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Found 230 results

  1. WoWS Sponsored Videos... wat?

    First time I've seen this... You come upon one of these sponsored videos, add it to this thread... I actually like this idea....
  2. Granted CVs are a dying class in the upper tiers and I have been more then vocal advocate for change in the class. After a recent game in the US DM, I can not express my frustration to way people despise the current balance of CV to surface game interaction. Here are the carnage in the pics. Man after this game I hope that Midway driver took a shower sheesh. Again I am not mad at the guy, he did what ever WOWS allows him to do. Wiping out close to 42k in one pass is not only brutal but I think unrealistic even for arcade standards of WOWS. But here is my evidence to the Developers to get a kick laugh at untill the CV rework is done. Later everyone EDIT* We lost the game.
  3. Looking for a big WoWs discord community? Than feel free to join the U.S. National World of Warships Discord club https://discord.gg/EjR92FA feel free to join us! we are growing in number! and fast! Thank you! :)
  4. My Website & YouTube Channel Links

    _My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC74D_SmTQbp9qIs0LckfZDQ _My Website: https://www.minds.com/EPHESIANS612 _My website & youtube channel are devoted to "exposing deception" in 2018:_including UFOS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, DEMONIC POSSESSION, FALSE FLAGS : 9/11, ALL School Shootings, the JESUIT'S & VATICAN, FAKE ALIENS, FAKE FOOD, FAKE NEWS, FAKE SPACE, FAKE N.A.S.A., FLAT EARTH, BIO-METRICS, TRANSHUMANISM, BLOCKCHAIN, the OCCULT, SYMBOLOGY, ILLUMINATI, CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX, WEATHER MODIFICATION_GEO-ENGINEERING, MIND CONTROL, 5G DANGERS, & END TIME PROPHECY † Galatians 4-16 Ending.mp4
  5. WOWS Make Your Own Meme Thread

    I've noticed a new page on the WOWS main site that gives you the option of making your own memes that involves the game. Feel free to show what you created from the site. (Here's a link in case it isn't found: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/welcome-to-the-machine/ )
  6. ARP Ships

    Something I've always wondered, but forgot to look for when they came out, is if ARP ships make increased credit counts, more than standard tech tree ships. Can anyone advise me on this? Cause I'm grinding credits and I started to wonder, when I noticed I hadn't played my ARP ships in a while. Thanks!
  7. Unhealthy Environment

    It's become pretty obvious to me by now, that this whole "radar cruiser" infestation and situation has caused a lot of controversy, as I expected it to. I'm done trying to get my point across as a DD player. My main concern now, is simply how unhealthy this whole situation is for the game and the community. Below, I've listed my personal observations over the past weeks, since the last two patches were released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - There is salt flying, EVERYWHERE. It's pretty clear that a war on words is going on right now, and it is only damaging the community. People are biting each others' heads off nearly every thread that I read. - The battles that happen now, rarely have more than 2 DD's on a team. Sometimes one, or no destroyers. - The CA's, CL's, and BB's snipe at long range. There seems to be quite a bit less tanking occurring in games. - Capping points also seems to have become a thing of the past, in comparison to games I have played prior to the release of the last two patches. - (to make sure I don't upset BB captains) Burning ships are everywhere. Literally, everywhere. - There are less overall games played, by a not insignificant margin, since the introduction of the past two patches, and that average continues to decline. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a look at the poll attached to the thread, and throw your vote in there, and let me know what you think below. If you consider it unhealthy for the game and community, or if you don't, share your thoughts with me/us.
  8. The Future of the Game?

    With the current status of the game, it leaves a lot of questions... Especially, for me. The following, are questions I want an answer for, directly from Wargaming. Leave your thoughts below. My main question though, is what is the future going to hold for the game, as it stands? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- What are you going to do to handle the whole "Radar Cruiser" power creep? Buff something to compensate, or reconsider the decision to give all of these ships radar? 2- What will happen to Destroyer players, if the game continues on its current path? Do we need to expect the overall win-rate of DD's to just dwindle to nothing? 3- What will happen to the current Destroyers in the game? Will they get buffed, or will you guys just let them die a slow, painful death? 4- Where is your focus within the game right now? What issues or additions to the game do you feel are more important than what we are complaining most about? 5- Do you, as a company even pay attention to us (your community), when we call out to you about a pressing issue within your game? 6- Where is your heart at, as a whole? Do you really care enough about us to answer us when we have an issue for your game? Or are we just numbers in your bank account? 7- If you, as a company, claim to care about us, then please, for the love of all things, will you please attempt to communicate more directly with us? So you can find out what change we want brought about within the game? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want a response from someone, Wargaming. I believe I speak for the community collectively, here. Thanks for reading, -ThePwnageMachine
  9. Spent 3/4 of the match with 106 HP. It ended with little old me and two CV's. " Who Dares Wins "
  10. Saludos comunidad latinoamericana de "Wows". Como fanático de la historia naval se me está haciendo prosaico y aburrido, aún más desde que he conseguido toda la rama británica , jugar World of Warships en un estilo de juego donde hay 2 equipos que no considera naciones aliadas y enemigas. Además que uno de los mapas que menos se juega es "Océano", siendo este el relativamente más "histórico" entre todos los mapas que están disponibles. No sugiero que eliminen el sistema de puntos de vida(que es algo con lo que uno identifica al Wows), ya que se convertiría en algo prácticamente igual que "War Thunder" sólo que con barcos; pero también pensemos que dicho juego cuenta ya con un modo realista. Lo que me ha gustado jugar debido a su realismo, han sido las operaciones de divisiones de 7 personas contra los bots, sobre todo la "Operación Dynamo". ¿Qué opinan?
  11. DD captains now a days

