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Found 50 results

  1. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  2. A translated clip from a sponsored collab stream, between two Japanese vtubers, Shirakami Fubuki and Houshou Marine, playing WoWs. ASUS also pitched in, loaning a gaming laptop for the stream (obviously for advertisement, lol). I actually watched the whole stream live, on Youtube... lel. They played one Tier II Coop game in a division, then hosted two Tier II Training Room battles, inviting players from their audience to join in: Team Fubuki versus Team Marine. First match was "torpedoes only, using DD's" and second was "guns only, using cruisers." You can actually see some of the invited players from the audience are WoWs veterans, by their enblems, the Lutjens captain's red colored shell tracers, and a full combat signal flags load out on their ships... lul. So cheeky of them... at Tier II... what a bunch of show off's, lal. They were both using fan-made voice mods of themselves. The mods can actually be found on WoWs forums, from here and here, courtesy of a player from Japan named @ROKA_na. Thanks, ROKA. Awesome stuff. Original one hour stream, from March 15th:
  3. The California will be coming to Warships legends soon, so I thought people who want it on computer should know and be expecting it.
  4. Hello Captains! Project X is welcoming new players! We are a casual gaming clan that puts life as a priority over gaming. However we do still have an activity requirement (see below). As a WoWs clan our objective is to welcome new players to the game with as much help to get them used to it as possible. Activity requirements: You must appear online / play a battle at least once every month Simple, right? One battle to prove that you are 1) active for this time frame and 2) maintaining your skills! Benefits of the clan: World of Warships clans provide benefits that make the game easier and even more enjoyable in ways such as: Clan Naval Port - This feature is helpful for every player in the game whether they are at 100 battles or 10,000+. Benefits include things like reduced ship credit cost for first time purchase and servicing and increased experience gain per battle (Naval Port progression details below). Clan Battles - Clan battles are a source of the steel resource and they provide the clan a way to earn itself a name in the competitive game. As of now we are still searching for enough players to participate but we are looking forward to playing them! Community - Our clan is very welcoming to new members. The gang is always up to something and I am certain anyone (including you, yes you!) will fit in seamlessly! Our Discord server is completely optional though, we have plenty of players that both use and do not use it however it is highly recommended for clan announcements and updates. Naval Port Bonuses: Officers Club - 2 out of 4 upgrades for clan size of 40 members Dry Dock - 4 out of 6 upgrades for -10% to the post battle service cost of ships of all tiers. Shipbuilding Yard - 5 out of 6 upgrades for -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers Coal Port - 2 out of 3 upgrades for +7% to coal that you receive Steel Port - 0 out of 3 upgrades, not yet invested in Research Center - 6 out of 6 upgrades for a total of +5% XP per battle for ships of all tiers Design Bureau - 6 out of 6 upgrades for +25% to Free XP per battle for ships of all tiers Academy - 5 out of 5 upgrades for a total of +10% to Commander XP per battle Clan Battles! Are you looking to get your foot in the door of the clan competitive