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Found 203 results

  1. Tips to Save 100 Deaths

    I've been a competitive gamer for a long time (shooters), and I've always approached video games with the same question as a new player: "What tips do you have that could save me 100 deaths?" I'm 2 years in and now the questions come at a much slower pace, and have an amazing group of players to help me with my head scratchers, however I didn't have that network of skill to draw from in the early, frustrating days. What are some answers you would give to a new player if they asked you "What tip do you have that could save me 100 deaths?" It can be obvious to some, but not everyone. I recall dying to an "invisible ship" in my very beginner matches and just not understanding what happened.... until I searched it out. IJN torp boats can stealth torp...noted. Hopeful everyone of all skill levels can contribute to the discussion.
  2. Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan, it doesn't matter much how many people, as long its active and uses discord :3
  3. Hola Colegas Aquí les dejo el Modpack Express de World of Warships en este caso para la version actualmente esta disponible en Rusia pero funciona para cualquier servidor cualquier duda o problema déjenlo en los comentarios. Como instalarlo: acá para Descargar Bueno tratare de actualizar este tema con el Modpack oficial disponible para el juego. Así mismo si alguno de ustedes lo consigue compártelo con nosotros Saludos
  4. Join Deplore force

    Join Deplore force (DEP FO) we are a new clan with four members looking to expand our clan. application check every two hours we are a mature group 16+ we would prefer 18+. all tire levels welcome
  5. One of my biggest pet peeves with this game is a constant series of crashes/bugs with this game, as well as a lack of assistance with Tech support due to playing on the MAC version of the game. Whenever I go to tech support for dealing with the issues on my game, they are not much on helping me due to this, and this really annoys me since I deal with this constantly for the past 2 years since the MAC version of the game was released. Hey WarGaming, when are you going to extend your support to MAC players?
  6. I am an Elitist. I believe that if you are better at WoWS, you should get rewarded. More wins, more credits and exp, more flags and special consumables, and access to additional content such as pennants, premium camouflages and event rewards. I believe that if you choose to play a competitive game mode (Randoms, Ranked and CB) you implicitly accept any criticism of your play, whether valid or not. You should always make an effort to improve, considering any and all advice, weighting it based on the source and results it brings. I believe that if you wish to play in an environment where performance expectations do not exist, you should play Co-Op battles and Training Rooms. Operations count as random battles, as significant rewards and penalties to earnings exist based on success and failure. If you want to play in a competitive environment, accept that you will run into competitive people. We are human, we get angry, we might attack your play. It is text on a computer screen - just ignore it and move on. If it is unjustified, we are in the wrong - take that knowledge and go to the next battle. If you make a mistake, accept it, acknowledge it and learn from it. If you don't think you made a mistake, look at the results. If they win more games than you, they are probably right. Results matter in the end, and with a large enough sample size statistics converge to the true result of your play. If you don't want to improve, take advice, or honestly believe you are not subject to the above - there is nothing I can do. I will keep criticizing your play within the limits of the terms and conditions of the community. These ships fought in SALT water after all. Elite players earn their rewards and accolades. Everyone gets the same chance, plays the same game in the same ships. If you accomplish more, you deserve more. Everyone gets enough to enjoy the game anyways, so what is the problem? This makes me an Elitist. Keelhaul me.
  7. Wargaming Discord Server

    So I just made a Wargaming Community Discord. This, unlike most is not a private Discord for friends. I've just created this and it's setup for the public with Custom Emoji's and open Staffing positions. This is for World of Tanks, World of Warships as well as World of Warplanes. It has private text channels for each game as well as public text channels and voice channels to go with it. There is also Voice Channels limited to 3 People for Platoon chatting as well as Divisions for WoWs. (Also for Flights for WoWp limited to 2). So please come join and lets make an Official, UnOfficial Wargaming Discord for all to enjoy! https://discord.gg/fUAgM44
  8. Console versions of WoWS

