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Found 22 results

  1. How To Get Out Of A Slump?

    I am far from the top WoWs captains out there, but one thing I do pride myself on is constant improvement. One and a half months ago, I finally felt that I had graduated into the ranks of competent players after clawing my way from a dirty yellow player to light blue (WTR color ratings), and from a terrible <45% wr player at 300 battles to a fairly good 52.65% wr at 3.5k battles (95% of my battles are solo). Since then, I seem to have suddenly encountered a sustained loss streak beyond my comprehension, with only a 34% WR over the last 82 battles. In particular, my PR ratings on WoWs Numbers for aircraft carriers and battleships seem to have been hemorrhaging (with a particularly bad day on May 4th, when I lost 11 points on my CV PR), and my overall WR has dropped to 52.04%. Divided by class WR over the last 16 days: 36% in destroyers in 22 battles 37% in cruisers in 8 battles 27% in battleships in 22 battles 45% in carriers in 30 battles What's bewildering is despite this sharp decrease in WR: both my overall damage and experience gains continue to steadily increase my destroyer and cruiser ratings are apparently rated highly, despite relatively similar win rates to my battleships and carriers and much lower overall damage The only possible explanations I can possibly imagine are: getting a lot of new ships (including high tier ones): since the beginning of April, I have started taking quite a few new ships out into randoms, including a stock Taiho (hence the atrocious 30% wr over 30 battles), so I'd imagine there's an adjustment period playing late at night (after 10 pm Pacific time) don't have enough battles in certain ships to matter (again, Taiho as an example, but also North Carolina having its WR decreased from 66% to 58% over the course of 62—72 battles due to having a terrible streak of nine defeats before a victory) rating inflation due to overperformance in certain ships and now underperformance in others All help is appreciated.
  2. Holy WTR Drop, Batman!

    So after having one of the worst sessions so far this year (only worse one was last year with a 20-game loss streak in Ranger) in which I managed to win to get a 7-game loss streak in a mostly stock Taiho and got deleted early on in a Missouri (only doing 9k damage but still managing 100k profit ) and the only consolation was a 150k damage win in Enterprise, I decided to check my WTR to see just how badly I did today. Imagine my face when apparently one night of bad games led to my WTR dropping from 1104 to 1083 over the course of 9 battles, -21 right there, sending me from light blue to green in the blink of an eye. The worst part was that the information was apparently up-to-date, marked by the green checkmark next to my IGN. Does one bad day really affect WTR that much, or is it typical Warships Today's wonkiness and glitches?
  3. As with many games these days’ statistics have become an integral part of the gaming experience. This is no different in World of Warship. The statistics available to the player and community as a whole can be overwhelming. So how do you sort through them? What do they mean? Can they really tell if a player is a good player or bad player? In this article, I hope to answer every one of those questions as well as go into a bit more detail on reading some of the stats that are displayed on the many sites and apps. In my previous article, I analyzed existing raw data using statistical methods and formulas – this article will do none of that. Other individuals have created their own formulas, as well as extracted data Wargaming to highlight certain attributes of a player. Though many of us have probably seen these numbers, here are just a few of the examples: Battles (played), Victories, Defeats, (battles) Survived, Frags, Average Damage Dealt, Average Win Rate, etc. These are examples of metrics derived from the raw data, if not raw data themselves. For instance, Victories, is raw data, but Win Rate is Wins divided by total battles played – an example of a metric derived from raw data. The other type of metric is a calculated metric. Examples of this would be the Warships Today Rating (WTR) from warships.today and wowstats.org. These are calculated through formulas that incorporate multiple other metrics, usually those derived from raw data. The reason for this is to make it easier to compare a single player to the player population. Hence, the ‘Unicum’ scale.[1] Sorting Through the Data One of the reasons scales, such as the WTR, has been created is to help the stat ‘novice’ identify good players, or bad players, and to see where they sit in the grand scheme, without having the knowledge of understanding the individual metrics as a whole. Add some color and viola, instant idea of how good a player is. This doesn’t tell the whole story however. As a comparative example, take Player A and Player B. Both have a WTR of 1500 in their Atlantas (if you’ve ever played one; that is no small feat). By definition, that makes them Unicum. However, Player A only has 2 battles, and Player B has over 200 in that ship. So who’s the better player? By rating alone, they are equal, but if we take into consideration that extra metric of battles played, chances are Player B is much