side of WoWs? Well so are we! However we as a clan have one small issue. We lack members like you who want to partake in them. We are just on the verge of being able to compete but due to our current number of players being split between quite a few different timezones with many varying schedules we have not yet been able to fight. We would be overjoyed to have you join and help us begin our Clan Battle journeys! How to Join: *Please note that there are no requirements for joining us and the only requirement to maintain your stay in the clan is to follow the clan rules and play at minimum 1 battle a month. A month is defined as 31 days since your Last Battle Time (LBT) as shown in the clan members interface of the clan details page in-game. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to respond here or send me a PM. I will add here that I will be verifying your stats more or less to understand your current level of progression in the game. Please do not feel that you are under qualified, we are a casual clan so there are not really any requirements for joining Want a general idea of our recruitment process? hangglide42 provides some insight: “Applying for PROJX was very easy & not a hassle - You may think that the application process for a Clan is a hassle and not worth the trouble or undue scrutiny of your application. For very competitive clans, this may be true, but I found the PROJX application very simple and even enjoyable - I just sent a PM w/ the highlights of my game stats (ref: na.wows-numbers), my current play state (i.e. where I am in the tech tree & general Tiers I had in port) and there happened to be some links to a game I played on Youtube for Beast to evaluate. That's it! The response I got from Beast was very actually more concerned w/ my expectations from the clan given where I was in my Tier progress - but the clan charter was exactly what I was looking for.” Summary: We are a casual clan looking for more members both for participation in clan battles and expansion in general. We are currently more laid back than most other clans but another, more competitive wing of the clan is possible with enough growth and if the clan is interested. We appreciate your time reviewing our clan and hope you find the clan that is right for you! 07 -BeastOfBoston3
  5. AHOY Captains! We are welcoming & recruiting new ship captains who are looking to learn & improve their abilities and ship skills through team play. We are a military structured organization that’s been around since before fleets began in the game. Our requirements are simple: Have a microphone/speakers (or headset) and be on TeamSpeak3 when in game, Be +18 years of age, Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for clan battle competition, or Any tier ship for social clan, Have >50 battles, and Possess a strong desire to learn & excel through coordinated teamwork. We offer the following bonuses in our competitive clan: +25% to free XP -14% to research costs -12% to repair costs +10 % to Commanders XP +7% more coal +7% more steel +4% to XP for all ships. Sound interesting? Go to our website located at: navygamingamerica.enjin.com and fill out an application. A recruiter or fleet officer will respond within 24-36 hours and attempt to set up an interview in our TeamSpeak3 channel at your convenience. Following the interview, you can meet some of your prospective shipmates, look us over, ask questions and decide if we meet your expectations. Our TeamSpeak3 channel is: ngagaming.enjinvoice.com Come by and see us! Good Luck & Good Hunting!
  6. LordGimpusDominus

