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Found 31 results

  1. black_hull4

    Pixar has a Yamato model

    This was from the Cars movie universe. In it, a veteran F2G-1 Corsair named Skipper explains why he didn't fly again after Guadalcanal. Imagine a game where the teams have 10 T10 BBs, a T8 CV, and a T9 DD. Now imagine all the enemy BBs are Yamato-class. Your team has a Lexington.* A squadron of Corsairs comes over an island and runs into every single enemy battleship. That's basically what happened to Skipper's squadron. It's no wonder he had too much PTSD to fly after that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coA7BzctgpU Whoever says "it'll be a turkey shoot" was right. If I was one of those Yamatos, I'd be mashing the O key. *USS Dwight D Flysenhower, which made several actual Navy personnel face-palm. One sailor even recounts breaking his pen upon hearing that.
  2. Still effective. Still powerful. There are times when all one needs to do is to hold one's ground. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gELJ_On05So&t=96s For the longest time, I've been thinking of getting the Shikishima. I've reviewed the ship's stats, watched videos, read posts about the ship—the usual and necessary due diligence here and there. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the relatively slim difference between the OG Yamato and the steel IJN battleship is not enough reason to go spending what meager steel I have. And there is this one factor that sealed my decision not to spend steel on Shikishima: I like the sound of Yamato's main guns (when they fire) better. LOL!
  3. lordholland4293

    Recognizing Operation Players Success

    As many players in the PVE Community hopefully know I have Youtube Channel for Operations. I previously posted that if you have killed the Musashi or Yamato all on your own (Full Health To Zero), I would like to see those replays and recognize that achieve that players have done. Include Damage Page, Base Exp and Score Page Another Achievement I would like to recognize would be if you are on Raptor Rescue either in a CV or A Surface ship and Manage to kill both CVs, I would love to see that. Some players may see this these as exploits but I consider it to be purely skill based and worthy of display. Include Damage Page, Base Exp and Score Page Additionally if you have any match that you end of carrying in, like your team just falls apart and you manage to carry to 5 stars or get Will To Win, I would be happy to feature any on my channel. Include Damage Page, Base Exp and Score Page If you have any matches that are amazing damage in a tech ship feel free to send it to me with results and your build and I could turn that into a Tech Line for you. My Youtube channel and contact info are on my Channel if you are new or unsure of how to get in contact with me. I look at my forum email and Gmail usually in the morning and nights. Sincerely, Your Ops Guru Lordholland4293
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    A different kind of 'Fun and Engaging...'

    A whole 'nother kind of 'Fun and Engaging...' ZERO damage Yamato game on Shatter. (Started north of C.) All the bots ran to A and B, and even though I watched for it and changed course as soon as I could, I only got one 2/3 salvo shot off, using a spotter, and missed that. Such fun, when all the bots run away.
  5. Atomicfireball

    Some In Japan Want To Raise The Yamato

    Another interesting article I ran across, this one about some folks wanting to raise the Yamato http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/07/28/national/history/ldp-lawmakers-aim-raise-battleship-yamato-wreckage/#.V39_lrgrKUm
  6. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    Let's take a moment to appreciate Yamato