better. This has to do with the law of large numbers[2]. In this particular instance, the more battles a player has the more likely we are to have a good representation of how skilled they really are. Keep in mind too, players tend to get better over time so after their rating stabilizes, it will likely creep higher over time. Looking at this one extra piece of information can help you determine a perceived good player from a true good player, or even bad. Making a Player Determination In my opinion, and experience, it takes looking at more than one piece of information to determine whether or not a player is good or bad. It can’t be done with just WTR alone. Some other ‘extra’ stats that are good to look at when trying to make a determination of a player might include total battles played, top ship tier, survival rate, average damage done, tiers they usually play, and ship class they usually play. The significance of each of these is outline below. Total Battles Played – A new player typically will not be very good, this can be made evident by their total battles. However, if they have very few battles, but have high ratings it may be a second account Top Ship Tier[3] – Most players don’t get the hang of the game until tier 4 or 5 depending on how quickly they progress. So don’t be surprised to ‘bad’ players that only have a tier 4 or 5 as their top ship. Survival Rate – You Only Live Once; bad players will typically have a poor survival rate. However, it’s worth mentioning that aggressive players do as well. When considering Survival Rate, look at their average damage. An overly aggressive player with poor survival could be considered bad with below average damage in that ship. Average Damage Done – A key factor in most metrics as it correlates well with both survival and win rate. Above average damage is typically a good indicator of a decent player, particularly if they have more than 30 battles in that ship. Tiers they Play – One would expect that the higher the tier an individual plays, the higher their average damage potential. A low average tier but high average damage will indicated both a good player and likely a seal clubber. Ship Type they Play – Do they stick to just one or two classes or try to play them all? This is more of a point to consider when judging a player outside their typical class. A player might have a good WTR and play a lot of destroyers, but not be very good in battleships. Overall Progression – Is the player actually getting ‘better’ or are their stat values staying about the same? This is a good trend to look at. Though everyone has their ups and downs, an overall upward trend is a valid indicator of a good player. It shows that they learn from their mistakes and have made adjustments in their play style. I’d rather have a player willing to learn and improve than one who’s a little too full of themselves. Applying This New Knowledge As an individual player, you can use this information to determine whether or not to focus a player, or let them be for now. The better player will usually be the bigger threat whereas the lesser player, though still capable of doing damage, is less likely to do as much as quickly as the better player. As a clan member, particularly one that deals with recruitment and member applications, this new knowledge will make you a better judge of a player. Most importantly, you can be a better judge of their future capabilities and where they may fit in a division or competitively. Further, in competitive or division play, this information can be used to accurately determine the biggest threats and focus them as they are spotted. Conclusion There is a lot of information out there to sift through but hopefully I’ve pointed out some of the more important pieces and what they meant. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual reading them to interpret the data in front of them to make their decision. Tools that I use frequently both to help myself find areas of improvement as well as to make determinations of other players are Warships.Today, World of Warships Stats, and WoWReplays Matchmaking Monitor (now in Aslains). The Matchmaking monitor is great for player info on a per battle instance. I would strongly recommend having dual monitors to use this effectively, though not necessary, it really helps. I hope this new and extra information is useful and happy sailing! [1] The WTR “Unicum” Rating Scale – https://na.warships.today/help/warships_today_rating [2] The Law of Large Numbers is a principle in statistics, particularly probability, where the larger the sample that you have, the more likely the actual mean (i.e. a player’s WTR) is to be equal to the expected mean (a ‘true’ representation of their skill). [3] Top ship tier should be measured by their top tech tree ship, or non-premium or reward ship.
  4. A one battle session this morning got me wondering what gets the most weight in a WTR calculation. I'm guessing a win is very big? I only did 12k damage and sunk 2 BBs in a win with the Aigle. That translated to a very high one battle WTR that I was expecting to only be in the 900s based on a lack of damage. I know it's probably a complicated calculation, but what is getting the heaviest weight?
  5. Not Sure If Happy Or Sad

    On the one hand.... then on the other.... Grinding stock ships suck.
