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Found 1 result

  1. Wow i'm bad

    So i'm at German T7 now.... with 100 total games played ........( halloween event making scrubs like me get in high tier ) man i'm feeling the effects of my autistic aim , it was fine in the lower tiers but now. it hurts I Barely hit 50k damage per game..... and then there's the lucky games where i do over 100k and the usual 20k when i eat 10 citadels or got out aimed really hard...... Kinda feel like playing cruisers for a while to git better at aiming , at least on cruisers missing wont be as painful as BBs right TvT or Join my fellow seal brethren in T4 coz that's where i belong. Still working on aiming game and citadel game..... still sucking at it .... do i need at least 1000 games to git gud? : 33 So looking forward for my i got deleted by BBs on a cruiser experience.