    Ship is still pretty solid at the end of 2020 Yamato really is timeless, huh...
  7. And also, Montana "Monty"?
  8. https://youtu.be/WKG14IJDvPo It's been a while since I put out a video... enjoy! I bring up spotting, WG, and a few other topics...
  9. So, here goes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/arpeggio-fleet-of-fog-flagships/ Yamato and Maya up for sale on Armory, as well as a permanent camouflage for Musashi; the rest of the ships are available as packages or separate on the premium shop. Maya isn't in any refit configuration with 4x2 and upgraded AA, it's an Atago/Takao clone and a normal tier VIII premium ship as the aforementioned ones. As shown yesterday Yamato alone costs around 35k doubloons, it seems to get a Unique Upgrade too; UPDATED; THE UNIQUE UPGRADE APPEARS ONLY ON THE BIG BUNDLE NOT THE ARP YAMATO BASIC BUNDLE. Note that the ship is classed as special, not a premium, so doesn't quite have the earning capabilities of a premium. And something to keep up in mind on the event page; Both Maya and Yamato as well as the Musashi camouflage get a bonus XP mission for +200%XP that's valid for 30 days. And some pricing pics for Yamato, Maya, the Musashi camouflage and the whole bundle. For the freebies, a single mission chain for a Commander. The biggie is the exorbitant price for Yamato or the fact that you can pretty much buy a Yamato now with all the bells and whistles. Surprisingly the other ARP ships are in reasonable prices, so if you wanted a premium Myoko it isn't that bad really. That said the free mission is a far cry from the fact we had 3 opportunities in the past to get Premium ships for free. Granted, we didn't know the ships would be turned into premium back then, still though. Last, and something to consider before completely bashing WG, collaborations work both ways. Both sides are bound by contract and the terms can vary. Having Yamato sold may not necessarily be WG's decision. UPDATE: And I can't stress this enough, the Unique Upgrade for Yamato only appears on the large 55,950 bundle, not the "normal" 34,950 one.
  10. when i looked into flickr , i noticed this lego-like Submarine I-401 ~ So my question is, could Cobi Collab with Ark Performance and WoWS to make i401 and her crew (including iona), along with her sister ships i400/402, both versions of takao, all the kongo sisters , myoko sisters, maya, yamato and musashi, as well as their respective characters? a kuma class light cruiser (i cant remember the name of the ship) and Corrosive warhead torpedo (scaled to the ship, or otherwise) would also be a neat treat :3
  11. captain_fearless

    Musashi coming back?

    Are they ever gonna bring back the Musashi as a steel, coal, or premium shop ship? I lowkey wanna get it Also, what coal and steel ships do you guys think is gonna come in the future? I hoping for the California to come soon but last I heard the ship isn’t very good anymore
  12. TLDR at the end :) After taking a good look at Queen Elizabeth's bow armor in the client and external websites, I noticed a good section of 104 mm bow armor quite near up front. Theoretically, if you could angle and bounce shells with the 104 mm section, you'll be pretty much be able to tank any BB ap for a good amount of time. To test this, I tried taking out my QE out for a spin in the training room against a Kremlin (LOL). The Kremlin has 457 mm shells that can overmatch QE's external plating of 26 mm but definitely not the 104 mm section. In the training room, I discovered that I managed to bounce around half of his AP. Most of the AP that bounced was on the main belt armor near the center of the ship. There were several occasions where the AP bounced when it hit the bow but most of the them resulted in regular penetrations. There was one citadel hit during the test but that was when I overturned and pointed my bow straight on when the AP hit. As the test progressed, I took less penetration damage to my bow due to damage saturation mechanics. I ended up taking a total of 93k damage after using 5 heals. Most of the damage was fire damage from his secondaries and the regular pens from his AP. I took 88 hits from his AP shells, with the damage averaging less than 1k per shell. I did get my main turret disabled a few times as a result of a penetration hitting the turret barbette area. After the test, I took a closer look in the armor viewer and made some notes. There are two sections to the bow armor I circled and examined. Both of them are 104 mm and located at the waterline. So although you may be technically angled, a shell could pass above the 104 mm section and deal damage. Section A (Red) This section of bow armor cannot bounce BB shells if you angle properly because shells will probably pen this area and hit something else. This means that this section of armor will not protect you from AP shells if you are bow on to an enemy BB. I noted in green arrows the possible path an AP shell could go. If an AP shell hit the bow head on, it could very well hit the citadel (the top boxy thing I outlined in red). Even though this section of armor will be penned most of the time, if you angle you reduce the probability of an AP shell hitting your citadel. I noted that approximately from 0-25 degrees from the centerline of the bow, the path of the AP shell will hit the citadel. Beyond that, it will miss the citadel. This is assuming that the AP shell hits section A of the armor and penetrates. Section B (Blue) This section of bow armor is actually useful. Since it extends a significant amount towards the bow, you find that you get overmatched less often than most battleships with fragile bows. The armor is at such an angle that it will bounce shells up to 15 degrees off the centerline of the bow. Once you go past 15 degrees, shells will start penning that section of armor. However there is a slight overlap in angling between section A and B. If you angle beyond 25 degrees, any shell that strikes section A will miss the citadel. However with the same angling, any shell that strikes section B of the armor will have a good chance of hitting your citadel. Considering that section B of the armor covers a significant amount of the bow, it is better to angle 15 degrees from the centerline of the bow to minimize getting citadeled. TLDR: Queen Elizabeth has a section of 104 mm bow armor that can technically bounce any AP shell in the game. This armor can be abused and you can tank a Yamato in this thing (not that she would ever meet one) There is no specific angle the Queen Elizabeth can take while approaching bow on without a chance of getting overmatched and citadelled. If you angle around 15 degrees from the center of the bow, you make it darn hard for other ships to overmatch your bow. Even though it is possible to be overmatched at this angle, it is very hard for enemy ships to do so and hit your citadel consistently I tried doing this in Training Room and managed to sink a Yamato while bouncing his AP on that 104 mm section. I simply angled 15 degrees and bounced his AP which gave me time to slowly chip away the Yamato's hp and eventually sink him. I'm not an expert at this kind of stuff so if something is up feel free to correct me :)
  13. It's a long grind to be sure... so when you got there - was Yamato what you thought she/he/it would be? Were you disappointed in any aspect of her? How much different is her play style than the preceding ships? Finally I guess - do you find any weird commander skill setups worthwhile? tia fyc
  14. 4Elements