  6. WTR is Trash

    First of all, I used to be a professional data scientist. The Warships Today Rating is trash and should be completely ignored, IMHO. They don't even collect enough relevant data from the API for the rating to be meaningful. For example, they give no consideration to the team composition. Activities like smoking for an ally or area denial have zero impact. Damage dealt is severely overweighted. My best guess is that they use simple correlation statistics. As a simple example of WTR getting it completely wrong, look at my own numbers for the Harekaze. I have a 57% win rate in the boat after 80 battles, with only a 716 WTR. Every single stat of mine in that boat is well below the average, and yet I consistently win with it. It's not just DD's either. My Konig win rate is 55% but again every other stat, including WTR, is average or below. On the flip side, I have an average WTR in the South Carolina, but only a 37% win rate. WTR seems to be simply tracking the damage I do. I guess WTR means something if you don't care about winning. I think it's probably a good indicator of how well you let other people tank for you, so you can farm damage and steal kills.
  7. Played a T10 game and someone had an API mod that showed every ones WTR/Win Rate/rating in game without having to look each person up on Warships.Today or elsewhere. He said it was custom made. Does anything exist like this as a public addon?
  8. The second installment of Top Ships of Ranked Season Seven gets its data from Warships.Today and is sorted for the last 2 weeks of data, 1,000 battles minimum, ranked by Win Rate. Battleships Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Arizona 55,832 51.86% 55,202 1,253 1.6 0.8 0.4 46% 29% Warspite 52,799 51.26% 58,476 1,326 1.5 0.8 0.4 44% 33% Fuso 85,317 51.05% 54,750 1,179 1.4 0.8 0.4 44% 25% Bayern 56,501 49.49% 49,558 1,053 1.2 0.7 0.9 42% 30% Dunkerque 11,487 48.51% 47,702 1,139 1.0 0.7 0.7 33% 31% New Mexico 80,796 48.50% 46,491 1,057 1.2 0.7 0.6 40% 26% Mutsu 6,227 47.94% 53,272 1,257 1.1 0.7 0.3 36% 28% The Fuso, Arizona, Warspite, Bayern, and New Mexico are dominating the BB ranks. The tier six IJN battleship is the most popular BB on the NA server with 85K battles played. And deservedly so, a well-played Fuso is devastating, indeed. Arizona is winning the most battles with her 51.86% win rate, is tied for the most ship kills at 0.8, and places second in damage at 55k. She ranks third in XP, and perhaps the most indicative number, her 46% survival rate beats out all others. The Warspite deals the most damage with her 15", laser-guided shells, 58K. And she racks up the most XP with 1326, is tied for most kills with 0.8, but slips to second in win rate at 51.26%. You won't go wrong sailing either an Arizona or a Warspite into battle this season. I use the Wasrspite and love it. You can go wrong sailing a Mutsu into battle, though. Her 47.94% win rate and 36% survival rate are last and second to last. I can tell you from experience encountering Mutsu a handful of times that she gets focused and deleted quickly. Her squishy armor can't hold up when compared to the other BBs. The word is out on Mutsu and she gets set upon like raw meat in a lion's den when detected. The biggest surprise in battleships is the relative ineffectiveness of the New Mexico. Her 48.50% win rate is sixth just above the Mutsu and she does the least amount of damage at 46K. Cruisers Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Perth 7,075 53.06% 33,626 1,212 1.1 0.7 0.4 37% 37% Graf Spee 17,092 52.15% 29,721 948 0.8 0.5 0.5 30% 32% Leander 43,559 51.36% 30,105 1,059 1.0 0.7 0.5 35% 37% Cleveland 87,467 50.89% 32,511 1,040 0.8 0.6 1.2 30% 28% HSF Graf Spee 2,122 50.52% 28,347 1,028 0.8 0.5 0.4 29% 31% Budyonny 28,904 50.12% 34,931 1,062 0.8 0.6 0.3 32% 30% Aoba 11,763 49.74% 25,485 955 0.6 0.4 0.4 26% 33% De Grasse 5,099 48.11% 28,972 1,068 0.7 0.5 0.3 25% 29% Molotov 7,771 47.81% 32,017 1,088 0.7 0.5 0.3 24% 33% Duca d'Aosta 2,682 47.73% 23,603 1,039 0.6 0.4 0.4 24% 33% Nurnberg 20,710 47.24% 28,884 959 0.6 0.5 0.2 25% 27% La Galissonniere 13,982 47.17% 23,698 845 0.5 0.4 0.4 21% 30% It's the Cleveland's world and we're just sailing in it. Her 87K battles tops all cruisers by a huge margin. The next most popular CL is the Leander with 44K. Budyonny and Nurnberg get some use, 29K