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Found 12 results

  1. Hey All... I run the game through Steam and it locked up on me while I was viewing a ship in port. Alt tabbed out and forced shutdown. Rebooted and loaded steam and now it says the game isn't installed and I am now reinstalling it. Anyone else have this problem? Looks like a full reinstall as it'll take 2 hours....
  2. I saw Flamu's sub video and installed the PTS client to test them out for myself (this took a LONG time, like, hours). You have to beat the Halloween 2016 escort mission one first and then it's supposed to unlock the other. Got 5 stars with it and, oh, right, the sub one is not the "of the week" one so it requires a division to play it. [edited]. Lame.
  3. Bluffrat_2018

    Confused Now

    Ok.. I'm confused... 1) when did a 14 inch gunned battleship rank a higher tier than a 16 in gunned battleship? 2) Why does a tier 7 BB cost 375000 xp? 3) I had the Kii.. To go up in tier on the Jap line... I have to get the Amagi to get to the Izumo when I have the Kii (will get back)?
  4. Uncle_Lou

    Harugumo armor?

    Had an unexpected opportunity during a game tonight in my Donskoi where I lit up an enemy Harugumo right at about 10km from me. It wasn't lit long, but I am fairly certain the DD was within ~10 degrees of being fully broadside to me. I happened to have AP loaded and fired it rather than miss the window for the snap shot. Out of 12 rounds fired, 6 missed; the other 6 were ricochets. What?? Nearly fully broadside DD bounces 180mm AP moving at 950m/s? I know my aim wasn't perfect, but how does this even happen? What the hell is the Harugumo made of??
  5. It has always struck me as pointless to have the HE shells travel at different speeds than the AP shells. This is not a simulator, WG should pick the ship's shell velocity for both. Different shell velocities for the SAME ship just make it harder to play for the casual player to reliably hit their targets. Thank god for the shell time. The Nagato has the most meaningless demonstration of different shell velocities. Really! How about WG just pick 805 or 806.... Cue trolls that argue for that 1m/s difference being significant.
  6. awesomeartichokes

    Supply lines uses http not https

    Seriously people http - unencrypted connection asking for login information! https is the norm.
  7. I only have one of the of the new ones which actually fits inside a patch: This one looks good, it could even be moved slightly up. But the rest look like this: If it were scaled down slightly and moved slightly lower it would be fine. Why are they like this? It looks wrong hanging over the edges.
  8. farragut_marksman


    What the hell did they do to my Swan? Only HE shells now? I gues I know what nerf bat means now!
  9. I sent this ticket to WG Support: I got this response: Any ideas on how I can select the Personal Special Mission? Update: The game had 15 minutes left. There is plenty of time to capture a cap point and then defend it. The Special Task was reported as failed the instance the enemy team captured all 3 capture points. A replay while nice - is not necessary for a dev to look at the failed condition for the 3 Defended Special task. In any event, a special task should be reported as failed only if: time has expired OR the player is dead AND the player has no more ordinance in "flight" AND the player has no more fire/flood damage being inflicted on the enemy. Fancy determinations around a special mission task just result in bugs like this.
  10. Gneisenau013

    Wargaming Anniversary

    Twenty years ago, on August 2, 1998, the Wargaming.net company was founded. We invite you to celebrate this event with us, get festive discounts and bonuses, and complete special combat missions to obtain 1 day of Premium Account time and camouflage sets! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/august-missions-2018/
  11. Does anybody else have ships that they really looked forward to, heard we’re good/overpowered, but when you got them you just suck dead donkey balls in? Mine are Khaba, Gearing, and Yamato. I can’t figure those boats out. I’m so bad at Yamato that I have better damage/stats in Izumo! I SUCK at Gearing, but I’m good at Yueyang and Fletcher. Khaba is supposed to be awesome, but I have better damage stats in my Fujin. So spill it. Do you guys have any ships that hate you?
  12. During our Clan battles on 20:52 7/11/18 our clan won and were rewarded with a screen saying clan service unavailable and all but 2 in the Clan (SEC-8) were deleted. No reason at all...