    Now don't get me wrong here, I am very aware of the time, making, controls, coding, blah blah blah of it all. I am fully aware of the issues of the controls and time even amount of people to make and do so for it. Be aware though if they made it for the literal mobile phone instead of going to console then their is a high chance of it. Yeah I know about the connecting the controller to the computer and if your smart enough to try and figure how to do it all your good but know that their is people who prefer Xbox more, PS, even apparently mobile for these games. Take example for WoT, I hate the PC version of it now because of a lot of issues in it but I still love the Xbox version of it. I barely do PC WoWS because using keyboard and mouse a lot will get annoying for me especially if ya don't got the correct position and everything. Blah blah about the "moving to this and that spot " or even I know a few will try to say "connect it to the tv as a monitor " or something. Let it be know that people have their preferences. Either it be console, PC, or mainly phone we still like what we like. If you still try to argue this and that about literally nearly everything I said and think your preference is better then go bug someone else. This I believe it should be on console very soon especially if it's on mobile. That's just "come on wargaming" moment. If mobile can be done so can console and because of this I would right then and there argue to y'all who argue about console controllers and such about the mobile controls even though it's probably simple to mobile users already. Another example is your a PC gamer and PC controls are already easy for ya but yet some just prefer controller and a console to go on instead of PC because of many reasons I should not need to explain because again, we all have our preferences. That is all I have to say about this. I am aware some will try to argue with this anyhow and probably try to mention "console is stupid anyway" then the back and fourth or blah blah blah when y'all just need to least try to do what some of these companies are doing. The cross platform makes it where nobody can really argue and is just the same game on a different console. Deal with it, play it, have your kind of fun in the game and maybe actually help people want more spread of the game for any platform so they can enjoy the game like you can. Maybe even show support to the company and other kinds of platforms so people would not only enjoy the community more but might try to do multiple platforms just to play with the possible new friends they gained. Probably even would surprise you you would enjoy the console much as ya to PC, if not then least ya tired instead of saying "it's stupid" or "controls are gonna be bad anyway" stuff like so. That concludes of what I got to least try and tell about the console and so on about everything else. If ya still wanna argue about it then that's probably to bad. I posted it, it's out there more, and just sad day idc. I want it on console because to me it'd be fun and my preference, plus I'd be on it more then PC.
  9. I cannot strafe fighters or do manual torpedo/dive bombing on my aircraft. My World of Warships game started with Alternative Battle Interface Mode on the ALT Tab. I tried to change the keybind in order to make my strafing work and it still doesn't work.
  10. Should I purchase tr USS Sims or the USS Indianapolis?
  11. Coincidence? I think not.
  12. So I have a cross economy question: If I purchase premium time in game in WoT's using gold in that client will that premium time activate account wide? I ask because I have a passing interest in buying the Fury: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/advent-calendar-1217-day-04/ but it only comes in a package and I believe that's too low of an amount to send to WoWs. As such, the obvious thing to do is to buy premium time if it transfers to WoWs. Is this the case?
  13. Pregunta sobre wows