and 20K respectively, the Graf Spee, the La Galissonniere, and the Aoba round out the most-sailed group. The Cleveland also brings a 50.89% win rate (3rd), a 0.7 kill rate (t-1st), and an average 32.5K damage (3rd). She only racks up 1040 XP (6th) and has a solid 30% survival rate, but I think the raw volume of battles speaks for itself in a way. She is a tough opponent, I know this, and for a ranked season that is featuring fewer and fewer cruisers in play, that such a large amount of players choose her is a testament to how good she is. The Budyonny has to be mentioned and the Leander, too. With her 35K average damage, she takes the pole position among CLs. Her 0.6 kills is tied for second and her XP is fourth. Several interesting notes: the Perth despite a small number of battles, continues to show her creds with the hightest win rate at 53.06%, by far the most XP with 1212, second-most damage at 34K, and tied at the top for kills with 0.7. But, once again, look at the Perth's survival rate, 37% - higher than some BBs and easily the highest cruiser. But look what CL comes in second in survival, the Leander at 35%. Could these two ships have something in common . . . ? Destroyers Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Anshan 14,945 53.30% 22,544 1,260 1.2 0.7 0.1 38% 45% Shinonome 29,548 52.12% 23,118 1,149 1.1 0.7 0.0 34% 46% Hatsuharu 21,789 50.30% 21,282 1,033 0.9 0.6 0.2 36% 44% Farragut 64,705 49.90% 18,294 1,079 0.8 0.6 0.1 28% 37% Fubuki 75,582 49.37% 22,227 1,016 0.8 0.6 0.1 31% 41% Ernst Gaede 18,427 48.84% 18,884 1,006 0.7 0.5 0.1 25% 44% Gnevny 4,508 46.47% 17,095 1,044 0.7 0.5 0.1 25% 44% Tech tree ships, the Fubuki and the Farragut continue to dominate the destroyer Ranked battle-sphere with 75.5K and 65K battles fought. However, their performances are rather middling. The Farragut places fourth in win rate with 49.90% but lands second from the bottom in damage with just 19K. The Farragut redeems herself with a solid 1079 XP (3rd). The Fubuki drops to fifth in win rate with 49.37% but deal a lot of damage coming in third with 22K. She disappoints, however, with just 1016 XP. Fubuki seems to perform as you would an IJN DD to, though. The Anshan tops the win rate chart with 53.30% and is tied for first in kills with 0.7. She has only 14,945 battles fought, but when she is out there she is effective. She easily tops the XP ranks with 1260, she deals the second most damage, 22.5K, and her survival rate of 45% is second. The Shinonome is killing it, too this season. She is second in win rate, 52.12%, first in damage, 23K, second in XP 1149, and tied for first with 0.7 kills. Her 29,548 battles fought is third behind the big two. Aircraft Carriers Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Ryujo 11,452 54.09% 32,515 1,163 1.9 0.6 15.4 66% 0 Independence 7,701 46.25% 26,086 1,042 1.1 0.5 16.1 59% 0 Ryujo continues to dominate the CV scene. There was never much doubt she would and she has been doing her job. Look at that win rate, 54.09%. Impressive. Pleas let me know if you have any thoughts or comments. I hope this data is useful and interesting to some. Thank you
  9. There was a lot of speculation before the season started about which ships would be strong and which ships would be weak. Would the Warspite be the top battleship? Or the Arizona? Cleveland the top cruiser? How about the Budyonny? Fubuki, Farragut? The Ryujo was obviously going to be top CV. With 10 days of stats under our belts, I think we can start to look at which ships are performing well and which aren't. Top Battleships (BB) - 10 Days of Ranked Ship Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Arizona 46,353 52.02% 55,421 1,273 1.6 0.9 0.5 45% 29% Warspite 43,587 51.42% 58,985 1,347 1.5 0.9 0.5 42% 34% Fuso 71,648 51.16% 55,293 1,217 1.4 0.8 0.5 43% 25% Bayern 44,817 49.47% 49,650 1,078 1.2 0.7 1.0 40% 31% New Mexico 68,519 48.54% 46,714 1,092 1.2 0.7 0.6 40% 26% Mutsu 5,516 47.90% 53,016 1,266 1.1 0.7 0.3 35% 28% Dunkerque 9,971 47.80% 48,149 1,167 1.0 0.7 0.7 32% 31% The Arizona takes the top spot when sorted for win rate with 52.02%, followed by Warspite at 51.42% and Fuso at 51.16%. Those top three ships also lead in damage and kills. The most revealing stat, and perhaps the most important one when considering Ranked and the meta, is the Survival rate. Arizona at 45% tops the