    3 mins in...
  12. Greetings Captains, I have played Wows first nearly 2 years now, I am on the NA server, based in South Africa...go figure!! I am in a US clan at present but time zones make it very difficult to consistently meet and play. Looking to join a semi -serious clan to play socially and division. Looking forward to hearing from you all... https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1020755387-TlanImass/
  13. So, in my opinion after the american line update playing destroyers at t7-10 are unplayable i feel. there is now so much radar in one game smoke screens are now useless and same goes for British cruiser. there has to be a way to balance the game to a point where radar would still be effective but not ruin the game for people who play destroyers. this could be by limiting the amount of radar on a team or reducing its effectiveness but whatever it may be it has to happen soon.
  14. Hola Colegas Anterior mente teníamos el Multipack Beta tambíen conocido como OFFICIAL COLLECTION OF WOWS MODIFICATIONS ya no funciona Ahora se llama ModStation y Aquí dejo el nuevo Modpack Oficial de Wargaming para World of Warships este paquete de mod tiene la gran ventaja de que se actualiza automáticamente y actualmente funciona para cualquier servidor. Este mod garantiza el uso de mod permitidos y comprobados por WG. ademas es (seguro de que no de Ban a nuestra cuenta). les comparto un video de la instalación: Cualquier duda o problema déjenlo en los comentarios.
  15. What The Heck Is This Advertisement?

    No, seriously, what is this and does WG approve of this? While browsing WoWs Numbers, I came upon this ad:
  16. INTRO: Bienvenidos a mi post, este post trata de una sugerencia para modificar el hud avanzado actual. En la siguiente explicación te mostrare detalladamente la idea general y a donde apunta dicha sugerencia. Este barco es el AOBA lo usaremos como modelo para explicar la idea general. PROPUESTA Esta es la interface actual de juego en el mini HUD, partiendo de acá supongamos que exista un HUD avanzado, para personas que quieren más información e su barco en tiempo real para jugadores experimentados. Después de hacer una encuesta a jugadores para ver la viabilidad y la practicidad de dicha nueva interface. Ahora, necesitamos diferenciar algo: AA = Anti Aéreos. [edited]= Batería Secundaria ASMP= Armamento Secundario Multi propósito (AA+[edited]) partiendo de esto, que es todo el armamento secundario y sus acrónicos. Pensamos lo siguiente: ¿Qué tal si se nos muestra los módulos de AA, [edited] o ASMP destruidos por el enemigo en nuestro barco? ¿Con que propósito? La información adicional nos serviría para poder planificar nuestro modo de juego en base a la vitalidad de los módulos secundarios, saber cuándo estamos en condiciones para hacer frente a aviones enemigos, o en su defecto saber cuántos o qué lado de nuestro barco tiene más cañones secundarios activos, para una batalla a corto alcance. En teoría sería algo más o menos así: El armamento secundario del aoba es: ASMP: 120 mm/40 10th Year Type mod. B2/C (tanto con capacidades AA como [edited]) en nuestro modelo es color naranja/azul. (Son 4 piezas en total montadas) El aoba también cuenta con: 13 mm/76 Type93 Twin (Capacidad AA) en nuestro modelo es solo naranja. (15 piezas montadas) y por ultimo 25 mm/60 Type96 Twin mod. 1 (Capacidad AA) en nuestro modelo también naranja (2 piezas montadas). Eso nos da un total de 21 piezas de armamento secundario montado en el barco aoba (Coloco el modelo con bastante zoom para que se aprecie la idea inicial) CONCLUCIONES: algunos capitanes, les gusta tener toda la información del barco a la mano. Saber el estado de tu armamento secundario general, facilita la respuesta ante cualquier tipo de situación. Este es solo un modelo de la idea inicial, la interface puede se representada de una manera diferente o más cómoda, en el peor de los casos, puede agregarse otro hud que muestre el estado del armamento secundario y sea opcional para verlo en la información de combate o acceder a esa información en acceso rápido como puede ser un ejemplo la tecla H, dentro del juego. Y si aún es más posible, saber el tiempo de recarga de cada armamento secundario. Para saber o medir ya sea los tiempos de giro, de cambio de dirección, de aproximación, etc. (Se aceptan sugerencias adicionales) NOTA: este tema no es para discutir si debe o no implementarse, si te gusta o no un anexo a la interface, es si te parece viable apórtanos tu idea, necesitamos crecimiento constructivo y no criticas destructivas. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leer este tema. Buena Suerte Capitanes. Atte: Rex Nhitering
  17. Never Play WoWs With Pink Eye