    Salty Seamen Recruiting!

    A bunch of salty seamen.. Get your head out of the gutter! A Bunch of Salty Seamen! ABSS for short, is our clan. We admire a combination of activity and willingness to improve! If you enjoy wows whether you are "new" or a veteran you are welcomed to our clan! Apart from our rules we do like to make sure you have at least one tier x cruiser, we consider this to be "new". There are 2 reasons for this. 1. It allows us to include you more in clan battles as having a cruiser gives you the best opportunity to fit a certain role in the lineup as there are simply more spots for cruisers. 2. It shows us that you have at least broken past your first big milestone indicating that you are getting serious about the game. In our clan we try our hardest to make everyone feel welcome and engaged in the group, we strive to improve our clanmates AND have fun! Rules: We have few but we still have them. Rule #1: Be Active In ABSS we require discord activity daily, of course we all have lives so if you have to disappear for a little bit just give us a heads up and we’ll be happy to acknowledge your time away of course. Rule #2: Be friendly We do not tolerate hate and will not hold back to remove anyone belittling someone else or making them feel lesser than them. Rule #3: Clan Battles We have 2 teams. Team 1 is our Alpha Group that plays Thursday and Sunday. This consists of our best players and some substitutes. Team 2 is our Bravo Group that plays Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. If on Alpha Group it is required to be part of clan battles, if on Bravo it is encouraged but since Bravo is the weaker group getting whomever is on Bravo to improve is priority number one! Rule #4: Have fun! The point of the game is to be an escape from the real world, if you are getting worked up over it than what’s the point. We love winning but letting the frustration cloud the enjoyment of the game sucks the fun out of it and prevents improvement. That’s really it.. If this sounds like a place for you come stop by in our Discord! We’d love to talk and meet with ya! Discord: https://discord.gg/TS7UwTW
  7. Update: All my skins are now working without the "camouflage remover mod"! So u can use the wows-ingame skins on ALL other ships! Hello and welcome to my skinning atelier If u are looking for historical or semi-historical skins then u my friend will not like what u are about to see :P If u can´t find the skin u are looking for, check out my mate Compass_Rose, he is a lot more productive then i am ;) U may request skins, but no promises.... This right here is an invitation for a discord channel where u can find me and Compass_Rose, in case u have questions or just feel like talking:) https://discord.gg/nufjRvq Here is a link to my YouTube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion and with some "epic" music ;) The download-links are in the corresponding descriptions of each video! Before u hit the download-button make sure to hit the like-button!! Making one skin takes me at least 2 full days, writing a comment takes you 2min, giving it a like 2sec. It´s the least u can do! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFiTZWKPO6U1kZnokPi0u2G_1mYBqGDA Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Marine Nationale "La Royale" Regia Marina Soviet Navy US Navy Deutsche Kriegsmarine
  8. Victory and Honor are looking for new members! Whether you are a new to WoWs player or have been around the block a time or two, we want you! Motivation and 18+ with Discord is a requirement. We regularly play clan battles, ranked battles(when available) and naval battles every week. We are a group of guys and gals that just love to play WoWs, have fun, learn and teach each other. If you are interested in joining and what to see what VAH is all about, just DM me or send a reply, or even send a request to us on WoWs. (Again, Discord and 18+ is a must).
  9. Hello all! Clan [INTEL] is recruiting openly! We are a casual bunch but do enjoy Clan Battles as well (gotta collect that STEEL!). If you are interested, please comment here or in-game to Novalesk or ClassicLib, or just APPLY 'cuz you know you want to! We have Discord and cookies! Join us for good times and hard, stomach-aching good laughs! Look forward to hearing from you!!!!
  10. 5D2 is is a high skilled and competitive team. If you are wanting to laugh your way into Typhoon then we are the team for you. We do have some minimum Stat requirements, but in reality we will look at what your most recent play skill sets look like and figure it out from there. We have a culture of inclusiveness with exception to drama and toxicity. We encourage inter fleet competition, helpful and happy attitudes, and building our community above all else. Join the new 5D2 and be a part of a winning experience. Contact me in game HERO425 - or apply directly to the clan in game. I will reach out to you
  11. HeavenlyWind_