    Buenas tardes, hoy no vengo con preguntas relacionadas ala jugabilidad, veran le explicare brevemente la situacion, recien soy encargado de un restaurante de mariscos y la verdad como soy muy fanatico del juego quisiera poner almanaques con la tematica del juego o lonas pero cuando busque no encontre nada, alguien sabe donde podria encontrar algo asi ? la verdad me encantaria ver mi negocio con algo relacionado a este juego como decorativo
  14. La comunidad latina les importa muy poco, pero en verdad me gustaría poder jugar WOWS en español algún día, es el segundo idioma más hablado en el mundo y no está disponible, me parece extraño y como sé que ésto no llega la gente de altos cargos voy a aprovechar de decir que el juego nisiquiera cierra bien, para cerrarlo necesito terminar forzadamente el proceso por que de otra manera se cuelga mi equipo. Los cambios en los torpedos de pan asia no me gustaron. Humildemente, habemos muchos que invertimos dinero comprando cosas premuim para ayudar a los desarrolladores y ellos simplemente ignoran nuestra comunidad, ahora pueden banearme con todas las ganas del mundo :) .
  15. Bienvenidos al Clan Academia Naval Combatiente Latino Americano (ANCLA), el clan se dedica a enseñar a jugar a sus miembros, pero manteniendo la competitividad. El Clan es dirigido por: CG_Stropper (Mi persona) _R_E_X_ y otros miembros nos dedicaremos a enseñar a jugar a los miembros. No hay requisitos para entrar, la ÚNICA regla que hay es: -Si no tienes actividad en 14 días (no te conectas) seras automáticamente expulsado de el Clan Escuela. -Tienes que entrar al server de discord y se activo en este mismo. Link de discord -> https://discord.gg/rWvdtD3, en caso de que se caiga el link, avisarnos para renovarlo. Gracias. (Información adicional -> Grupo de Facebook de World Of Warship Latino América [ no necesitas ser miembro del clan para pertenecer al grupo de Facebook, es un ambiente para todos los jugadores de World Of Warship que estén en Facebook]) (propia pagina web con guías detalladas y demás, serán echas por todos los contribuyentes, tales como Nessa, Felix, Rex, etc..., las cuales estarán disponibles en la pagina web que se planea hacer) Buena Suerte y Mares Justos les desea [ANCLA] Academia Naval Combatiente Latino Americanas
  16. i played lots of pan-asia dd in public test, however today i find that i cannot play them by wows client. the problem is replay files opened by old version client, so how can i use public test client to play replay files? thx
  17. Guys I started this topic because I am new in game, just with an lvl 4 American battleship, and I wanna know how to shoot all the bullets at once , doing this I get to take their citadels and get hit kill
  18. Hello there This is my 1st post in the Forums, and I need some help here. What happened is the following: For reasons unknown I'm no longer able to see WOWs NA on my WGC app. I already tried that Import Installed Games thing, but it doesn't detect WOWs NA, even though I'm able to run the game if I go to the installed folder and click WorldOfWarships.exe. I believe this might have happened after I installed WOWs Public Test on the same HDD, but in a different folder. Now, how should I proceed to have WOWs NA back at my WGC app and receive the updates? Edit: Can't I have more than 1 instance of WOWs installed?
  19. WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  20. WoWs Steam release

    Seeing how WoWs is now out on Steam, we should get together and start helping those guys out. How should we do this?
  21. Looking for a Typhoon ranked clan that does CW a lot. PM me, I guess.
  22. WSL Season Five Playoffs start this weekend and here is a video I made to get you hyped up! Check the description for the times and streamers who will covering it. It has been another successful regular season for NA comp and we will see who comes out on top in the three different divisions! -TheSneakySnake
  23. Buenas, Clan ARA (Armada de la República Argentina), busca jugadores para batallar en las Clan Wars, preferentemente 20+ años, con acceso a los barcos de alquiler de momento, y con disponibilidad para jugar en las franjas horarias que WOWs otorga para las batallas de clan (09:00 pm/ 12:00 am) o desde las 21:00 hasta las 00:00. La idea es aprovechar la oportunidad de subir de nivel y conformar un equipo sólido para futuros torneos. Ante cualquier duda comunicarse con los siguientes IDs: gurumendocino / chistofer / Sky_Cleaner / Terrakov / motitosalvaje Dirección de Discord para consultas: https://discord.gg/tebwzgr Saludos, Terrakov
  24. Freezing

    World of Warships keeps freezing every time I go into a game in the loading menu. I'm using an up to date MacBook Pro with good wifi yet the game keeps freezing and not loading in. Any ideas on how to fix this, I have run the tests and it says nothing is wrong as well as having reinstalled the game twice but nothing has happened.