    In hindsight, playing with about 50% of your vision obscured is a really terrible idea, but then again I'm the guy who actually enjoyed Emerald and literally wrote a love song for Pensacola. While in battle in Essex, I attempted a torpedo attack on an enemy battleship firing at something, which I couldn't see since his target was on the side that the swollen eyelid blocked. Five seconds later: In-battle chat: "Avenge_December_7 has received a disciplinary penalty for friendly fire" As it turns out, the target the enemy BB had been firing at turned out to be a friendly BB within about 1 km of him, and 2 of my torpedoes smacked straight into my teammate. Although my team still won the battle, it was without me, as I had died from reflected damage by then. That was probably one of the low points of my time in CVs so far.
  18. Fun and Enraging

    I Feel this photo sums up what many people find to be a bit of a problem in the current Teamkiller Penalty system. What was a bit of an issue then is still an issue now. Bumped in my own smoke by this guy, he has 1HP when he panic charges my cloud, dies, and I get all the fun. Now I'd be dead and Pink if that happened! wth? How is that better? I thought that with the new system in place things like the above incident between me and Ben there wouldn't be happening, considering it's 1 HP, was due to bumping, and I turned pink over it. (Kill = Pink, regardless. Turns out they didn't change "nuisance" Team kills like that, contact still extends pink status too. Come on, Wargaming!
  19. Music Discord!

    Hey guys, so I've done some soul searching, and I've decided to open up a discord server that is music based. The Music Cruise is a Discord server dedicated to everything music related; whether its sharing your music creations, sharing your tastes in music, listening to your favorite music, discussing music with others, or just getting away from the game to relax and chat with people. If you have discord, I'm inviting you to come join us on the server. :) http://discord.gg/t7jtTpW I hope to see you guys there! -ThePwnageMachine
  20. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    Yes once again old Chaos_EN2 is making one of his long post, but this time it is not a rant. It is long, and bit of a ramble since I am at work and I have to stop and to work stuff then I come back to this when I can. Well this coming Saturday, May 19th. I am turning 58yrs old, yup one of those dreaded birthdays has come around again. And a lot has changed in my time on this round ball of dirt and water. Especially with me, you see at 18yrs old I joined the USN, I was shy, backwards, stuttering kid and the USN helped me grow into a man. Heck I was so shy before the service, I had to bring in a year book to prove to a co-worker that we went to school together. See I am so old I can remember when all the Beatles where alive and where still together as the Beatles. So I am almost as old as @Chien_Lu_Anderman, but as so many have said "age is just a number", and I always try remember what my Father told me, "Boy there is only one way to stop having birthdays, and that is when they throw you in the box" so I am very happy to be at this stage of life, and one of the biggest things that makes life great is friends. While I had a few friends back in my school days for the most part (as the shy kid I was), my true friends where my Books. But this all changed with the Navy - I learned for good and for bad to eat, drink and cuss like a sailor. And also while in the Navy I also became a gamer and this is where I would make my true friends, so I would would play AD&D, Vampire, Battletech and Champions Games then later became the Game Master for some of these same game, and this was I how got introduced to the gaming world, and where I made some of my first adult friends. Then I started into computer gaming, with games like Bard's Tale, Ultima Online, Guild Wars, and so many others. But the one thing that seems to be an consistent in my life is the great people I have met who are fellow gamers, from my old Navy Buddies, like "Rambo" Rogers to many of you on here like my Clan Commander @Kizarvexis, so each one everyone of my friends I want to offer up my thanks, from those of you who have put up with my questions, like @OtterWolf, @AdmiralThunder, and @WolfofWarship. To all my former Clan-mates like @Bear_82, @BrushWolf, @Daffyd9x and @gunnyd227 thanks for being good clan-mates and friends. And thanks to my friends for putting up (or supporting) with my silly rants and sometimes setting me on a better course, like @USMCGal, @Gruntdog_3, and all the Wargaming Forum Staff, from @Radar_X, @Gneisenau013 to @Pigeon_of_War for putting up with me and not yet banning me. And thanks friends like @_WaveRider_ who's ships I always seem to run into, and my friend @MaliceA4Thought for chats about our navy days. And a big thanks to all the Community Contributors like @LittleWhiteMouse, @UrPeaceKeeper, @NoZoupForYou and all the rest, thanks for showing me everything from how to shoot to what ships to buy. See for me, the biggest thing that I have noticed about WoWs is the sense of Community I see here on the forums and in game, it reminds me of those old Pen and Paper RPGs I used to play, the person that you are playing with is a lot of times is a friend as well as a game-mate, I hope that of all things in this game that never disappears! I know we will butt heads, and make the Mods shake their heads in wonder. But still there is Community here, and from what I have seen (and been told) a better one than happens in some other games, I have players who never post here or rarely do give a shout out in game and a verbal thumps up (or thumbs down) about my posts here. So as my birthday comes up, I wanted to thank all you for just being you and for putting up with me. I know I am a hard-headed, grumpy old hole snipe, but just remember even when I am on my rants it is because I do care about this game, more than any I have played before, and yes I know next week or next month I will be upset with something else that is changing and you will all wonder what the hell rant is Chaos_EN2 on now. But that is part of being a human, (I guess) or to quote the old USN saying "A complaining Sailor is a Happy Sailor". I tell everyone at work I want to tie my late Father's age (he made it to 92yrs), and I really hope I do. And I hope I will still be able to play World of Warships 34yrs from now, but if not I hope I will never lose contact with each one of you my friends. So thank you all again for just being you, and putting up with me, and for being my friends. So keep your powder dry, and your sights clean, shipmates.
  21. Unofficial WoWs Discord

