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Found 133 results

  1. And also, Montana "Monty"?
  2. Bueno gente, es oficial, les traigo un fragmento, que cubre los 21mins finales del documental de cuyo nombre pueden leer en el título del video. La traducción directa del japonés al español y el timeo/subeo, fue laburado enteramente por mi persona, con el fin de aportarles un buen material audiovisual de lo que fue el final del mayor acorazado del mundo. Si todo marcha bien, laburaré (y refinaré unas cuantas cosas) el documental al completo y lo subiré "cuando sea el momento". Por ahora, disfruten de esta muestra.
  3. I mean, that is Yamato right?!! And of course, I lost the battle because of this.......
  4. One dream i had today

    I had an interesting dream today. I was playing with Yamato (but the map was a river? uat!? at least was a really large one, probalbly the Yellow river? Because it was yellow?) and it was the end of the battle, the only way the team could win was if i survived, then 2 torpedo bomber squads from a japanese carrier came after me. Because i was in low HP i beached in panic (maybe not... beaching in a river with a ship that weights 70,000 tons is not that hard), then i was looking for the available consumables to plan a strategy to deal with the air attack, i saw there was one def. fire consumable left that i used as quick as possible, the CV reaction was to drop from really far away and the attack missed, from a total of 8 planes i took down 5 before the drop and 2 after. So i got 7 plane ribbons for that wave, but when i saw the total number in the ribbon it showed 75 planes destroyed!!! I got in first in the team and the only achivement i got was that new one that i didn't decorate yet. But you are probably asking yourself: wouldn't that be too OP? Nope! "Yamato's defensive fire shared the same slot that uses the repair party. And before people go nuts thinking that i'm trying to find a creative way to propose a new gimmick [edited] i'm not, that's why i'm using the off-topic. I just want to share this dumb dream, plain and simple Also no... i was addicted to play WoWs back in 2016, not nowadays that i avoid the game quite a lot, less clan battles.
  5. Ship Anatomy Question

    Something that's bugged me for a while about the Yamato and Musashi that I can't find a decent answer for. Under some of the aircraft handling equipment on the stern are these two big cut-outs that lead to what looks like it could be a big flat hatch of some kind. Does anyone know what those hatches are for? I'm tempted to say launch or perhaps even mini-sub stowage (subs confirmed!), but I guess maybe you could possibly fit a floatplane in there? It's in an awkward position if that's the case. Are they even hatches? Is this just some structural idiosyncrasy the two ships shared?
  6. Yamato Buff

    So apparently, according to Notser, Yamato will be receiving a buff to its turret traverse. Nothing else is known about the buff, but I for one think it's fair. What does everyone else think?
  7. I'm done with Yamamoto campaign yesterday and I have his services now. With training exorbitantly expensive I'll just bounce him around my nine ARP ships plus a few lower-level prems for some EXP until I get Yamato, which is who-knows-how-long, because I'm only barely into Amagi right now and with a meager free EXP reserve taking that route is a no-no. I picked PM (enhanced), EM (enhanced), BoS, and CE for the first 10 points and then AR for the 12th point, leaving three free points at the time. What should I get for a Yamato captain beyond this? Fire resistance? AFT (more for AA than secondary)? Superintendant plus another skill? Anything else? I plan to go all the way to 19 points with him, and I have a reserve of elite captain EXP with one such captain slowly building it up...
  8. Yamato, An Historical Nerf

    Just found this snippet about Yamato and it's historical nerf.
  9. Never Mess with a Yamato