BBs, followed by Fuso at 43% and Warspite at 42%. I've found surviving Ranked battles, at least to the point where you can help affect the outcome, to be very, very important. It's no surprise to me that the three BBs with the best win rate also lead in survival rate. The community contributors were mostly spot on when predicting which BBs would be the most effective this season. They said Warspite, they said Arizona, they said Fuso. They also thought Mutsu and Dunkerque would struggle, which they are. Good job CCs! I think it's interesting to see how frequent which ships are being taken out for Ranked. Fuso and New Mexico by far lead the pack, no surprise there. But Dunkerque is getting very little love. Mutsu is practically a non-factor. No shockers there, but interesting nonetheless. Top Cruisers (CL) - 10 Days of Ranked Ship Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Perth 5,352 52.97% 33,816 1,222 1.1 0.7 0.4 36% 37% Graf Spee 14,186 51.99% 29,701 968 0.8 0.5 0.5 29% 32% Leander 34,735 51.46% 30,476 1,076 1.0 0.7 0.5 34% 38% Cleveland 79,913 51.04% 32,584 1,073 0.8 0.6 1.3 29% 28% Budyonny 25,850 50.42% 35,407 1,093 0.8 0.6 0.4 31% 30% Aoba 10,007 49.87% 25,566 983 0.6 0.4 0.5 26% 33% Molotov 7,717 48.15% 32,550 1,113 0.7 0.5 0.3 23% 34% De Grasse 4,761 47.95% 29,164 1074 0.6 0.5 0.4 25% 34% Duca d'Aosta 2,332 47.43% 23,861 1051 0.6 0.4 0.4 24% 33% Nurnberg 17,992 47.05% 29,184 986 0.6 0.5 0.5 24% 27% The Perth didn't get much mention, just the occasional nod towards her possible effectiveness, but her 52.97% win rate leads all CLs. Granted, she's only played 5,352 battles - a far cry from the Cleveland's almost 80k battles! Budyonny and Leander are popular, too. I think that the Graf Spee is the fifth most-played cruiser so far is quite surprising. Few if any predicted the Graf Spee would be that popular. And how abot the lack of love for the Aoba! She could be in line for a buff, IMO. The top CLs are all performing comparably with the Budyonny leading by a lot in damage dealt and Graf Spee and Leander taking the tops spots in win rate. Look at the poor Nurnberg, 18k battles, a decent amount, but she got figured out quickly and with a rock-bottom survival rate of 24%, equal to the Duca d'Aosta, she is just not very effective this season. Top Destroyers (DD) - 10 Days of Ranked Ship Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Anshan 12,636 53.10% 22,887 1,273 1.1 0.7 0.1 37% 46% Shinonome 23,056 52.29% 23,472 1,166 1.1 0.7 0.0 33% 46% Farragut 52,145 50.09% 18,635 1,111 0.8 0.6 0.1 28% 37% Hatsuharu 15,365 49.90% 21,129 1,041 0.9 0.6 0.2 35% 44% Fubuki 54,196 49.35% 22,341 1,033 0.9 0.6 0.1 31% 41% Ernst Gaede 13,859 48.86% 19,241 1,020 0.7 0.6 0.1 25% 44% Gnevny 3,513 47.08% 17,322 1,063 0.7 0.5 0.1 25% 43% The Anshan is the clear winner among destroyers so far, leading win rate, second in damage, tops in XP, tops in kills, and the best survival rate. Despite being 6th in total battles, the Anshan is clearly performing very, very well. Of the highly used DDs, the Farragut is having a better season than some anticipated, and the Fubuki seems to be doing a little worse. Of course, it's still early so these numbers may change. The Shinonome is having a stellar season, too. The Ernst Gaede and the Gnevny are bringing up the rear, as predicted, with sub 49% win rates, sub 20k damage, low XP comparably, and low kills. And, very low survival rates. Survival rate is correlating well with success is Ranked Season 7 Top Carriers (CV) - 10 Days of Ranked Ship Battles Win Rate DMG XP K/D SH PL SRV MBH Ryujo 10,583 54.23% 33,978 1,208 2.0 0.7 15.0 65% 0% Independence 6,810 46.62% 27,141 1,089 1.2 0.5 16.0 59% 0% The Ryujo is fulfilling all the predictions and dominating the Independence. You could see this coming a mile away. No contest here. Highlights The biggest surprise is the frequent use and effectiveness of the Graf Spee. Battleships are performing as expected with Arizona, Warspite, and Fuso the top BBs. Fubuki is not doing very well, but DDs are still close and we have 28 days more to play of the season. Look for the DD standings to have some changes as we progress. Survival Rate may be the most indicative metric as the meta rewards those ships and teams that focus on survival. Look for an update from this captain at about the half-way point, around 19-20 days into the season.
