgh in the damn thing. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. In fact it feels like I've been getting worse. And this really feels like it's starting to apply to every battleship I play. My aim suddenly sucks and the tricks I've relied on for aiming suddenly don't work anymore. I feel like dispersion actively trolls me by making an entire salvo bracket targets amidships. I can't make this ship perform like I know it should. I want to. I just don't know what to do anymore. The constant backslide of my average winrate towards potatodom is also really wearing on me. If I don't feel like I'm able to hold my own or improve in some way than I'm starting to question why I even play this game. So go ahead and post all the usual unhelpful garbage I know this forum is known for. I know 1 or 2 of you will actually want to help me out so I'll be paying attention to this thread. EDIT: As a note, my survival rate is low because Yamato's 25 knots top speed and glacial agility makes it awfully difficult to turn around when my teams' 35+ knot cruisers and destroyers see a spark of red on the horizon and ditch me to be focused down alone. And then people wonder why more battleships aren't aggressive. EDIT: Also note, I play almost exclusively solo. Playing in divisions doesn't magically make me better so don't bother suggesting it.
  24. Montana vs. triple Yamato division? Captain makes ship. Results:
  25. Two questions: 1. Which ship would have won a one-on-one duel in real life? 2. Which ship would win a one-one-one in WoW? I understand that the Yamato's guns were much bigger but the Bismarck/Tirpitz sisters were built to take a pounding and keep on ticking whereas the Yamato's construction wasn't nearly as good.