    The images speak for themselves.
  10. As some may already know, Operation Ten-Go had intended for the Yamato and her escorts were to fight their way to Okinawa and then beach themselves between Higashi and Yomitan and fight as shore batteries until they were destroyed. So this brings up an interesting question, if they had succeeded in evading USN reconnaissance and beached themselves, who would the US have sent to knock out the Yamato? Would the Task Force 58 of the 5th Fleet still engage with carrier planes? Would her 6 Battleships move in and bombard the Yamato? Would the Tenth Army get involved and engage the ship with tanks or storm the ship with Marines? Would heavy strategic bombers be called in? Share your thoughts.
  11. *Gasp* Clickbait!! I know I know, yet another Iowa vs. Yamato thread? But this time, it's not your typical 1v1 **** measuring contest. I have some interesting historical context that can hopefully spur some useful discussion, and perhaps even replicate it in training room since in this particular scenario I believe the game has all the requisite ships. What I'm talking about is "Bull's Run" during the Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 25-26, 1944, where upon realizing that he had left the San Bernadino Strait unguarded, Admiral Halsey belatedly dispatched Task Force 34, and more specifically formed Task Group 34.5 lead by Rear Admiral Badger centered around the Iowa and New Jersey back to the San Bernadino Strait in a belated attempt to protect the American beachhead and relieve Taffy 3, which had slugged it out with Admiral Kurita's Center Force. Note that TG 34.5 was only dispatched on 1622 on October 25, 1944, well after the surface action between Taffy 3 and Center Force had concluded. Had Admiral Kurita loitered around the San Bernadino Strait for a few more hours before withdrawing, it's possible or even likely that what remains of the Center Force would have clashed with TG 34.5 in the morning hours of October 26, 1944. Navweaps has the order of battle which lists the ship composition of each force. TG 34.5 Battleships: 2 Iowa-class (Iowa, New Jersey) Cruisers: 3 Cleveland-class (Biloxi, Vincennes, Miami) Destroyers: 8 Fletcher-class (Owen, Miller, The Sullivans, Tingey, Hickox, Hunt, Marshall, Lewis Hancock) Total: 2 battleships, 3 cruisers, 8 destroyers Center Force (as of Oct. 26, 1944) Battleships: 1 Yamato-class (Yamato), 1 Nagato-class (Nagato), 2 Kongo-class (Kongo, Haruna) Cruisers: 1 Myoko-class (Haguro), 1 Mogami-class (Kumano), 1 Tone-class (Tone), 2 Agano-class (Yahagi, Noshiro) Destroyers: 1 Shimakaze-class (Shimakaze), 6 Yugumo-class (Hayashimo, Akishimo, Kishinami, Okinami, Hamanami, Fujinami), 4 Kagero-class (Nowaki, Urakaze, Isokaze, Yukikaze) Total: 4 battleships, 5 cruisers, 11 destroyers Note that by the morning of Oct. 26, Center Force had already lost Suzuya, Chokai, and Chikuma, hence their absence from the list above, while Kumano was heavily damaged with a blown-off bow, so realistically you could count Kumano out of the battle. Yahagiand Noshiro were Agano-class light cruisers that mount 3x2 152 mm guns with a rather slow rate of fire of 6 RPM, making their value as surface combatants questionable. In fact, they fill the roles of destroyer flotilla leader. Finally, it's unclear how many Japanese destroyers had already expended their torpedoes during the Battle off Samar, but at least some of them did. With these composition of forces in mind, how do you think the battle would have turned out? Personally, despite the numerical disadvantage, I consider the American force as the likely victor. But before you start leveling accusations of American bias at me, let me explain my reasoning. Center Force had expended a considerable amount of ammunition, both shells and torpedoes, against Taffy 3 during the Battle of Samar the day before. Furthermore, the Japanese crew would no doubt have been very fatigued from a day of relentless combat, whereas the American crew of TG 34.5 would be comparatively well-rested and probably have a full stock of ammunition. Furthermore, the American force would have approached the San Bernadino Strait from the east, thus having the sun to their advantage. Now, the fire control and automatic gunlaying of the American ships have been often-cited advantages (both Iowa and New Jersey were equipped with the Mark 8 FCR), and I think when all these operational factors are taken into account, the American force would more likely emerge as the victors. However, I won't deny some of the advantages that the Japanese would have in this battle; numerical superiority isn't something that can be easily written off especially in capital ships, and I believe there was still an ample supply of torpedoes. Speaking of which, aside from Tone and the Aganos, I believe you can replicate this scenario in a training room, though the number of destroyers would likely have to be cut down (and can you imagine 10 Yugumo/Kagero all running torpedo reload mod?) If someone want to try and set a scenario like this up it can be a fun little exercise, especially when Cleveland finally moves to T8. Some pictures of the two forces on Oct. 25-26, 1944. The New Jersey (BB-62) prepares to turn to port, following the Iowa (BB-61) on 26 October 1944 Yamato and a heavy cruiser, possibly Tone or Chikuma, in action in the battle off Samar Content Moderated by HeadlockMvnky
  12. The average damage for both ship is so freaking high. It's insane, 100k for both. What is Yama-Sushi's priority target? Do people just farm damage on BBs?
  13. Looking for the blue print of Yamato's main gun

    Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can send me a detailed main gun blue print (industrial level, such as a formal #0 part graph that contains all the information, scales, etc.) This is related to my final project, and if anyone can do me a favor, ill be really appreciated! You can contact me via my Email: zhouguannan19980815@gmail.com, or you can comment down below. Again, GOOD LUCK , AND FAIR SEAS!
  14. Picked her up last Friday, due to the increased xp conversion rate. Between my fXP stash and some purchased doubloons, I ended up paying about $25 for her. I felt this was worth it as (probably mentioned elsewhere) I'd bought/sold the Izumo four times. Yes, four times. Some grinds - seriously - are simply too much of a grind for a non-premium time, "free based" player. She's fully spec'd with a 19pt commander. In just 19 battles I see only a sixteen percent win rate. Ouch. I am however still learning to aim her... On my computer, it seems I need to aim slightly lower on the reds than with any other ship I have played. IWBN if all ships aimed the same but I suppose that's part of their charm, right? So I am not the greatest Yamato player by a long shot. What I am seeing though is two things - how your team reacts to a Yamato and how the reds react. Your team will, quite a lot of times, rally around you. After all your ship's this big, honkin' piece of legendary ship, right... able to leap tall building by just lifting a single barrel. She does deliver some spectacular hits on reds... I've had over 35K out of a single hit. So the greens tend to linger around your ship, at least in the vicinity far more than my GK. Reds of course have two responses... one is to come right at you, the other is turn around and literally, run like Hades. Which is funny either way, you know? I'm pretty sure by the time I get near fifty matches I'll be dialed into her quirks and her guns. She's a heckuva ship, no doubt about it. Personally... her guns are the only guns in the game that sound like main batteries, to my ears at least. Man they sound beastly. She's worth it just for the SOUND of her guns. But back to the point... i'm trying to push her forward more than most people... quite often i see other BBs doing the camping meta. Yamato, with a 30km range using spotters can almost fire anywhere, on most maps, without moving much. So I sort of understand the temptation to lay back and toss AP Volkswagen at the reds. What surprised me though is how clearly you can see that game style (meta?) when you are driving a Yamato, far more clearly and evident than say in a GK.But I also see - still - at the start of a match, off go the dd and cruisers to battle. Cruisers immediately fire on the red's BBs... they toss a few at dd's but mostly they go for cruisers. It really is obvious when you drive the Yamato because for the most part, you have to hang back to avoid those torp-firing dd's. I play cruisers a good portion of my game time. I try very hard to kill destroyers. So I'd like to ask, "why don't cruisers prioritize destroyers as their number one target - always?" tiafyc
  15. Something I Hum Everytime I Sink A Yamato

    We all know Yamato's theme song, thanks to multiple videos/compilations by players like Yuro, Jingles, and Phontomen (who may have been the original creator of this, I could be wrong). If you're wondering, here's a link to the song: Now because of this, I actually started watching the anime that the song came from, namely Yamato 2199 and 2202 (which is still in progress). Lol and behold, I came upon the national anthem of 2199's antagonists, the gamillans. Now every time I drop a full wave of USN attack planes on the Yamato, torpedo one in a non-IJN destroyer, or gun one down in a battleship or cruiser, I hum this theme. Not a particularly important post, just decided to do so on a whim. Everyone has their tastes.
  16. My First Game in Yamato

    I feel bad for the poor North Carolina and Richelieu I bullied. Dev Striking the NC through the bow was the highlight of the evening for sure. Although getting another Dev Strike on a Hindenburg was therapeutic after the Izumo grind. I will say Yamato is working just as I thought she would. (Side note: 15 second reload on 18 inch guns is absolutely disgusting.)
  17. Iowa's dispersion+ Iowa vs Yamato

    In topic of Iowa vs Yamato , many has claimed that Iowa could have hit Yamato with superior fire control, while the Yamato would have trouble doing that. but, dispersion were rarely mentioned. In Binkov's Battlegrounds' ( very nice video btw) mentioning 36km being a "sweetspot" for Iowa engagement, but however..... 36 thousand yard's (32km) maximum dispersion were already at almost 900 yards apart , thats 800m while only 3 shot patterns are in the 200 yard( remember Yamato is only 250+m longish and moving), not mentioning of movement of the ship on sea, the movement of target what will happen at 36km? I would put my conclusion but it would not be good. In addition, Iowa's immune zone against 460s were about 23000m~27000m. I would say this would be a better sweet spot. And wiggling?It would take at least 1 min for Iowa to begin responding to a rudder if, dodging like that was not really a ...practical option. It could be done, but is it really that effective? while on another hand, Yamato's dispersion was at about 1944 June 12- 35km test 800m 1944 August test 27km 700m 1944 Sep 27 test 35km 300m in addition, Battle of Samar, , 06:59am, Yamato's first Ap volley( third if u count the type 3 AA round) straddled USS white plains, a 150m ship. ( and damaged its hull) at 7:30 am hit Johnston while its wiggle wiggle wiggling at 20km with its main gun. So guys, what do u think? (Disclaimer, Im no Yamato fan!) Source :《丸》1990 December 《历史群像》2001 October 《战舰大和のすべて》 原勝洋 2004
  18. Bismarck,Tirpitz,Yamato

