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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, I'll admit I'm a fan of secondary builds, at least where they make sense depending on the ship and game mode - but I wonder if the following example might just be a step too far - Couple nights ago, I was watching Kingpin61's stream - one of the mad lads that ground out the PR without gold boosters or the "buy now" option - playing in Randoms on his NA account, trying to level up some items in preparation for clan activities. In one match, he suddenly started taking secondary fire, and was going "WTH?" because there were no BB's around even close to secondary range. Looking around, it turned out the secondary fire was coming from a Venezia.....the Tier 10 Italian cruiser.....from over 8 km away...... Someone in chat opined that perhaps that was just an unintended consequence of specing for an AA build. I flipped over to Fitting Tool, and checked.... no, the only way he could get that kind of secondary range was to load both the SBM1 module and spec AFT, for 8.64 km....... this was a deliberate secondary build. Venezia's secondarys are 100 mm, only 16 mm of pen - even most DDs at Tier 10 would be laughing at that - so from the aspect of direct damage, this looked to be a fool's errand - but looking further at the specs, I think I know what this player was trying to do...... Depending on how you set up the build, you could get the secondarys down to around a 3 1/2 second reload, and upwards of a 9% fire chance, with flags and such....... This mad lad was attempting to turn an Italian cruiser into a firestarter by using his secondarys...... Well, I'll at least give him credit for thinking out of the box, and trying something different..... as to how effective it might have been.....