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Found 3 results


    cyclone in clan battles

    no, please no , keep that god awful game mechanic in randoms or actually save us all and put that into operations. Weather variants are further removing any possible skill advantage you have over your opponents in which rng already neutralises alot of that. Please dont make clan battles unplayable too. please.
  2. This is my third massive loss streak this week. I can't win no matter how hard I try. Whether it's getting the kraken or detonation the result is always the same. Defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat. I know, I should sail a different ship, but why should I have to? Shouldn't the random matchmaking function as it was intended? To be random???
  3. I see barely any game play impact of this change except highlighting one question: DOES Wargaming play their game? because these changes doesn't show any hint they that play. DD are passive AF and die early, NOT because BB's ability to wreck DD. What actually happen is a DD gets spotted/radared, and all ship that can shoot at it shoots at is. Why? Because... Most DD can't repair, every small chunk, no matter how small, is lost hp. DD are powerful tool in powerful hands, that can cap, spot, torp, smoke teammate, and generally be a pain in the [edited] (if they play it smart) They have the lowest hp of all the classes, even the proposed fixed 10%, landing 4k hits is still a good 4k hp off a dd. Even at 1hp, as long as its not spotted, it can still fight at maximum effectiveness (minus Khaba and Haru which the Change does not influence), naturally people want it dead. MOST BB Shoot ap DD NOT because the damage, but because of the bloody 30s reload, you load and shoot w/e type of ammo you usually shoot, case and point, British BB will most likely load he, and DD get deleted, while Yamato most likely load AP and DD get sucker punched. MOST DD by WOWS' design is a ship type that is NOT suppose to be spotted, launching torp or spamming shells behind some kind of cover. The low survival rate of current DD is highly attributed to 2 thing: Too much ship have radar, and # of radar per team is too high. Addition of more stealthy AF CL with radar and DD that hunts other DD (Loyang with radar, wth) Changing BB's ap against a DD is going to mitigate one thing and one thing only, DD can now rush BB (which they will) thinking they can get away scot free, then get blaped by 9 over pens for 9k and die, then maybe WG will give force generator that respells BB's ap shell away. To actually CHANGE the current meta or increase the lifespan of DD, CHANGE RADAR/HYDRO OR GIVE DD SOME KIND OF COUNTER MEASURE AGAINST IT. TLDR; WG think BB is OP against DD and is responsible for DD dying but refuse to touch how Radar works.