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Found 3 results

  1. This is a follow up post to my previous one on the Yueyang nerf: This post is about the effect of the previous big change in the name of balancing, the nerfing of the Yueyang. As the number of battles played increases, the cumulative stats published by https://na.wows-numbers.com/ move less and less. They also aggregate results from the same ship before and after nerfs or buffs. I have calculated the T10 DD stats for the last 10 weeks, so this is how the T10 DDs performed from the release of (when the YY got nerfed) to the release of For the period from November 21, 2018 to January 30, 2019 Since the nerf the Yueyang has become the least played T10 DD, its WR slid from 53.3% to 49.41% and its Average Damage dealt decreased by 18%, from 56,854 to 46,577. I think it's fair to say she got kneecapped. I don't play mine anymore and really regret buying permanent camo for it.
  2. As per na.wows-numbers.com, these were the Tier 10 DD stats on November 21, 2018, the day 0.7.11 was rolled out: The Tier 10 DD stats on December 3, 2018: Yueyang's cumulative WR decreased from 53.3% to 53.21%. This decrease happened because in these 12 days 8,461 players brought a Yueyang to battle and their WR during this period was only 50.01%. That's a decrease of 3.29%. If this new WR holds it means Yueyang captains will win 6.18% less battles than they used to. However, a 50% WR may be considered as perfectly balanced.
  3. ....I've started to keep a tally of how frequently the First Blood achievement leads to victory for a given side....My hypothesis is that WR = roughly 2/3 and that over time it will trend closer to 2/3 because if I'm right further data will show a closer and closer relationship with the 66.67% mark. ....The early data is of course very limited, but in my last 21 battles FB has led to exactly 15 victories. .....One analogy for gamblers/handicappers/athletes etc. is that in baseball, the first run scored typically leads to victory 2/3 of the time....So I'll be gathering data on how likely it is we're looking at a similar beast here, irrespective of the current meta and other variables that're going to be chaotic and hard to pin down given the variance of opinion, experience, and the way the WoW universe tends to change over time. ....any help on your part will be greatly appreciated....gl hf!!!