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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. I got the Yamamoto bundle. Now calm down yes I paid money. You can enjoy the game for enough month. I want to let you know what you are getting in the bundle as well as the end result. I got the 56 crate one. It takes 36 crates at least to unlock the entire collection. I used duplicate keys for 8 items to finish with more crates. Why you might ask? Each duplicate after the finished collection nets you 15,000 credits. Each crate also gives you 12 special flags of a single type. At the end you get an extra slot for a flag. You also get those cool colors............... yeah not so much. Alright so here is how the color pattern works. The Japanese line + HSF get to chose between two color patterns the traditional green and the sky blue? Baby blue? You don't know because WG didn't address that. So only that new color change. It affects Type 1, Type 2, Type 5, and Type 6 camos. IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE COLOR OF PERMANENT CAMOS! It should honestly but yeah. If you have permanent camos on your IJN ships you probably won't ever use this. out of the bundle I got: 600K credits 144 Wyvern Flags 144 Red Dragon Flags 36 Dragon Flags 180 Ouroboros Flags 168 Hydra Flags New Camo Extra Permanent Flag Slot New Yamomoto Collection Flag Now was it worth it?????? here is a price crunch. I dug back to find how much special flags sold for. A set of 30 flags cost 8.50$ a set of 10 cost 3.50$. So if you go off the first bundle price the cost is 36$ for 120 flags (rounded) and 48$ for the second price (rounded) going off this the total value of what i got was 200$ for the first price (rounded) and 268$ second price (rounded) so about a 200$ value just for the flags. I can't find what the value of silver is other than buy reversing it for doubloons 1 =1500. So the value is 400 doubloons = <3$. My final verdict: Do I think it was worth it? Yes. I am satisfied with the final result and you do get the money value from it. Some people can't justify spending 100$ on a virtual game. I can't justify spending 100$ on alcohol.so to each there own. My only gripe is why the hell cant permanent camp get the color change. Who overlooked that pls fix. If you have any questions please comment and I'll answer them. Good luck Collection your containers in 2 months!