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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I always thought this was an interesting question. Aircraft carriers were frankly the game-changer for the big battleship-on-battleship engagements that dominated naval doctrine for years. They can send ordinance from the sky to eliminate heavily-armored warships without too many casualties to the attacker. While aircraft carriers were somewhat used in World War I by the British (HMS Ark Royal and HMS Furious), they didn't really hit their stride until World War II with Taranto, the destruction of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway and more. XX My question is this: If aircraft carriers were more heavily explored in WW1 (i.e. They were used more in engagements and had their equivalent testing battles...like a bombing of the German High Seas Fleet with British carrier planes. This is just a random example of perhaps a demonstration of good carrier aviation that could happen in a what-if WW1), how would've that affected WW2 naval battles? Under this, there are a few more questions: -How would've technology advanced with the rise of carriers from the prior war (i.e. rise in missile technology to destroy carriers? Better planes to avoid carrier AA fire?) -What mistakes do you think naval commanders would make with carriers in the beginning stages of the conflict? -How would that affect building strategy and the naval treaties during the interwar period? -Would some warships have been prioritized over others (i.e. more carriers vs the Yamato-class battleships for the Japanese? Graf Zeppelin-like carriers over Bismarcks?) XX Feel free to get creative with your answers and expand upon your own lines of observation. Thanks!
  2. wildgooseman

    WW! Submarine Uncovered.

  3. So, do we have any hope of WG adding WW1 era Battlecruisers? The closest ship we have in game is the IJN Ishizuchi, and its a paper ship. I mean, i like Ishi its a very fun ship, and have nothing against paper ships in game. But we have many British and German ships that were build and saw active service and combat during WW1. Those Battlecruisers that fought at Jutland would be some nice ships at tiers 3/4/5. Either as permiums or in a BB tech tree split. It would be nice to play with and against them in game. Do we have any hope of seeing any of these ships in game? At least in a near future?
  4. Una pregunta bastante simple. ¿Qué nueva línea, aunque sea ya de una nación presente en el juego, les gustaría ver? Por mi parte, me gustaría ver a los cruceros italianos y en segundo lugar a los destructores británicos RN Alberico da Barviano( hundido durante la batalla del Cabo Bon). HMS Lookout.