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Found 4 results

  1. So this is a very minor thing that personally bothers me a bit. I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks it's worth mentioning/updating. Many of the older ship models in the game (Japanese, American, and Russian/Soviet tech tree and early premiums) have blacked out, opaque windows, compared to the newer models in the game with nice, clear windows. I would personally like to see the models across the board having the clear windows, thus old ships being updated with the new windows. I guess it really boils down to liking uniform ship aesthetic for me. Some Japanese ships (i.e. Myoko) got their windows updated with the recent hull module changes, and I would love to see this for some of my other favorite ships (Yubari, Fuso, Iowa, Ibuki, Bogatyr, etc.). I like to imagine that it wouldn't be hard to update this, but I don't know for sure. What do you guys think? Is it worth the effort to change and are there enough people that would like to see this change? Thanks.
  2. I just uninstalled World of Warships from the Microsoft Windows 10 Store and reinstalled it from the Valve Steam Store instead. How do I log into the new installation of World of Warships using my existing Wargaming account?
  3. It occurs to that the old wooden Man-O-War ships had a critical weakness in the rear. If a enemy ship could get behind and rake her with cannonfire, the damage would be tremendous. So that makes me question why they didn't heavily armor the stern of these old warships? A thin layer of glass was no defence against cannonshot so why didn't they just slap on 3 feet worth of armor on the stern instead? Did the windows have a function that I am not familiar with? The feature seemed to be dropped by the Pre-Dreadnought era though. Even the Ironclads had windows in the back.
  4. Whenever WOWs downloads a new update on my PC the Windows UI (mouse pointing) etc. gets very unresponsive (during the update process). Basically I can't browse the internet during the download. It's probably more of a Windows issue than WOWs but does this happen to anybody else? My internet is only 8mb down but I have a powerful PC with tons of memory and a good CPU. You would think my PC would be powerful enough to handle the mouse positioning during a WOWs update (but it can't). Basically I can't use my PC during a WOWs download. Once the download is done, poof, everything is back to normal. Anybody else experience this?