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Found 1 result

  1. This morning, i had a game against a hak and i was in a full aa spec Gearing, i got within 8k launched torps, and opened up with guns at 5.6k he was able to bomb me then rocket me to death inside of 1 minute. 2155 wtr Unicum 97 796 dmg and 7 plane kills and we lost. he ended the game with 6 kills. the difference in talent is still an issue and the ability for a cv to kill anyone. it is better then before. now you are seeing most of the 95% are taking the opportunity to focus and crush the offending class as quickly as we can. when a game sets out to make 5% of its player base happy at the expense of the 95% is bullhockey. so as much as i may have sympathy for the now focused cv player. I and most of the players will continue to haunt you till you stop playing them so much. it is ruining our boat game. most players want to play the other 3 classes. this is a fact that seems to be lost on wg. you have the stats. how many players have logged off right after the rework and not logged back in that used to play everyday? bet that stat is pretty large.