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Found 11 results

  1. Hit a mountain, then next thing I know I'm airborne and climbing up.

    Win/loss streaking is outrageous.

    9 losses in a row. Despite my best efforts.
  3. Hey All... I run the game through Steam and it locked up on me while I was viewing a ship in port. Alt tabbed out and forced shutdown. Rebooted and loaded steam and now it says the game isn't installed and I am now reinstalling it. Anyone else have this problem? Looks like a full reinstall as it'll take 2 hours....
  4. I saw Flamu's sub video and installed the PTS client to test them out for myself (this took a LONG time, like, hours). You have to beat the Halloween 2016 escort mission one first and then it's supposed to unlock the other. Got 5 stars with it and, oh, right, the sub one is not the "of the week" one so it requires a division to play it. [edited]. Lame.
  5. Bluffrat_2018

    Confused Now

    Ok.. I'm confused... 1) when did a 14 inch gunned battleship rank a higher tier than a 16 in gunned battleship? 2) Why does a tier 7 BB cost 375000 xp? 3) I had the Kii.. To go up in tier on the Jap line... I have to get the Amagi to get to the Izumo when I have the Kii (will get back)?
  6. Uncle_Lou

    Harugumo armor?

    Had an unexpected opportunity during a game tonight in my Donskoi where I lit up an enemy Harugumo right at about 10km from me. It wasn't lit long, but I am fairly certain the DD was within ~10 degrees of being fully broadside to me. I happened to have AP loaded and fired it rather than miss the window for the snap shot. Out of 12 rounds fired, 6 missed; the other 6 were ricochets. What?? Nearly fully broadside DD bounces 180mm AP moving at 950m/s? I know my aim wasn't perfect, but how does this even happen? What the hell is the Harugumo made of??
  7. awesomeartichokes

    Supply lines uses http not https

    Seriously people http - unencrypted connection asking for login information! https is the norm.
  8. I only have one of the of the new ones which actually fits inside a patch: This one looks good, it could even be moved slightly up. But the rest look like this: If it were scaled down slightly and moved slightly lower it would be fine. Why are they like this? It looks wrong hanging over the edges.
  9. farragut_marksman


    What the hell did they do to my Swan? Only HE shells now? I gues I know what nerf bat means now!
  10. Does anybody else have ships that they really looked forward to, heard we’re good/overpowered, but when you got them you just suck dead donkey balls in? Mine are Khaba, Gearing, and Yamato. I can’t figure those boats out. I’m so bad at Yamato that I have better damage/stats in Izumo! I SUCK at Gearing, but I’m good at Yueyang and Fletcher. Khaba is supposed to be awesome, but I have better damage stats in my Fujin. So spill it. Do you guys have any ships that hate you?
  11. During our Clan battles on 20:52 7/11/18 our clan won and were rewarded with a screen saying clan service unavailable and all but 2 in the Clan (SEC-8) were deleted. No reason at all...