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Found 1 result

  1. Almost seems like this weekend that the DD players looked at the forums and said - 'I have to cap no matter what. Doe s not matter how hot a cap is, it won't deter from going to a cap'. Multiple games today Dds with ships around them and a sea of red in front - go in and are shocked - SHOCKED they got killed. Just had a game and 4:30 into it - 5 ships down including 3 of 4 DDs. "I took the cap but got killed right after". Then prevent the capture by the red and let the team whittle the reds down THEN cap. Capping and immediately dying..... in no way helps the team. When a DD sails into A sea of red ships - the test of the green team CAN'T prevent your death. Granted a LOT of the teams this weekend have 3-6 players with less than 500 XP but that does happen when you no longer have any spotting because DDs ran into the fire in the first couple minutes of a 20 minute game. it makes it even harder to complete the 3rd directive. Over the weekend the teams I have been on do not seem to understand that preventing the cap is JUST as important to taking a cap. During the last week folks seemed to understand... All of the above - especially the last game - when no CVs were in the games.