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Found 27 results

  1. FB link not provided as FB is blocked on the machine I'm using ATM. Summary (NATURALLY THIS IS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE): Torpedo options are now single/ripple fire and NARROW spread. (Just about everyone wanted this, and they listened.) Changes to numerous ships' gun firing angles. Wakeful #3 turret no longer turns 360. Icarus torpedo reload down from 133 to 120 seconds. Jervis #3 turret now turns 360. Dev Blog states ability for second TT to rotate completely has been removed; this may be a typo and refer to turret. Lightning - Main battery reload now 4.5 sec (down from 5), rotation rate 20 degrees/sec, and ALL TURRETS TURN 360. Jutland - Turrets 1 to 3 ALL turn 360, FCS mod 2 now available; basic hull range down to 11.37km, 12.51km upgraded. Daring - All turrets turn 360 (pretty sure this is ahistorical). FCS mod 2 available. Maximum range 12.78km down from 13.78 Speed and acceleration settings now similar to those of British cruisers, i.e. quick off the mark, less bleed-off in turns. Engine mod 2 now unavailable. No other changes considered to torpedoes. SMOKE: Emission time down from 15 to 10 seconds (sounds like you'll have to be moving slower). DURATION is now FORTY SECONDS. However, cooldown is 80 seconds standard, 60 seconds premium, and you get 5/6 charges. This smoke change has the potential to bring a whole new tactical meta for a line of destroyers. Let the discussions begin.
  2. Midway's special upgrade: +30% attack plane HP, -5% plane cruise speed. Hakuryu's special upgrade: +15% fighter HP, +5% plane cruise speed. As someone who is insane enough to pick Evasive Maneuver as one of the skills for his 19-pointer (stuck on Lex)...it's no use. Even with +75% from EM the poor T8 torpedo planes won't easily survive tier 10 AA. What can 30% do along slowing the already downtiered fighters to boot? I can't say anything for the Kaiser Tier X bombers, but I doubt that 4000+ HP would save them from destruction on their return trip...or Hakuryu's enhanced fighters (the increased HP would make it harder for gunners to shoot down, and stands better chance to obliterate before running out of ammo)... This is not final though so all is not lost...not that it matters, because carrier rework is in the works, and who wants Midway outside of watching it in its full glory in the port? Just another day in a US carrier captain's life...
  3. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port. There are number of new US cruisers being tested right now, and I’m going to go over USS HELENA for you today, at Tier VII.
  4. Fixing the Asashio

    Hello everyone. I know there's a lot of controversy and talk about what the Asashio is to become, and I'd like to hear everybody else's opinion on what features it could/should be given to make it a worthy purchase and a balanced, fun ship to add to the game! In order to make my suggestions, I did a quick skim of the wikipedia page on the history and features of the destroyer, so all of my suggestions are up for criticism: 1. This destroyer class was preceeded by the Shiratsuyu, and succeeded by the Kagero class, with the Asashio being faster than the Shiratsuyu and lighter by 32 tons than the Kagero (2,000 tons vs. 2,032 tons). So I feel it should be slightly nimbler than the Kagero and faster than the Shiratsuyu. 2. It has the same guns as most of the other mid/high tier DDs and should have similar artillery performance as the Kagero. 3. Torpedoes..... yikes. Well this is the topic of contention since those 20km DWT were being tested, which I personally don't approve of. It did use the Type 93 torpedoes, which the IJN officially stated that its maximum performance was 11 km at 42 knots. I like the 11km range since its just inside Moskva/Donskoi/Chapayev range and just outside of Des Moines/Baltimore/ New Orleans range. I'd bump up either the torpedo speed or make them just as hard to detect as the Pan-Asian Deep Water Torpedoes for balance and fun play-style. Not sure about a reload time, please discuss. 4. Last suggestion is to give it a bigger hitpool than the Kagero. The Asashio historically survived at least four major engagements and evaded destruction in many more escort operations for the Combined Fleet. Would be a cool tip of the hat to the operational history of the vessel.
  5. Hi guys! You want to see some French battleships? Perhaps a Monaghan or Asashio? Maybe the Salem is more to your liking. Whichever the ship you want to see, myself, @SeaRaptor00, and @Lord_Zath are streaming at 8pm EST ( in about 10 min or so from this post time) till 10pm EST. So come on out! https://www.twitch.tv/searaptor00 https://www.twitch.tv/lord_zath Fair winds and following seas captains!