    Dear WarGaming, STOP NERFING THE GERMAN SHIPS!! Thank you.
  12. Like them or not, the community is really torn about CVs. I'm on the hate side, but I think i have a legitimate solution on how to keep them in the game, but make them 1) more rewarding 2) Increased danger 3) strategic in way that benefits all classes. This is my gamification of what I learned from watching a youtube video on the Battle of Midway and the struggles the CVs actually faced at the time. 1) Range Currently there is no range restriction. You can get in a squadron and just fly forever until you fire a few times or get shot down. There is no urgency to using the squad and no detriment to going to the wrong location or just flying forever to find that last DD when the rest of your team is dead. Where you fly should matter, and unplanned random discovery flights are unfair to classes that rely on stealth. The ideal distance would be between 14km - 18km depending on the type of plane used / country. This would become a stat that differentiates the carriers. They have stats now, but they all feel about the same. Range +1 km would also be a good captains skill as long as it's a choice between another valuable stat like faster flying or additional plane in a squad in the 4th tier. 2) Invincibility for average intelligence As long as you aren't a complete idiot, staying alive in a CV is really easy for the first 5 minutes minimum, and many matches it's easy to never even feel threatened in an even match. Decisions should have consequences. The range forces the CVs to move forward to deploy a squad (stay with me CV players). The idea that a CV isn't under threat during a battle is not based on anything but a lack of a realistic mechanic that works. 3) Plans instead of Spam CVs don't have 3 fully geared squads ready to go at any given time. Choices are made in advance. It should be at least as time consuming to attach a torpedo to a plane as it is swap between HE and AP. This also increases the value of pre-selecting the right type of plane to suit your current objective. Now, the CVs benefit from DD spotting more than they prevent DDs from being able to spot. Class balance is returning, and DDs are being given a chance to be DDs. Launching ships requires nothing right now and it shouldn't be so boring. When CVs are maneuvering, you aren't launching planes. Ideally, a squad should be taking off into the wind, but I would accept that it has to be moving at a minimum between 12kps and 18kps to give make launching a squad more meaningful. You can't just sit behind the island and spam from your magical deck of 3 ready to launch squads. There should also be time added when an unused ship needs to be stripped down from one use and converted. 4) In real life, explosions aren't an issue you solve with a signal When prepping for a strike, the CV is most vulnerable due to high-explosives being more exposed to shells, fire and shrapnel. This real life danger isn't represented. Shooting a CV feels like shooting a cinder block that operates separate from it's bombardment. CVs should be more susceptible to damage when struck on the deck with a squad being prepped. Maybe you thought having 40 torpedos on the deck that you might use later is save until one gets hit and a chain reaction kills you for littering your deck with explosives. This only works if there is flight setup time, but just adding arbitrary boring time onto the game feels like it would be arbitrary and boring... Call it redundant. Now, you start with a set amount of planes, and you can queue up their equipment set. Best of all, you can make choices. 5) Strategy and consequences Send all 50 at once for a massive attack, but now you have no planes equipped to be a fighter, so you are extra weak if the other CV comes after you. Might want to have 5 dressed out fighters on standby to defend your ship. Might not want to risk everything as you can the attack would be bigger, but not necessarily more ships sunk. That will be the most challenging gameplay balance. What is the incentive to risking more planes? Maybe you need 10 dive bombers and a 10 fighter escort. This is going to really ramp up CV strategy and create a higher skill gap then someone crosstorping using 1 move over and over again to set damage records, without ever being in danger of running out of ships or someone shooting their boat. If you lose a plane, it's gone and there will not be a magic plane building factory in the CV anymore. This might also help with that nightmare scenario when after a tough battle there is a team that has a DD and say a Cruiser both low on health, and the other has a CV that had 100 planes shot down and can now make a few more to kill the Cruiser with a DB and the DD with rockets... make from magic. If the CV stashed a couple away for an emergency, that's great, but he would have to sacrifice more defense or offense throughout if he doesn't utilize all of his planes earlier when they could have tilted the scales. 6) Fighters as spotters Sure, but they run out of gas and have to fly back, which means if you want them up for more than a few seconds, they have to start close to the CV. no more dropping a fighter on A 10 because a ship has terrible detectability by air and can't shoot the fighter down 12km away. This also would ideally remove the dpm types from crapping out a fighter on their way to flying on magic fuel. if you want a fighter, go for it, It will leave from your deck if you have one queued up, and it will probably die, then it's gone forever. Now they matter and aren't just another way to dump on the DDs trying to play. 7) DPM These changes obviously reduce the frequency of attacks, but they allow for bigger and more complex attacks. Fighters on a BB can get their butts kicked by the 10 that came along, but those 10 will probably get shot down. Bigger attack, bigger risk. 8) The dumbest thing The dumbest thing that is effective on this game is loading a plane, taking off, then immediately firing a third of the arms you loaded into the ocean so those planes will be ready faster... I get it. It's a game. But please remove this. This had to be on the list of nonsense you wanted to get out of the game, but ran out of runway to fix. You just sold a bunch of 'ships' for 25k dubloons... for Christmas. Make some runway, we deserve it and the guys that bought the PR paid for it. Best part is it's not a total overhaul. Rather than boost, you have range, you might consider burning range faster in exchange for boost, but the logic is minimal, the CVs gain more character, the DDs get to play the game again and if you suck... (the best part)... we can kill you without having to take ourselves out of the game to do it. 9) The spotter plane Rarely did a fighter plane circle over AA and take it until they died. CVs would send out spotters. They had a big area to cover, usually flew out like bicycle spokes then cut a few degrees and came back. Less likely to be shot down, but less likely to radio back while in fight. Last knows update when the spotters return to the ship.
  13. HeavenlyWind_