  10. Ok... this is a fully loaded topic, so I feel the need to lay ground rules, even though I shouldn't have to. 1. Play Nice. Respect each other and their comments. Well... I guess that's it. The TL:DW- WTR is not an accurate barometer for skill, at all. It can be fudged easily. Player need to stop using WTR is a means to stat shame, yada yada. The video lays it out.
  11. Good morning all! Yesterday's Top 10 Players Ranked by WTR - min 10 battles Name Battles WR Dmg K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR ▼ Gaishu_Isshoku 10 80.00% 128,790 9.5 1.9 2.9 63% 9% 3,022 TensorFlow 11 81.82% 58,623 24.0 2.2 0.2 58% 8% 2,746 Samurai__JP 17 88.24% 63,339 4.9 2.3 1.0 56% 12% 2,559 Big_Spud 12 58.33% 124,203 6.2 2.6 0.7 44% 5% 2,327 piecesofpizza 16 87.50% 127,438 8.5 2.1 1.2 45% 9% 2,317 Terrachova 11 63.64% 108,803 6.7 1.8 1.0 47% 9% 2,295 Bar_Kokhva 11 100.00% 100,421 29.0 2.6 4.5 32% 22% 2,270 Gorin15 10 50.00% 109,091 4.4 2.2 3.0 47% 10% 2,239 Evan2169 14 78.57% 124,934 9.0 1.9 2.4 41% 9% 2,206 InzaiJack 17 88.24% 94,695 8.3 1.9 4.2 43% 9% 2,188 Gaishu_Isshoku had a monster Sunday ranking 7th in damage with 128,790 and scoring a whopping 3,022 WTR! Honorable mention to Big_Spud and Bar_Kokhva who tied for 2nd with 2.6 ship kills and placed 4th and 7th in overall WTR. 1 Week Top 10 Players Ranked by WTR - min 25 battles Name Battles WR Dmg K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR ▼ ruslanbear14 34 79.41% 131,160 4.8 1.8 2.0 43% 10% 2,528 TensorFlow 68 75.00% 55,699 7.1 1.8 0.3 56% 10% 2,370 SANMAFLY 26 65.38% 76,347 5.7 2.2 2.5 35% 13% 2,196 Evan2169 40 85.00% 115,203 9.0 2.0 2.5 43% 12% 2,176 Dayaks 45 68.89% 83,245 5.0 2.0 3.0 38% 10% 2,157 FrostFreezesyourFighters 29 86.21% 61,499 6.6 1.6 21.3 29% 22% 2,149 HuskyPP 69 72.46% 129,643 6.4 1.8 9.4 37% 4% 2,116 aAkula 65 69.23% 144,404 5.8 2.1 3.4 39% 3% 2,115 igorB0SS 25 64.00% 114,213 4.8 1.9 0.9 44% 9% 2,112 yuanjiaomiao 58 81.03% 98,167 5.7 1.8 1.7 39% 12% 2,109 aAkula delivered tons of damage last week - 144,404 average, good for 4th overall. Nice to see some forum names I recognize getting it done, too. See y'all in battle!