  6. Cossack is OverPowered!

    After watching Youtube reviews and reading forum opinions, which are mostly negative and critical, I felt it time to check out the vital WIP statistics of this upcoming tier7 premium destroyer, HMS Cossack, one of the Tribal class using our WOWS Wiki as a source. This post is based upon a reply I made to @NoZoupForYou topic of his excellent video review, but which I feel, to balance, we need to present the other side of the story, to let the statistics, as they are as of today, speak... All stats taken from wows wiki, here http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Cossack. guns : Looking at the guns, she has by a very wide margin, the longest range (11.83 km) of her tier. Minsk comes second at 11.08. Reload time at 5 seconds isn't too bad either, (Mahan tops the table at 4 secs). concealment : 6.84 km is the second BEST in her tier, GM comes second with 7.02, Shirayatsu comes first with 6.66km/. So we have excellent range for the guns coupled to excellent concealment values. torpedoes : The torpedos at 61 km are reasonably fast with a convenient range of 8.01 km. This puts Cossack among the best of her tier for speed/range/dmg (15887). She also benefits from single fire mode, which is very useful for cross firing, corner sniping and other advanced torpedo tactics that are only available to RN dds. summary ! Good concealment values = decent survivability, and more opportunities to deal dmg. Cossack has the second best HP pool of her tier, too with 14800, only Błyskawica has more hp at 15500. Compare to Akatsuki which has a miserable 11 600 hp! Cossack has the BEST rudder shift time of her tier, 3.6 seconds, coupled to a reasonable turning circle (610), giving her excellent manouvreability (very useful if you have to show a 45 degree broadside to fire all guns, but also useful for kiting and dodging torps/inc volleys) summary ! Large hp pool + excellent manouvreability = good survivability when under fire (is she in fact, sekretly, overpowered?)
  7. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! Today I’m looking over a soon to be released Italian Light Cruiser, Abruzzi.This ship was provided by Wargaming NA to test and review so you guys can decide whether or not you want to spend any of your hard earned, real world currency on her.
  8. A possible fix to the MM

    A long while ago I had an idea that involved the introduction of "leagues" into the Random Battle MM. The idea here is that players will earn a certain "rank" or "league" simply based off basic stats. Average WR and damage will probably be weighed most heavily, as those are the two stats that are generally easiest to keep track of. Things like contribution to capture/defense, spotting, and hit ratios and such will also be taken into account, and all of these will be rated on an 1-10 scale, proportional to server averages. The overall result is a "rating" based on the average rating of all these factors combined. Take me, for example (Some of these numbers are made up; too lazy to look at my actual stats atm): My WR: ~57-58% Avg. Damage: ~62,500 Spotting: ~33,000 Hit Ratio (Guns/Torps): 40% / 10% Contribution to capture/defense : 10% / 20% KDR: 2.30 Now compare these to server averages, and then "rate" each stat based on its current standing compared to server average, 1-10 scale. So my 57.50% WR compared to the server average of ~50% would equate to a rating of anywhere between 4-7 or so. Take my average damage and compare it to the server average of ~30,000 and that would probably be about a 8-10 rating there. The league placing system could still always use a good bit of fine tuning but that can come later if this idea grows. So say my stats are rated at: 7, 9, 5, 7, 2, 8. The would lead to an average of about 6.333, rounded down to 6. More on that number later Ok, so you've read this far. Bear with me here. Again, this can always use fine tuning, but this is a fresh out of the box idea here. Give it tim. So you would take my rating of 6, and place it on a 1-10 scale to determine my league level. I figure the league scale can look like this: League 1: Rating 1-3 League 2: Rating 4-6 League 3: Rating 7-8 League 4: Rating 9-10 So what does this all have to do with the MM? Simple. Each player will have a league, but won't be matched only against players of the same league in order to pad wait times for high level leagues. Instead, the MM will take into account your ship's type and tier, as it does currently, but it will also balance the number of certain leagues on each team best it can. So if there were two League 1s, ten League 2s, eight League 3s, and the rest League 4s, each team will have: One League 1 player Five League 2 players Four League 3 players Two league 4 players And bam. Skill based MM that both helps balance matches and also pad queue wait times at the same time. Again, this idea is still heavily a WiP and current versions of how the leagues are calculates, scales, etc. are still definitely subject to change according to feedback. So what you your thoughts on this idea? Is it good? Bad? Am I being stupid and/or delusional here? What can be improved? What needs to be changed? Please discuss in the replies below and I would love to be a part of that
  9. Hi guys! Dev blog had an update: As they said they would, they are buffing the RN cruisers due to them needing a bit of love.
  10. Hi guys! The Dev Blog posted this this morning: So for compensation for her one torpedo launcher she gets heal, interesting. Thanks @renegadestatuz for pointing this out. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  11. Hi guys! So this came out on the Dev Blog today: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1949295988730072&id=1909055039420834 ST, AA mechanics Ship detectability while using AA guns is always equal to the maximum range of those guns. This change will eliminate the situations wherein the ships with low detectability range can fire at planes without being spotted. So, they are finally addressing stealth AA, thoughts? Thanks to @ExplosiveGirlwiththeHat for pointing this out. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  12. Hi guys! So this came out on the Dev Blog this morning: Sounds like interesting stuff! Pointed out to me by @renegadestatuz Fair winds and following seas captains!
  13. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! Today I’m going to give you my perspective on a ship that was provided to me by Wargaming NA in order to test and gather material for this review, HUANG HE It must also be said that this ship is still considered to be a Work in Progress, and as such specifications and capabilities that you see in this video may not make to the final product that goes public.
