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Found 5 results

  1. Itnst_Pennys_boat

    Acerca del Winrate y Los Puntajes

    UNA OPINIÓN Las personas que dan importancia al winrate, los puntajes y los rangos, aspectos que no puedes controlar por ti mismo en una batalla, son jugadores que fuera del juego, en su vida cotidiana, no construyeron algo más valioso y provechoso, y sólo les queda la lamentable realidad de presumir un winrate o un puntaje en un juego de Pc. Antes de querer jactarse ante otros jugadores de ganar más victorias en un juego o tener más hundimientos (puede que robados). Piensa que esto no depende de ti, ya que no controlas lo que hacen otros barcos en A, B o C… o qué hace un Carrier en la lejanía o un Submarino en lo profundo, fuera de ti. Ante fíjate si tienes tu propia casa, auto, trabajo fijo, título universitario, hijos, hobbies, amigos con asado, etc. Sinó eres un perdedor con winrate, dan lástima …..
  2. Itnst_Pennys_boat

    About Winrate And Scores

    People who give importance to winrate, scores and ranks, aspects that you cannot control yourself in a battle, are players who outside of the game, in their daily lives, did not build something more valuable and profitable, and only have the unfortunate reality of showing off a winrate or a score in a PC game. Before wanting to brag to other players of winning more victories in a game or having more sinks (can be stolen). Think that this does not depend on you, since you do not control what other ships do in A, B or C ... or what a Carrier does in the distance or a Submarine in the deep, outside of you. First, see if you have your own house, car, steady job, university degree, children, hobbies, friends with barbecue, etc. If you are a loser with winrate, they are too bad ...
  3. Ive started playing warships again and the meta is very different than when i first started playing. the issue im having is that i seem to be losing a lot of games, and most of the time i am the last one on my team still alive. i deal decent damage so its not as if im just hiding and not helping the team, but still it seems very difficult to carry a game. what can i do to improve my winrate? how can i win more games? doesnt matter the tier i play, however tier ten seems to be the worst case. how do you get your teams to help? is the player base really this bad now?
  4. black_hull4

    Tired of these posts

    I'm tired of the kinds of posts that complain on & on about their loss streaks. The ones that have images from that 3rd party site to show you what your team's winrates are compared to the enemy. The ones from people who haven't looked at a dictionary & don't know what "random" means. You never see posts showing screenshots of win streaks, or showing how good your team's winrates were compared to a bunch of tomatoes on the enemy team. So here's my streak of 14 CONSECUTIVE WINS from today. After that I called it a day. No, not all of them were Co-Op, they weren't even all PvE. This was Nurnberg, Weser, Prinz Eugen, Ryujo, and Campbeltown putting in their best.
  5. xTheCanadianx

    Winrate rebuild on the go

    Out of the red, yellow next, predicting green soon :D