  12. Here are the top 10 players on the NA server for yesterday, June 2nd, as ranked by Warships Today Rating. Min - 10 battles. Name Battles WR Dmg K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR ▼ yuanjiaomiao 17 94.12% 109,334 9.0 2.1 0.9 40% 7% 2,716 F22xRaptor 18 66.67% 98,153 3.4 1.3 0.3 42% 7% 2,691 Bballmangreg 12 100.00% 119,003 8.7 2.2 4.2 44% 10% 2,617 Eriri_Spencer_Sawamura 10 70.00% 137,872 10.5 2.1 8.0 36% 0% 2,307 Dayaks 11 72.73% 82,816 4.2 1.9 3.3 40% 10% 2,250 ShiashiYOLO 14 50.00% 103,025 3.4 1.9 1.6 48% 10% 2,232 NinjaExZ 12 83.33% 139,934 3.8 1.6 1.6 40% 6% 2,232 God_IDisposable 13 84.62% 124,778 7.4 2.8 5.8 40% 6% 2,203 m373x 17 76.47% 105,173 6.2 1.8 0.5 45% 7% 2,196 SANMAFLY 26 65.38% 76,347 5.7 2.2 2.5 35% 13% 2,196 A couple of well-known players had excellent days - F22xRaptor and m373x, with a WTR of 2,691 and 2,196 respectively. Raptor posts parody videos of some of our favorite Community Contributors on Youtube. m373x is a regular forumite, and a great, great WOWS player. However, yuanjiaomiao takes the top spot with 2,716 WTR over 17 battles. Quite a performance by yuanjiaomiao: 94.12% win rate, 109,334 average damage and 2.1 kills per battle! Bballmangreg deserves special mention for being the only player in the top 10 to win every battle yesterday, WR 100%!
  13. There was a time where it was all red...there was a time where I was at a 41% win rate... but you know what? I told myself to stop the nonsense I asked people to help me, to coach me and offer advice. I read what the veterans and the unicums wrote. I watched all the community contributors and saw how they played certain ships and what their strategies were but above all: live and breathe this tutorial!! DO NOT start your daily games without reading that Know it by heart Apply every single game to it You are not always gonna have a perfect match....I didn't and nor does LWM but you know what's the most important ..learning and improving. Knowing the enemy's weaknesses and capitalizing on their mistakes. Took me a while to figure out what navy suited my play style and it turns out I love raining down Stalinium shells on the reds, specifically the Kutuzov's and the Molotov's. Slowly I started to turn that WR around and not only did my average damage go up but my WTR did too. To all the haters that say it can't be done and to all the doubters who say MM is skewed....just look at my improvements over time. I can't also stress enough the importance of having a group of people to consistently play with to motivate and encourage you to be better. That is why I always advocate that you join a clan if you haven't already. I'll see you guys when it's all blue and purple PS: Link this and LWM's post to whoever says that improving is impossible based on skill and whoever needs some motivation.
  14. A little bit of frivolty at the end of the day. I checked my Warships.today about something or another and noticed my daily WTR (n.b. WTR is useless in a small sample size, but is fun). Something did not add up... err... something did not average out. For those curious I played 2 BB battles and 1 each of Cruiser and CV. This is probably because ship and total WTR are calculated separately, but no matter how you weigh it these numbers don't make sense. Unless the one sub 1545 BB battle is weighed so much higher than the other three ONLY in the all ship total for some nonsensical reason, the math can't work. Ah well. Hope y'all hunted well today.
  15. So recently I have been crapped on by "one of those" unicum clan members that focus solely on stats. Trouble is, the same people from varioius clans are doing it repetivtively to practically everyone. Not gonna name/shame tho. Obviously when I look at my stats, I see myself as a so-so/average player. I can't carry a loss into a victory, I only have a 54% career winrate. http://na.warshipstoday.com/signature/1020948542/dark.png The thing is, I have only gotten serious about my stats only after 1000 games, which I am now at 2100 games. I was literally a tomato back then. Red stats all across the board, people called me a piece of crap, noob, etc. However, slowly but steadily, I have increased/padded my stats to where I am now. Even my progress charts prove it My stat charts here; https://na.warships.today/player/1020948542/SRM__ShaRoMoto However, like I stated in the title, how is WTR calculated? How do I improve my WTR? What is a "great" WTR? More importantly, why are these "unicum" clan players so effing triggered by average players not bawling how they lost a match?
  16. Definitely do not have what it takes to be the IJN DD master. Many tables were flipped. Recommend a good psychiatrist please, need pills, bottles upon bottles of pills.