  14. Hi guys! New news about the balancing of Giulio Cesare is here from the WoWs Dev Blog: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1938657479793923&id=1909055039420834 (Half the time I can't get the right link to embed in the forums) "Maximum dispersion of main battery Giulio Cesare will be increased from 138 m to 226 m. The change is needed to reduce the excessive efficiency of the ship." Whether or not this was good enough, or too much will have to be determined. Thanks to @Kelorn for pointing this out. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  15. Hi guys! New info has come out on the Dev Blog about the deep water torps: So it appears that they are now testing a type based system rather than a draft based system. Interesting. Credit to @renegadestatuz for pointing this out. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  16. So we've got our first video of Cesare in action! HE is a tad strong... Nah, I'm just messing with you, here's the flamu video: My god, does that camo look good...
  17. Hi guys! Dev blog has a new post up about the upcoming WiP changes to smokescreens, IFHE, and radar. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1925177764475228&id=1909055039420834 As my phone won't give me the correct link to embed, here is the text: ST, Smokes, IFHE and Radar update. Radar changes have been reverted. IFHE fire chance penalty for 139mm+ guns have been reverted to -3%. The penalty for smaller caliber remains decreased (-1%). Detectability changes remain. These settings combined will be tested in update 0.6.11 ST. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  18. Hi guys! So new info was posted about the clan wars map and the release of October Revolution. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/08/26/wows-info-26th-august-2017/ The picture shows info about emblems, rewards for taking sectors, and the layout of the map. Credit for news goes to @renegadestatuz Fair winds and following seas captains!
  19. Hi guys! Even more news came out this morning. Ranges for each ship, cruiser and destroyer in smoke (all ranges listed are km): Minekaze: 2.22 Kamikaze: 2.22 Mutsuki: 2.22 Shiratsuyu: 2.49 Akatsuki: 2.75 Hatsuharu: 2.49 Kagerō: 2.55 Akizuki: 2.39 Yūgumo: 2.62 Shinonome: 2.62 Fubuki: 2.62 Shimakaze: 2.83 Nicholas: 2.49 Farragut: 2.83 Mahan: 2.98 Sims: 2.83 Benson: 2.75 Black: 2.75 Fletcher: 2.75 Gearing: 2.83 Gremyashchy: 2.66 Podvoisky: 2.95 Okhotnik: 2.48 Gnevny: 2.67 Ognevoi: 2.95 Leningrad: 2.88 Minsk: 2.95 Kiev: 3.53 Tashkent: 3.73 Udaloi: 3.33 Grozovoi: 2.9 Khabarovsk: 4.06 T-22: 2.26 Ernst Gaede: 2.83 Maass: 2.9 Z-23: 2.98 Z-46: 2.83 Z-52: 2.9 Blyskawica: 2.78 Anshan: 2.73 Lo Yang: 2.75 Gallant: 2.43 Marblehead: 6.87 Omaha: 6.87 Cleveland: 6.71 Indianapolis: 7.26 Pensacola: 7.32 Flint: 4.6 Atlanta: 4.6 New Orleans: 6.62 Baltimore: 7.18 Des Moines: 8.18 Furutaka: 6.92 Aoba: 6.79 Myōkō: 7.6 Mogami: 6.79 Atago: 6.66 Ibuki: 7.18 Zaō: 7.18 Krasni Krym: 6.62 Murmansk: 6.58 Kirov: 8.01 Adm. Makarov: 5.99 Molotov: 7.12 Budyonny: 6.58 Shchors: 6.72 Kutuzov: 7.72 Chapayev: 6.66 DM. Donskoi: 9.69 Moskva: 12.66 Königsberg: 5.99 Nürnberg: 6.13 Yorck: 8.33 Graf Spee: 9.47 Prinz Eugen: 9.13 Hipper: 8.49 Roon: 8.65 Hindenburg: 10.17 Emerald: 5.4 Leander: 4.6 Perth: 4.5 Fiji: 5.4 Edinburgh: 5.52 Belfast: 5.28 Neptune: 6.58 Minotaur: 5.4 Émile Bertin: 6.16 La Galissonnière: 6.72 De Grasse: 6.72 Algérie: 8.18 Charles Martel: 8.03 Saint-Louis: 9.13 Henri IV: 11.54 Duca d'Aosta: 5.77 Here are the ranges for battleships (ranges in km). Kongō: 14.17 Fusō: 17.3 Mutsu: 16.51 Nagato: 16.7 Amagi: 16.9 Izumo: 19.21 Yamato: 19.27 Okt. Revolutsiya: 10.47 Warspite: 13.03 Texas: 13.99 New York: 13.99 Arizona: 12.47 New Mexico: 12.31 Colorado: 16.19 Alabama: 15.64 North Carolina: 15.1 Missouri: 15.64 Iowa: 15.64 Montana: 17.38 Kurfürst: 17.79 Fr.d. Große: 16.77 Tirpitz: 15.05 Bismarck: 15.05 Scharnhorst: 11.68 Gneisenau: 14.33 Bayern: 12.7 König: 11.24 Dunkerque: 14.2 Hood: 14.89 As well as this, there is a post on the upcoming test changes to IFHE: Fair winds and following seas captains! Links provided by @renegadestatuz
  20. Hi guys! New info has been posted on the WoWs Dev blog page today: Credit to @renegadestatuz for the link. Fair winds and following seas captains!