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Found 2 results

  1. cavscout1739

    Single shot turreted guns

    So, I'm sitting here watching the movie animation for TST server (because it restarted again), and I'm just astounded by the beauty of the graphics and action. A real "get into the fight" piece of animation, and I watch the guns shoot one round each, in alternating turrets, as they engage the enemy. I'm sitting to myself thinking, "Heh, wouldn't that be..." And then I think for a bit of time - where have I seen that before - and hits me. British cruisers can launch their torpedoes, one at a time, out of their turreted launchers. After that of course, it was just a matter of pointing it all out on the forum, and hoping that people would be so excited that the Russian battleships coming in were going to be single/salvo shot guns - yay!
  2. Hyu_Jawang

    Shimakaze "Legendary"

    Who thought that hamstringing the Shima was making it legendary? With the module you have to play as a flanker only, so now you not only have bad guns, no problem there, but now the torps are as useless as the guns for team play and capping. Where do I get my time back for this garbage?