  17. Warships.Today added PvE

    I must be extremely unobservant, because I just noticed this. How long ago did Warships.Today add this?
  18. I had a terrible match (one of several, actually) in Fujin. The game client crash, I loaded back dead...and that was just the end. At the start, on straight, everyone down south books it north. I throw some torps out, score one or two hits, nothing great. Then it happens...angry chat guy. Playing his first game in a Fujin, he calls me out with "I play DD, look @ my stats" and then lets me know he's reporting me because he doesn't like how I play and encourages the team to do so as well. Naturally, I think 'Hey, this guy has pretty low tolerance, he must be badass." I abide his request and look at this stats. Well, here they are: Warships Today Rating 863 -0 979 +0 1,100 +43 994 +86 945 Battles 3 2 304 903 1,517 Win Rate 33.33% -0.034% 50.00% -0.001% 56.25% +1.476% 52.27% +2.806% 50.36% Average Damage 37,035 +14 81,887 +69 38,260 +2,116 35,288 +8,047 29,816 Average Experience 1,254 -0 1,590 +0 1,453 +49 1,381 +185 1,256 Survival % 67% +0.1% 0% -0.0% 27% +1.0% 24% +1.2% 23% Average Kills 0.7 -0.00 0.0 -0.00 0.9 +0.04 0.8 +0.14 0.7 Average Plane Kills 0.3 -0.00 0.5 -0.00 1.1 -0.10 1.5 +0.11 1.5 Kills / Deaths 2.0 +0.00 0.0 -0.00 1.2 +0.06 1.1 +0.19 0.9 Average Tier 5.7 -0.00 8.5 +0.00 6.6 +0.13 6.7 +0.80 6.1 I'm just gonna throw this out there for consideration. If THIS is what your stats look like you need to a.) not draw attention to that and b.) wait until you learn how to play before you start trying to "coach" others.
  19. Two matches in Prinz Eugen today: Average ship stats: So what is this green rating about? Just because some HE flamethrowers are taking the kills, what, suddenly this was a merely "Good" performance? What are you saying, that I should be running around stealing kills to be purple? Please fix the rating because it seems pretty broken to me.
  20. Warship Today Signature

    So I wasn't sure where this belonged, so Off-Topic seemed safest. I have started checking out Warship Today after seeing everyone (a lot of people) using their stats as a signature. Now, I personally take those states with a grain of salt, but still, its cool. I tried to get one myself but apparently don't have enough "data". Warship Today say I need to play more games. I have 2000+ battles right now, any idea how many is needed to get a signature?
  21. WTR Recommendation

    I recently sent in a message to WarshipsToday advocating that they adjust the WTR to account for all class types. One possible example is where each class composes 25% of your total WTR. That way you can't pad your numbers playing DDs exclusively. Want to be a truly exceptional player according to WTR? You're gonna have to master CVs too, because you'll be missing out on 25% if you don't. Using my WTR as an example, it says I'm a Top 10 player when in actuality I'm not. I simply prefer the USN DD line over any other.... unfortunately (or fortunately) this line artificially inflates your WTR beyond what your skills may actually be. Since so many people use this rating, I hope WarshipsToday comes up with a more effective way to track individual performance. Message them via their Help button if you have any ideas to make it better. I'm not sure if they read all the messages, but it can't hurt. https://na.warships.today/help
  22. I cannot help it. I obsess over WR. I just started playing WoWS, and already the same WoT like sickness has caught me. It's hugely frustrating to play your first 50 matches with a 60% WR...and end up where I am now, just sub 50%, 150 games later. I can look at Warships Today and see that, despite my noobishness and the numerous mistakes I make, my performance is above average. In fact, if I were to dump some of the stinkers (looking at you, Wyoming and New York), my WTR would be borderline good. This highlights a reality of WoWS - if your team doesn't win, neither do you. What's a kid to do? I suppose, learning to carry is the answer. I guess that means I need to learn how to play DDs a lot better than I do now. At this rate, either my teams will start winning because I carried them...or the best I can hope for is what MM bestows upon me. I don't want to be at the mercy of MM anymore... Curse you, WG, curse you! <shakes fist meaningfully!> Ok....out of my system for now, gonna go wheel my Jeep...because otherwise I will lose my sanity.