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Found 2 results

  1. So to add insult to injury, while the WOWS forum will be shutting down tomorrow. A forum whose in-game player base numbers between 6-22k players online each day. The World of Warplanes one (a game that's player base is only like 200 people) is still going to be up for the time being!!!! With World of Tanks, I can understand them not wanting to close that particular forum down, but to be beaten by WOWP? No, No, No, that's just insulting! anyways, feel free to meme this one boys! This is probably my last post and I forgot to mention in my Good Bye post but, just wanted to thank all the players who've made this game awesome and fun to play with! even if some of you are dirty CV players!
  2. I just returned to play today after a month break from this world of warplanes version and found 4 cv's in 84% of the games( 14 games and only two did not have 4 cv's). You just seemed determined to completely alienate 80% of your player base to please 20%. Good luck with making a go of it with the 20%. I'll take another break and yes for all you who think running off players is good, I won't let the door hit me in the stern.