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Found 1 result

  1. Sere_Pj

    Clan Season 3

    This is not going to be pretty, I have read all the notes for the update, and the surprise announcement of the Clan Battles starting on the 30th of June. WHY, most of the WG Devs and the testers ( Beta,,, Alpha, Super testers ) have been teasing all the forum players for 3 months now about CB's starting in July, unless this was on purpose to throw players off, it stinks and flat out sucks. I have players in three clan that have grinded and paid hard cash to get to tier 10 to play clan battles, now since they are not close enough for the tier 10 they have to resort to playing damn rentals again. And what happen to Camo that was leaked for rentals this time? guess that was a lie also, as was the one about 2 Battlleships, guess War Gaming needs to keep it employees in check more often than they have. And since this is only going to run one month, I guess there will not be a lot of the player base on, you just have to make it difficult for players to participate, even though you say you are thinking of them, bullcrap. My clan will more than likely sit this CB out, you will not get our hard earned money fro grinding and then throw us under the bus, not happening again. Thank You War Gaming for nothing again, Sere_Pj Commander- [SMI-1-2-3] Sea Mongerz Inc.