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Found 3 results

  1. Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes by clicking this post. We are a causal clan that is mostly about having fun fighting ships. We do take clan events seriously though, so if you do not want to be required to play during those times then this is the clan for you. What we require is: Full participation in Naval Battles, Clan Battles, and Clan Brawl; Have at least 500 Random Battles; Have a Microphone; Be Active; Be Social; and Be Respectful. We also play other games together such as but not limited to: GTA, Payday, Star Citizen, Rocket League, Armello, Stellaris, Anno 1800, and more. If you are still interested and if you believe you fill the requirements we want Click the link below to be taking to our Discord server and chat with us. Discord
  2. Korn_Bread

    [DPS] Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a causalish that is about more than World of Warships. We are about "family", an online gaming family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats other than amount of battles, and we do not require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: 100 Battles minimum (Only stat requirement) Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active
  3. Tuesday and Wednesday are my 2 “late” days at work...I go in at 11:00 and work til closing. So I always get some games in before I have to go. This morning, I log on and play a couple of warmup games, then jump into my Henri and try some ranked. Sometimes you just feel that vibe....you know everything is clicking, the stars are aligned just right and you can’t lose. I got that immediately in that first ranked game. I rattled off 5 straight wins. A couple of games weren’t even all that awesome for me personally and a couple of them were, but the feeling was always that my teams were going to win. And we did. Then the clock said it’s time to get in the shower and head off for another day of wage slavery. I KNOW I would have kept winning....I HATE when this happens. And I know that if I play a few games tonight when I get home, the stars won’t be aligned like they were this morning. It’ll be more of the win-lose-win-lose that ranked usually is. At least if that DOES happen, I’m 5 stars up from where I was yesterday..... Why can’t this ever happen when I’m playing Thursday or Friday when I’m off from work!!!!