    Consulta Misión T10

    Buenas a todos, esta semana obtuve mi primer T10, el Yamato. Muchos me dicen que haga la mision para obtener el Modulo Legendario para mejorarlo, pero cuando busco en las Misiones de Combate, no me aparece ninguna misison. Hay que cumplir algún requisito para poder desbloquearla? porque no encuentro nada en Google que me ayude al respecto. Gracias
  15. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    20-inch gun Yamato design was real

    At 1:06 of Drafchinifel's YouTube video SMS Mackensen (NB) - Guide 051 (Human Voice) he shows an image of what appears to be the Yamato-class design armed with 20-inch rifles. Now the video dates to Jan 22, 2020 which is about the time Wargaming announced the 20-inch sister of Yamato, the Yashima. I wonder if Drafchinifel created that drawing or whether or not he actually found the image from somewhere..... maybe it is an actual drawing that the Imperial Japanese Navy made?
  16. Ok so I finally got 19 points on Yamamoto, and I was wondering what I should spend the last 3 available points on: Basics of Survivability or Vigilance. Personally I'm leaning towards BoS because of all the HE spam and it also reduces the reload of RP, and since the Yamato is pretty much a static playstyle I don't really have to worry getting torped by an undetected DD cause my teammates (no matter how bad they are lol) will default spot it before it even gets close. Also is this the right place in the forums to be asking a question like this. Thanks.
  17. This is a great article from WOWS Europe forum that I think I should quote and share it here. These drawings are painstakingly done by Tzoli, according to actual dimensions and displacement. I have always hoped that Bajie would be based on Design A-140K instead of the poorly modeled "Izumo." Source: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/111061-the-yamato-class-preliminary-studies/https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/111061-the-yamato-class-preliminary-studies/
  18. Rest in peace sailors. If you would like to learn more about Operation: Ten-Go, I suggest viewing Drach's video on the subject.
  19. ... and I got to brawl a Conqueror. The 26-second reload 18-inch guns and the new Yamato model feel great.
  20. 3 Kills in a Yamato in less than a minute. Enjoy!
  21. Yamato (Japan) Pros 18.1 inch main caliber guns that can overmatch up to 32mm bows (Republique, etc) Quite sturdy when bow on Great torpedo protection Cons Cheeky citadel (lewd) Very very sluggish, ship itself and turret traverse Not the top AA Montana (USA) Pros Very accurate guns Heavy hitting 'murica freedom SHS shells : great for citadeling and hitting deck armors for bow on targets. Great AA Good maneuverability Waterline citadel makes it trolly to hit. Can opt to slot secondaries or AA without forsaking accuracy. Cons Very slow shells, bad for sniping Vulnerable to IFHE spam Grosser Kurfurst (German) Pros Very tanky, great health pool Good secondaries that pen 31(128mm), 34(150mm), with IFHE all can pen 32mm (most bows of battleships) German hydro 6k Turtleback armor scheme, making it hard to citadel at close distances Fast turret traverse Cons Gets a lot of pens everywhere Very big and sluggish, easy to hit German gun dispersion BAD BAD concealment Republique (French) Pros Very accurate guns, good pen even at distances Great HE rivaling Conq fire chance Engine boost for flanking and kiting Good maneuverability High fire chance secondaries with long-range French turtleback, not as sturdy, but still usable Cons 32mm everywhere (vulnerable to IFHE spam and nose cits) Guns in A-X position + 8 guns (need to show a lot of broadside for a full salvo) Secondaries are made of glass Conquerer (British) Kremlin (Russian) Well, that was my impression of the 5 ships of the tech tree as an average player. I haven't got the Conq or Kremlin yet, so not much to put on here :)
  22. Captain_Fenrir

