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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! Recently, I've been updating the Expendable camouflages on the wiki, adding icons, names and bonuses. For a lot of cammos, I was able to get the names and bonuses, but for one of them, I wasn't. And this is where I need your help! If you have the following cammo, please share the name and bonuses! Screenshots would be the best here. An easy way to look up the camouflages you have is the Inventory page in-game, which can also be accessed through this website: Inventory (worldofwarships.com) For now, I only need infos for one expendable cammo, and its image is down here: Cammo 1:
  2. Salve Capitães! Estamos recrutando tradutores para o Wiki BR! Se vocês quiserem se juntar ao Time Wiki BR, deixem uma resposta aqui, ou manda uma PM, dá um ping que eu vou ver. Eu tenho como puxar pro nosso Discord. Agradeço desde já àqueles que puderem contribuir com a tradução do nosso wiki. Adianto desde já, que aqueles que se destacarem podem se juntar ao grupo de Privateers! Vejo vocês lá! #levantarancora
  3. LaviKabos

    WoWS Wiki Editing

    Hello, Been using the Wiki for a lot of my needs and have done some minor edits to it to keep it in line with more recent balance changes. I was wondering if anyone on the wiki team or with knowledge of wiki editing could give me some help with implementing links and pictures/files into my edits? Not quite sure this is the right place on the forums but could not find a wiki section in the forums so posted here in general.
  4. Look at the wiki page for the Bajie and Wukong. (Pan Asian battleship and Pan Asian cruiser) Notice that the Bajie is a clone of the Izumo and the Wukong is the Charles martel? Just with special camos? They even have the exact same descriptions. Whats up with that? Mind that both the Izumo and Charles Martel were never real ships.
  5. So i was scrolling through the WOWs wiki, when I noticed that a new ship had been added to the American line. Its possibly a test ship, but it looks nothing like the other tier 10 USN cruisers. Hard to tell, but the closest ship it looks to is an Alaska, but it looks like it has a better AA sweep then the Alaska. Has anyone heard of Wargames testing for a tier 10 big gun cruiser?
  6. Hey everyone, this is an announcement regarding the official World of Warships Wiki from the NA team. Unfortunately, the Wiki is experiencing technical issues right now which is unfortunately out of our hands. For the next little while, pages may appear broken and some may not load at all. We’re aware of the issue and have notified Wargaming who are investigating the issue, however, due to the holidays and weekend a fix may take a little time. On behalf of the World of Warships NA Wiki Team, I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and wish you all a great weekend.
  7. Carbapenem_17

    Useful links for wiki editing

    Too bad there isn't a topic to talk about wiki related stuff but here goes. Apparently anyone who logs in can edit the wiki, and been doing some myself(seeing that noone updated CVs in a while). These are some links you can use to add tables and pictures. And seems like that not everyone on the 'WOWs wiki editor' knows this. Upload file link : From here you upload files(aka pictures) that you will use in your articles. Keep in mind you have to remember the exact name of the file later (and for others to browse), so keep the name concise but accurate! Browse uploaded files link : From here you can browse ALL files that have been uploaded to the wiki server. Not the best browsing tool but that's what we've got. Help with tables link : This page shows which codes make which kind of visual representation on tables. Lastly, for a brief representation of a picture code, consider the following : Top - code, Bottom-result Also, does anyone know how to put the ''Left column' Paragraph under the picture insert in the screenshot above? Happy hacking!
  8. anonym_zYhMik26GrYI

    Wiki needs updating!!

    This topic needs to be removed, but I don't see how I can do that, since messaging the person who replied.
  9. The wiki team has updated the AA Defense section of the Aerial Combat article. (Note: The other sections are still obsolete.) If you want to know how AA Defense works now, please read: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat#Anti-Air_.28AA.29_Defense Hope this helps.