    New Ribbon/Medal Idea

    There should honestly be a ribbon or medal for completely destroying a module, such as a turret or a torp tube. I know there's the incapacitation ribbons for temporarily disabling a module, but then there's the times where your turret or torp tube gets completely decommissioned and it can't be repaired or used for the rest of the match. There should be a separate ribbon/medal for that occasion. It would be cool and funny to know that you've just ruined someone's match lol
  14. HeavenlyWind_

    Lock-On Fix?

    There have been countless times where I've aimed at a ship and it locks on to the ship behind it. Then no matter how much I aim at my desired target, the lock-on sticks as long as the undesired ship, the one I'm locked onto somehow, is just about within frame. Happens a lot when I'm trying to torp too. Is there something that I'm missing in order to lock-on to my desired target every time or is the lock-on actually broken at times?
  15. HeavenlyWind_

    German T10 Premiums

    When are we gonna see some German T10 premiums? Seeing how they are the only main nation in the game without T10 premiums. German T10 prem H-class BB with 457mm guns? (or maybe even 480mm lol.) Lutzow?
  16. Well is seem that as the time goes on , it come harder to win, most team seem always to ended up on the back on the map were there no return point. here an example of what it take to win sometime! WHen the team want ot throw away the game and you have to kill 7 of them to win .... That moment you get 2 brother and both flank run away on the AB line and you got up the middle , dev strike the enemy midway and turn the table around When you get a standard battle and the right flank run away giving the base to the enemy team and you now have to leave the left flank to save the day ....
  17. Clan: Special Warfare Short Bus Region: NA ⁃ Looking for players to play, bullshittery, everyone is welcome ⁃ Not too serious, we ask that you be on casually or regularly ⁃ General requirements: Discord required, we like that you visit the discord while you're playing ⁃ Stat Requirements: From seasoned veterans to newbies, all welcome! ⁃ Contact (discord ID) if you have questions/ are interested in joining the clan FOLLOW THE LINK TO ADD YOUR CLAN https://discord.gg/f5CxAg
  18. Just wanted to say ..... THANKS.... for a lot of great stuff. Very happy with the work done this year. I had the most fun yet playing WOWs in 2019. This week I got some Santa Crates and was very happy at what was inside. I have a Benham!!!! Ok it got sunk rather quickly on the first outing but that is life. French DD's absolutely rock! I feel the NEED FOR SPEED! The Wiki is looking even better with new management. CV's seem to be balanced. New lines of ships are distinct and not Xerox Copies of previous ships. Don't listen to the whiners. Your vision is right on target. Best Regards Toxic
  19. Assim como os comandantes espaciais tem um rastro de tiro colorido, como Yamamoto e seu rastro vermelho, comandantes adquiridos em eventos como o de Halloween, poderiam ter um rastro diferenciado, como os navios com participantes do evento crepúsculo que recentemente terminou. Algumas camuflagens foram adquiridas juntamente com um comandante especial. Caberia um rastro VERDE, para diferenciar.
  20. DooshCanoe_

    Is the Boise good?

