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Found 2 results

  1. My total average win ratio is 53%. For several days already my win ratio is on average 30%. Being one of 24 players my influence of the game is 4%. It is impossible for a random events to create such outcome systematically. WG patent 330 says game algorithms are balancing the game based on players performance. What is the point of playing the game if not my skill, but in practice balancing game algorithms decide (adjust RNG) outcome of games? It's interesting that when I stop playing the game for a few weeks, than when I return my win ratio goes to 60-70% for a few days. Than it gets gradually worse to about 30%. My skills improve with the game, not when I take a break, and again, my share of the game is 4% when I'm one of 24 players.
  2. 0% / 100% win ratio days

    Playing WoWs, WoT and WoWp I experience situations when my win ratio for the session is close to 0% or close to 100%. It happens quite often for RNG to be responsible for this. Being one of 24 (or 30 in WoT) players my influence on win ratio is about 3 - 4%. I'm one of many players who have noticed such patterns. WG patent clearly says that game is balanced by various algorithms based on player performance, and that MM does take part in it. When is WG going to end this? After some time players realize that their skills have only some small influence on the game outcome and they get frustrated with the game. Another thing is that when real players (players not affiliated by WG) complain about anything in the game, there are "players" who troll anyone who make any kind of complain. Most of those are fake accounts created by WG to discourage real players from bringing any issues to the forums. When issues are brought in the game chat, there is more understanding and people are not being trolled by fake account holders. Those fake account holders don't play the game, they just monitor the forum and discourage players (customers if they have ever spend any money for the game) from bringing any issues. After all WG is a business and complaints are not got for any business, yet preventing customers from bringing the issues would be a violation of various customer protection acts and regulations, therefore fake account and trolling is being used. If you are WG staff: FTC complaint will be filled if you remove this post.