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Found 12 results

  1. Which should i grind for - Des Moines or Worcester??
  2. BladedPheonix

    Seattle/ Worcester MCAA question

    Howdy captains! So I'm almost finished on my Seattle grind and I'm trying to figure out the best perk set up. I've basically narrowed it down to MCAA or stealth. Though seeing I already have both my Desmoin with full DPM build and my Salem with stealth/radar build, I kind of want to shake the box up a bit with "Wooshster" and make it a complete AA cruiser. My only worry is the perk doesn't work on the 152mm guns. can anyone vouch for picking MCAA for Seattle/Worcester? or should i pick something else? I want to be able to help my team climb higher, not drag them down! hence why I'm asking for advice. anyways, until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  3. Good day all, In an effort to relax and refresh after the past Ranked season, I've decided to go back and try and improve on some of my lowest performing ships. Surprisingly, Worcester is near the bottom of my PR stats on wows-numbers.com. I say surprisingly, because I'm a fairly decent Des Moines captain. But for whatever reason, I just can't find the magic in Worcester yet. I think part of my problem is trying to play them in the exact same manner......island hugging and jumping out when opportunities present themselves. Obviously, this doesn't seem to be the special sauce for Wooster (yeah, couldn't help myself). So, for those of you who excel in Worcester, what's your tips and tricks for making her shine? I've only got 20 games in her so far, but I'm definitely looking to improve my track record with her in some Randoms this weekend, along with Flint, Kitakaze, and some others (yeah, I don't get it either). Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Darkmouse24


    This ships pretty good
  5. Not a stats person per say, but experience tells me Worcester ensconced behind island is a very deadly thing if nobody is going after it. It's artillery seems a bit OP considering other ships at the same tier... it's profile makes it a tad rough to attack if it's bow on... Is it on the OP list anywhere, in your opinion? tiafyc
  6. FloridaPanther25

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    I currently have the Atlanta and am planning on getting the Salem with coal. I could get the Des Moines or the Worcester. Which would you get? DM seems solid and takes a lot of comparative abuse. Worcester looks like a lot of fun and I've been annihilated by both continually. What advice would you have? Thanks in advance.
  7. bubbleboy264

    It’s not “Wooster”

    It’s pronounced “war-cester”, with a low “c”, like in “car”, and the “ester” said like “fester”, except it starts with a c instead of an f. I don’t know where the hell you got “Wooster” from “Worcester”, but it’s just wrong.
  8. DarkwingEagle

    How to pronounce Worcester

    Seeing as how I've seen many Community Contributors struggle with or just plain butcher the name of the Tier X American Light Cruiser USS Worcester, I did up a short video to show how to pronounce it and other Massachusetts towns correctly.
  9. Are Go Navy crates are worth it and a longer look at how important it is to Div up in a Worcester (with glorious Eagle camo on). Lastly, working discord link for those interested. The old link I gave out disappeared while we upgraded.
  10. What does a Worcester with Admiral Halsey and Adrenalin Rush look like when Confederate kicks in? I'm not even mad that @Kelorn took my Kraken from me. The Worcester is Atlanta 2.0 and it more fun than a clown on fire. Add in Admiral Halsey and it can get ridiculous. Game Result,
  11. The Worcester's seconds turret has weird firing angles, and you have to show significant broadside to use it. The problem with this, is you lose most of your DPM while bow on. While alternately showing a 45-60 degree angle just to fire all your turrets. So what range is needed to fire all of your bow guns while bow on. The range needed to fire all 3 bow turrets while facing bow-on is 14.5 km Sub 14.5km< you will only be able to fire 2 turrets bow on, thus losing 66.6% of your dpm. A cool little tip for Woosta players struggling with showing broadside.