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Found 4 results

  1. Am I the only one scratching my head about the Henri IV acceleration NERF? Like, who was complaining about this? Why was this necessary? The ship isn't exactly outperforming other classes and its speed is the only thing keeping it attractive to the niche' playerbase that mains in it. In a meta where fires and fire damage and HE spamming paper boats are out of control, why did the Henri get nerf'd? If anything needs to be Nerf'd its the Smolensk, Kremlin, and the fire mechanic in general. Hosho is a little stupid still as well because there is no AA at tier 3/4 to defend against it yet...let's Nerf Henri....because reasons....?
  2. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    I don't know if Wargaming is trying to distract us from the Puerto Rico fiasco or what but this is beyond the pail on the stupidity scale. If you don't want to watch the whole thing I'll sum up. 1. Sub numbers make no sense 2. Subs no longer surface, so RIP heavy cruisers and battleships in most situations 3. Homing torpedoes are now basically Cold War era (see 18:18 in vid) 4. Wargaming took everything good and gave us exactly what we feared. Seriously this.......I have only 1 way to describe it. WTH?
  3. Florendo19

    TK with guns

    So just looking to get into the minds of players who TK on purpose. I was just in a ranked game where I got citadeled for 11k at spawn by a Alsace. The enemy hadn't even been spotted yet and I'm already in the yellow. I asked why the player shot me but received no response. I assume that at most it could have been because I was running radar Neptune due to all the DDs in recent matches. To be clear I did not retaliate in any way other than to report them. I just want to know why? This game doesn't seem to have that many trolls or anything so I'm just drawing a blank.
  4. So I just got out of a match and saw I randomly had a personal mission. Not sure why, wasn't there prior to my last match. So I check it out and see that is rewards....something I already have. The Commander Dasha symbol. Why would you do this WGing? I don't know if anyone else just got this mission but it's clear someone messed up and didn't make sure that the reward given wouldn't end up being a duplicate. And unless I am mistaken, unlike a duplicate ship, they won't give you doubloons instead. What's more concerning is that if this is a userbase wide thing, I bet there will be plenty of people who won't even catch this. So they end up earning something they already have. And unlike prior to entering a match where you can prove you already have it, once you meet the mission requirements WGing could just claim you earned it from the mission and you weren't given a duplicate. Image showing the personal mission (uncompleted) Proof showing I already have it with the mission uncompleted I don't know who at WGing thought this was a good idea, but it's a great way to scam players without them even realizing until it's too late. Like they'll notice once they beat a match and are looking at the post match screen, since in that screen you can see what missions you are working towards. But once they realize it then it's too late and WGing (in their semi-usual fashion) can claim you earned it from that mission. Not from something before that.