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Found 5 results

  1. Vulgarr

    Jean Bart - Is she ready?

    Edit- I am already aware The Jean Bart is the sister ship of the Richelieu and not the Alsace. It was a misspoken slip up I didn't catch until it was too late.
  2. FB link not provided as FB is blocked on the machine I'm using ATM. Summary (NATURALLY THIS IS ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE): Torpedo options are now single/ripple fire and NARROW spread. (Just about everyone wanted this, and they listened.) Changes to numerous ships' gun firing angles. Wakeful #3 turret no longer turns 360. Icarus torpedo reload down from 133 to 120 seconds. Jervis #3 turret now turns 360. Dev Blog states ability for second TT to rotate completely has been removed; this may be a typo and refer to turret. Lightning - Main battery reload now 4.5 sec (down from 5), rotation rate 20 degrees/sec, and ALL TURRETS TURN 360. Jutland - Turrets 1 to 3 ALL turn 360, FCS mod 2 now available; basic hull range down to 11.37km, 12.51km upgraded. Daring - All turrets turn 360 (pretty sure this is ahistorical). FCS mod 2 available. Maximum range 12.78km down from 13.78 Speed and acceleration settings now similar to those of British cruisers, i.e. quick off the mark, less bleed-off in turns. Engine mod 2 now unavailable. No other changes considered to torpedoes. SMOKE: Emission time down from 15 to 10 seconds (sounds like you'll have to be moving slower). DURATION is now FORTY SECONDS. However, cooldown is 80 seconds standard, 60 seconds premium, and you get 5/6 charges. This smoke change has the potential to bring a whole new tactical meta for a line of destroyers. Let the discussions begin.