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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen several people talking recently about how CVs are making DDs useless. Having played CVs a lot recently I can see why; they're very capable of harassing DDs and making life very difficult. However, I believe that it's not CVs, but Radar that has made DDs useless. Take this from a CV player: While DDs are favourite targets for my rocket planes and my HE dive bombers, it can be difficult to land good attacks sometimes with the tight maneuvers they can pull off. Not only that, but once a DD pops their smoke hitting them becomes substantially harder. Finally, some DDs (namely the American ones, the Grozovoi, and even a couple of the Japanese gunboats) actually have good AA power, and whenever they have friends around to amass said AA power with it can make it so that opportunistic CVs end up leaving them alone. So even though CVs can be a pain, there are still ways to react effectively to their threat. With Radar cruisers, on the other hand, there is no such way to react. If you try to use smoke, they'll just see you through it. If you try to shoot back, they and the rest of their team will just obliterate you. If you try to torp them, they'll just spot you coming with their Radar, kill you, and turn so that your torps miss them. If you try to cap an objective, they'll see you with their Radar and kill you. DDs are utterly impotent against anything with Radar, and there is nothing that a DD player can do to counter Radar. The only thing that can be done is to try to get your teammates to kill the Radar cruisers, but in my experience absolutely no one is interested in doing so. DDs are meant to do exactly four things in a game of World of Warships: Take objectives, fire torpedoes from stealth, spot enemies, and shoot enemies while hiding in smoke. Whenever there is a Radar cruiser on the enemy team, they can do none of that. As such, there are only two options for making DDs useful again, and they can both be found in the title. If teammates aren't going to prioritize Radar cruisers above all else, then Radar needs to be removed from the game. Now, I know I'm going to get roasted in the comments by everyone who tries to defend Radar as not being completely broken and who try to blame CVs in order to fit their narrative, but I don't care. If you play a game in a CV and immediately follow it up by playing a game in a DD against a team infested with Radar cruisers, I'm sure you'll see my point. Sincerely, 1Sherman.