    Hello everyone! I've recently created an unofficial Discord server for the World of Warships community to be a part of. It's somewhat of a work-in-progress; however, it is ready for players to join. It has division rooms, clan wars rooms, etc. It is intended to be a Discord for the community to use to interact with each other, discuss the game in any way they wish, and play it with friends and/or clans. Link: https://discord.gg/YAMGBsU Just a disclaimer: I am aware that there may be a WoWs Discord out there already, therein lies the reason why I've included the word "Unofficial" in the Server Title. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you Captains there. -ThePwnageMachine
  22. .

  23. Why is paid server transfers not a thing ?

    Hi, I am a player from India playing in World of warships NA. I do not understand why i was sent to NA servers when i wanted to download World of Warships but thats beside the point. I think everyone here would accept the fact that server transfers if implemented would be awesome. However WG has decided not to do so for internal reasons which i can understand. However for someone like me who has 12 hour time difference, the shear number of players on NA is very very low when i play , its quite low overall but offtimes are horrible. I get put into 4v4 matches in randoms. The quality of the player base is also in decline . I have purchased a premium ship till this point the Loyang. But i dont even want to pay more for WoWs and haven't touched it in the past 4 days due the the above reasons. I am currently playing T9 matches which more or less require premium time to make in game economic sense and i am ready to pay for it. I am fine with the pricing of the doubloon deals and premium time that i want to purchase now but NA server is quite frustrating to me which is the only reason preventing an otherwise profitable purchase for WG. My question overall is simple : Nick name changes cost 2000 dubloons to do. Why cant server changed be the same. Charge a premium to the users so they dont spam it all the time while you make more money and open yourselves to even more money since the player will be much more satisfied with the game ?
  24. I am Groot. We Are Groot? -IdleGroot Translation: We Are Groot [WAG] is actively recruiting Warship Captains to join [WAG]. We have participated in 3 Seasons of Warship Supremacy League, now known as KOT's, and have retired for the more relaxed atmosphere of drinking and playing Divisions, Scenarios and Clan Battles. You won't find us at the top of the leaderboard, but you won't find us at the bottom either. WAG tends to focus on Team based events, as they represents Teamwork, Brotherhood and Integrity. We Are Groot. If you're looking to sharpen your skills, some (most) of us are really good at setting up training rooms, slide presentations and teaching the mechanics of WoWS. WAG, like any clan, has rules. Follow them: 1. We Are Groot! (Have Fun!) 2. Respect your fellow Warriors. Friend or Foe 3. Refrain from using excessive profanity 4. Insulting others is unacceptable 5. Headset and Mic required for team play 6. Multi-Clan membership is prohibited 7. No Soliciting Goods, Services or BELIEF's 8. No Troll's permitted & Don't Feed the Trolls 9. Full Members must be 18 years or older 10. Recruits go through a 15 day probation 11. Work out your disputes like adults If you're interested in joining us, you are more than welcome to drop in for chat. https://discord.gg/yQg9DpY We look forward to seeing you. IdleGroot