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Found 3 results

  1. I was looking at my stats and got really confused. Here's a comparison between my Normandie and Kongou results: Frankly, I'm terrible in the Normandie. (I'm terrible with Kongou too, but not as bad as when I'm playing Normandie.) But when I look at the stats, I consistently play better with Normandie than with Kongou on just about every metric - damage, experience, frags, survival - except win rate. What's even more confusing is that my Normandie has been fully upgraded for all 35 of her games - my Kongou only finally got 2/3 upgrades by game 23. While I try to play to each ship's strengths and weaknesses, overall I play both ships similarly. So I think it's a problem with how I'm approaching both ships. And even though I haven't played many games in either ship, I'd like to start figuring out why my performance has this pattern. I know there's a lot of things I can do to improve, but I'm not sure where to focus first. Is it most likely my micro game, like angling and aim? Should I rethink what roles I can play on my team with the Normandie? Is there a shift in the meta between T5 and T6 I'm ignoring? I've heard that Fusou plays similar to Normandie, so I'd really like to figure out what I'm doing wrong before I get to her. I'd appreciate any advice!
  2. Thoughts, should match making be organized to that EVERYONE has a 50% win rate regardless of skill? If you lose game after game should you be matched up with less skilled players OR with lower tier ships in order to push your win rate up to 50%? It is more of a philosophical question. After that one point is determined, then actions could take place to make it happen. Better players play better players or higher tier ships much like a golf handicap. OR... Should better players get the benefit of winning all their games as a reward for being better players? ???
  3. In discussing the whole issue with matchmaking, I decided to take the stats provided by WoWS Stats & Numbers as of August 28, 2018 and create a chart to average the Win Rate stats for each ship type by tier. I used a weighted average by first calculating the number of wins for each ship then totaling those wins and dividing by the total number of battles for all ships of that type and tier. The Win Rate for All Ships in the tier was calculated in the same way to come up with the weighted average by tier. I started with T5 because most of the forum discussions seemed to be centered around T5 and up matchmaking. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what we can conclude from this, or if I need to alter my methodology. Obviously, the percentages are all pretty close to 50%, as they should be when averaged over many games and players. However, because of the large sample size, even the smallest variances could mean something. My own observations: 1. BB's start off well in T5 and T6, but lose more often as they go up in tier. 2. T6 Cruisers seem to be an outlier for that ship type, as well as T9 Cruisers, but most T9 cruisers gain Repair Party which is significant in T7/T8 matches. 3. CV's, like BB's, start off well in lower tiers but lose more often as they go up in tier. 4. T8's overall Win Rates actually fare better than T10's (whoa there, that's heresy!). 5. T5's Win Rate doesn't look as bad as people make it out to be, pretty close to T6 and somewhat better than T7. 6. Looking at the All Ships Win Rate, it's more difficult to win the higher you go, although T9's seem to enjoy a slight uptick in Win Rate thanks to Cruisers & DDs. 7. DD's don't have below a 50% Win Rate in any of the tiers listed...DD's Rule! 8. Your own mileage may vary... Win Rate by Tier - Weighted Average Ship Type Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X BB 51.42% 51.50% 51.19% 50.76% 50.34% 49.87% CA/CL 50.88% 51.38% 50.87% 50.54% 51.19% 49.72% CV 50.72% 50.70% 49.98% 49.89% 49.46% 47.15% DD 51.50% 51.02% 51.17% 50.77% 51.14% 50.27% All Ships 51.21% 51.30% 50.99% 50.65% 50.78% 49.89% Memo Only: All Wins 20,499,740 21,738,213 21,533,444 20,177,450 9,525,583 9,113,877 All Battles 40,027,329 42,371,777 42,231,421 39,834,628 18,760,038 18,267,866