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Found 6 results

  1. So after a couple weeks with no word, Lloyd's of London declared my previous thread "Lost at Sea" and Last Rights were given(when the forum shall give up her dead and all that). Thus it is time to start anew. These are my skins, they are mostly historical with a few for fun projects mixed in. Back in CBT Tanz began creating fantastic custom skins for ships and I became hooked on using them. Eventually I tried my hand at a few ships that I wanted that he had not worked on, starting with one of my personal favorites HIJMS Nagato. Since then I've been steadily poking away at other lines. Whenever possible I try to compliment Tanz's works, maintaining cross compatibility and plugging gaps in his lines. Basic Setup: Imperial Japanese Navy Senkan! IJN Battlewagons have all been painted in Kure grey, main fire control directors have been painted white when applicable(this was used as a recognition feature in WW2) and the decks have been lightened. Both Nagato and Amagi have had their bridge windows adjusted to be more in line with actual sizes. When used in conjunction with Tanz's Ishizuchi, Hiei, Yamato and Musashi as well as his DD, Cruiser and CV lines should provide a fully fleshed out IJN Tech Tree. Kurūzā HIJMS Yahagi and Design B-65 Super Cruiser painted in Kure grey. Specialty Skins These include a subtle update of the basic ARP Kongou to better match the anime/manga. Two flavors of HSF Harekaze one based on a MS 22 scheme sported by the Yukikaze during her time in the Taiwanese Navy for C Hull folks and a HIJMS Yukikaze skin for A&B Hull users. A Shimakaze skin based on Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II from Mobile Suit Gundam, not guaranteed to go three times normal speed. More to come Cheers, -JB
  2. hungariantank123

    Buff the Yahagi Considerably?

    Title says all!
  3. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    From what I've seen and heard yahagi is a below average ship that could use a buff or two. My questions is this ship still usable even though all the cons it has and can you still can do good from time to time or is it complete garbage?
  4. FuryTomic

    The Yahagi Experience

    Now that Yahagi is officially final, I got a chance to take her for a few spins and see how she is compared to her first test iteration... She's doing much better than before, now that she has a engine boost consumable and the shell velocity was tweaked to be faster. Personal Verdict: I would buy her if you want a challenge in life.
  5. I would like to suggest the IJN cruiser Yahagi to be added into WoWS as a premium ship. I don't know which tier she will be? VIII, IX, or X?