    Hello all, it's me again. I've went and bought the Boise, to have an American cruiser to train my Cleveland captain in. I feel like the $40ish dollars I spent was kinda hefty, but I didn't really grumble, because I was told the Boise was a good ship. So, I bought it, and played a few games, and oh boy, was I disappointed. I thought I'd give the ship the benefit of the doubt, because I probably didn't know how to play it correctly. So I played more games, this time trying different play-styles, including the big DD play-style, the "HE spammer behind the island" style, the DD hunter style, the BB support style, and more, and I was still finding that the ship felt weak, and that I was losing quite a few more games in it than any other ship I had in my port. Everyone always says "it's not the ship, it's the driver/captain", but I don't believe that is the case here. Granted, I am by no means a good player, but I don't feel like I suck either. I could be best described as an average player. When I was playing the Boise in these games I noticed so many different things about the ship that just felt like they were causing me to lose fights that a cruiser shouldn't be losing. I'll list below what I feel like the ship struggles with. - The amount of damage that the guns do. The HE feels underwhelming, especially when I am firing at other cruisers and battleships. It does fine against DD's. The AP on american 152's is naturally not that great, and I accept that; however, in my experience, they just feel worse than the standard 152's. I would get into close range knife-fights with other cruisers at about 5km and less, and even with a full-broadside, I get shatters, overpens, and the occasional pen, usually causing about 1-2k damage with a salvo. Against another cruiser, broadside on, at less than 5km. And yes, I do know where to aim on cruisers to score max damage. I don't know if RNG is screwing me over, or if I'm doing it wrong, or what, but at 5km or less, I'd think that 15 guns would be doing more than that. - The gun range. Granted, it does have 15 guns, but 13.6km for a max range, it just isn't good, and it causes you to have to play a bit too aggressively. I'll touch on this in a second with the ships' overall survivability. - The maneuverability of the ship. Granted, it isn't a destroyer and it isn't meant to have a destroyer's maneuverability, but it feels a bit sluggish to turn, and it feels like it takes a huge distance for the ship to turn 360 degrees. This isn't as much of a gripe as the others, as this one may just be me not turning and changing speed like I should be doing regularly. - The survivability. Oh lord, this is the part of the ship that feels ridiculous to me. Because of the limited range on the ship, you have to get dangerous;y close to the enemy ships in order to do damage, and when you do that, you have to expose some part of your ship, unless you're behind an island. This ship, simply cannot take any hits, whatsoever. HE? it hurts, and this thing burns like dried driftwood. AP? it hurts even worse, no matter the angle it strikes at. Even DD's can shoot this ship with HE, and this thing simply melts when it eats those incoming shells. With 33k health, this thing vaporizes quicker than other cruisers at tier 7, and last time I checked, cruisers aren't meant to sit behind islands and spam HE the entire game. They're supposed to get involved, at some point. This ship, when it gets involved, in my experience, it just melts, bow-on or broadside to the enemy. Now that all that is out of the way, I need some help from the rest of y'all in the community. I need y'all to tell me if I'm just being stupid, not playing it right, and I need to git gud n00b, or if my gripes about the ship are at least, somewhat understandable? Because I don't want to say this ship is a waste of money, but I just can't seem to have a single fun game in it, much less have a good game in it, and every time I see that losing screen or my ship sinking, I can't help but to think about the $40ish dollars I spent on it. PLEASE HELP! Tell me if I am crazy, or if I'm not crazy and I have good points!! -ThePwnageMachine
  21. Hey guys, I'm wondering how you guys think the premium tier 8 dd's stack up in 2019. Mainly interested in the Loyang, Kidd, Cossack or Le Terrible as I already have the Asashio (I love it but I want something a bit more flexible). Could you tell me which one you guys recommend and why? Thx. Ps. I like torps, while it doesn't have to be the main thing of the ship I still want to torp things because it's fun and satisfying.
  22. As the title suggests, I've seen more than a couple of these in Randoms now and I'm wondering -- is it still being tested? If not, how are people getting their hands on this thing?
  23. Imagine an invisible Yammy MIn 24 of the EU stream.. New camos New mode the more you stay and fight the more you earn... If you fail to leave you loss %80 of your gathered stuff Return of Halloween event of 2017, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5takkC5EA_A
  24. opção de gerenciar clan fora do jogo,assim como é feito no wot,e engajamento da wargaming em dar atençao a comunidade do wows que é um belissimo jogo asssim com o wot
  25. PaulaDeen

    Russian vs. US Battleships

    Hello, post is as titled, I'm looking for some first hand comparison between Russian and US battleships. I've heard that the Russian battleships dominate in close quarters combat, but fairs quite poorly in long range. Is their long range really that poor? I have a North Carolina and I should be able to finish getting my Vladivostok today. I love both BB lines but I'm not sure which I want to bring to t10 first. I guess I'm just looking for some insight from people with both Monty and Kremlin. Pros and cons of both? Is Kremlin really that bad for long range engagements? Is Monty in a good spot now a days? Welcoming all insights and opinions! Thanks:) Paula Deen Butter Captain Butter Queen