    ACORAZADOS QUE DABAN MIEDO EN LA REALIDAD Y EN EL JUEGO SON BLANDOS Para mi creo que estos tres acorazados les hacen mucho daño armas de poco calibre de cruceros,destructores y otros acorazados con calibres bajos , por ejemplo al Bismarck cuando lo hundieron solo dos torpedos lograron penetrar al barco , los demas solo se estrellaron contra el anillo anti torpedo y algunos solo penetraron hasta un compartimiento anti torpedo , como su nombre lo dice impide que los torpedos penetren ,inunden, y dañen el centro del barco , vemos que en el juego los torpedos lo dañan facil con aviones que no tienen bombas y torpedos para hundirlo rápidamente , tambien los cruceros y destructores con sus pequeños cañones les hacen daño a este acorazado , segun los expertos solo unas pocas balas de todos los barcos que atacaron al Bismarck le hicieron daño en las partes mas frágiles del blindaje asi que no deberia de ser tan fácil de hundir en el juego , se dice que el bismarck fue hundido por los mismos Alemanes por orden del capitán . Al Tirpitz tambien es lo mismo , Para hundirle tubieron que crear una bomba especial la cual no se encuentra en el juego y le hacen mucho daño , tambien este acorazado en el juego es poco preciso y en la realidad era un monstruo del mar. la cubierta de este barco era super gruesa y blindada El Yamato tenia el blindaje mas grande que los dos anteriores , para hundirlo tuvieron que atacar con 16 buques y mas de 300 aviones y se rehusaba a hundirse , para este tambien se debió crear bombas especiales las cuales no están en el juego
  19. Got my Yamato today.

    so finally, after being on the izumo for so very, very long, because i couldn't bring myself to play her (a/b hulls were painful to play) i got the Yamato. the HSF camo is what finally motivated me to play izumo, and this weekends +200% cut my time left in the ship by almost an 8th (the 1 win i got last night was 19k exp, and 2k free exp). i have heard she plays differently then the izumo (god i hope so), and am wondering if any old hats with the ships might give some tips. But either way, shes certainly a beautiful ship to have finally in my port.
  20. The yamato bow is too weak as a battleship. i received 60k damage in the well angled bow from one salvo when doing a 1vs1 duel with iowa, eventually i won the duel but the price is too high. how could a lower tier smaller gun ship penetrate the heavily armored well angled yamato? the developer must model the ship incorrectly which creates a weakpoint. wg should reinforce the bow and remove the weakpoint so that in CQC enemy cannot penetrate a well angled yamato. Also, according to the wikipedia, the yamato gun had a maximal range of 42km, the data in the game is wrong. please fix that as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40_cm/45_Type_94_naval_gun 0° 18,410 yards (16,830 m) 26.05 sec 20° 30,530 yards (27,920 m) 49.21 sec 30° 39,180 yards (35,830 m) 70.27 sec 40° 44,510 yards (40,700 m) 89.42 sec 45° 45,960 yards (42,030 m) 98.6 sec
  21. Yamato Over match mechanics

    Please watch the video and leave your comments down below with your opinion on what happens. https://youtu.be/vKgyyAOmc2Q
  22. All credits to dsal1829 at reddit I only have the Yamato camo. It looks much better then the original light gray you get from finishing the collection.
  23. Uchū Senkan Yamato~!

    I just got my third T10 ship! It is the mighty Yamato! Woo! That is the second ship that I came to the game for (First being Enterprise), up next, Iowa! Fair winds and following seas captains!
  24. Best way to deal with a Conq with Yamato? i cant seem to do anything to conquerors because there citadel is so low it might aswell be a submarine, its armor is so weak that i basically ALMOST over pen anything