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Found 2 results

  1. HammerKing1982

    Normandie, what a joke !

    I just spent last 3 days marathoning just to get to Lyon, and spend about 5usd for doubloons. To my utter disgust, this Normandie is a joke. U can maybe win in COOP but when u play Random, this ship is a complete failure IF your team mates are 50% noobs. To begin with, the propeller acceleration and time top speed is awful. The rudder speed is sluggish and the steer, the damp steer is HORRIBLE ! So by all means when enemy ships encounters you, cant escape, cant defend with hopeless secondaries, AA defence is almost a BIG JOKE. If you on your way unlocking Lyon, Richelliue and further on, SKIP this junk Normandie. Its a total waste of time unless u plan to play in COOP ! I sworn I'd never been mad with a useless BB like Normandie ever......
  2. Geophage

    I need a new goal.

    I just played my ONE THOUSANDTH game in Tier VI Fubuki, the (statistically) worst Tier VI DD in the whole game. Now I need a new goal.