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Found 1 result

  1. Tuesday and Wednesday are my 2 “late” days at work...I go in at 11:00 and work til closing. So I always get some games in before I have to go. This morning, I log on and play a couple of warmup games, then jump into my Henri and try some ranked. Sometimes you just feel that vibe....you know everything is clicking, the stars are aligned just right and you can’t lose. I got that immediately in that first ranked game. I rattled off 5 straight wins. A couple of games weren’t even all that awesome for me personally and a couple of them were, but the feeling was always that my teams were going to win. And we did. Then the clock said it’s time to get in the shower and head off for another day of wage slavery. I KNOW I would have kept winning....I HATE when this happens. And I know that if I play a few games tonight when I get home, the stars won’t be aligned like they were this morning. It’ll be more of the win-lose-win-lose that ranked usually is. At least if that DOES happen, I’m 5 stars up from where I was yesterday..... Why can’t this ever happen when I’m playing Thursday or Friday when I’m off from work!!!!