    Inadvertent Yamato Nerf

    Did they accidentally Nerf Yamato? I have been playing IJN Yamato for almost 2 years, and since I have used it with the reworked armor scheme and redesigned hull, it feels weaker. They claimed in the forums that it would have little to no effect of the game, however, I have noticed that I am getting hit hard from areas that used to bounce shells, and torpedoes have consistently caused more major damage regardless of saturation. Also, my engine is constantly getting knocked out or the rudder broken from torps hitting almost the center of the ship, where the torpedo bulge used to cover. I know that it allows you to heal 50% of lost health rather than 10%, but there is now a missing 6% where the bulge used to keep damage away. It makes the alpha damage from torpedoes far more deadly against it without the coverage. What are your guys thoughts on it, I have noticed many Yamato users either throwing away the beauty, or sitting so far back that regardless of accuracy, they struggle to contribute. Is it a good change, or is it an unnecessary Nerf to an already shafted nation in certain areas? I am recording more and more, when I find a good example of the armor change affecting games I will upload it here.
  23. I, along with several clan members and in game contacts, recently noticed some weirdness going on with Yamato and its accuracy. I'm not really sure how to explain it other than, the ships just not accurate since last patch. I did a test bed by taking yamato into a training room against 12 ships, mix of T10 cruisers and Battleships. I then fired 3x salvos at each target ship, which was set to sit still, from 17km, 12km, then 8km. I equipped the yamato with aiming systems mod 1, and the legendary modification. In the training session, i boated to the broadside of all targets to ensure optimal hitting chances and aimed at the citadel for each target. I did this in two sessions to see an average. The results were concerning... The first game I ended up firing all three guns, generating 297 shots 197 were hits. Before the session of 20mins ended. I achieved 550k damage...but achieved only 15x citadels. Second session I fired 300x shots, 210 hits. 16x citadels were achieved. 520K damage was achieved. I then switched the battleship to the Montana, with aiming systems mod 1, and its legendary mod. Also, for a better 1-1 comparison, I only fired 3x main guns to mimic the yamato's 3x main guns. I generated 209 shots, 115 hits, and produced 15x citadels. The session ended abruptly in 15mins since I outright obliterated enough bbs and cruisers to drop the enemy bots team points to zero. In a second session with montana, I fired 180 shots. 17x citadels. Again, the session ended abruptly, this time at 13mins. I took a little longer to get in position this time around, and make sure only to fire 3x main guns. This is where im concerned... the yammy is suppose to be "the most accurate" with a "higher chance to citadel". At least this is what's touted. Before the rework, id totally agree. If you had the aim, you could produce reliable citadels. Post rework patch, it definitely doesn't appear as reliable in my testing. I mean... the montana seems to hit the mark (citadel) much more reliably, and it doesn't even have the same levels of accuracy as the yamato. Again... im not the only one noticing this. Are we just coo-coo for cocoa puffs here, or has yammy's accuracy been nerfed? Or is this just a fluke and everything is normal? Can someone explain why this might he happening? We just want confirmation as to whether we are or are not crazy here regarding this topic.
  24. Carbapenem_17

    Yamato before and After

    BEFORE 0.8.3 AFTER 0.8.3 Well Wargamming didn't exactly show what changed... So I did a screenshot before patch 0.8.3 I say the Yammy became a bit chubbier, but also a lot more stylish with better texture