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Found 1 result

  1. So as we are all painfully aware, both subs AND superships are being "tested" in random battles during 0.11.0 and the foreseeable future... Now sidestepping the whole "Are these ships good for the game?" question (they aren't), the reason we have been given for why they are being tested in this way is "It's important to test these ships in a 12v12 environment that accurately reflects the normal game." Now that is a fair enough reason, but why that doesn't explain why they are being given to everyone. First, doing so basically just acts like a full release, which should never happen for things in testing. Second, testing both subs and superships at the same time will compound the negative effects each have on the game, which should never happen for things in testing. Third, as already proven by WG, they have rather long update cycles which can leave the game in shambles for an entire month or more, which should never happen for things in testing. So you have a dilemma, you need to test these ships in their final environment, but you can't just let them loose into the game (like they are doing) because that could cause issues so severe that it could kill the game... If only WG had a group of screened volunteers they could give these ships to for the purpose of testing... So here is my real question, why the f*** were both subs and superships added for everyone to test, when there is already a group that handles this sort of thing? This option would keep major issues with these new ships limited to a fraction of the battles in the game while also having the benefit of a sizeable test pool to gather WG's "data" on. You know, like all other testships... Or is it that WG is introducing so many other premiums and tech tree lines, the supertesters already have far too much to test?