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Found 2 results

  1. People may be asking, how is Wargaming capable of attracting players to the game, even when there is an increasing number of controversies, monetization and players (especially veteran ones) leaving the game? Do they: A)Start an effort to rebalance the game, make an effort at introducing content like maps, Scenarios, modes (remember the Axis vs Allies mode?) or just addressing bugs affecting the game for a number of patches? B)Try to solve their communication issues, both internally within the company and externally with the community? Try to get more interaction and develop a more transparent and honest image? C)Pay you to shill Wargaming products to your readers/viewers? If you picked C, the newly announced WoWs Affiliate Program has just been announced and might just be what you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgihQnEpl0 Now you can turn your hobby into money by promoting WG products, as the sleek guy in a suit said on the video, the average monthly reward for a partner is 3000$!11!1!!!!!!
  2. Took a quick look at a video Flamu uploaded since it went through some of the changes in the upcoming USN BB line and talked some about Oklahoma. Video in question if you want to take a look: What follows is hopefully a bug, but has to be seen to be believed. Oklahoma's AP penetration is closer to a cruiser than a BB of the tier. I compared her to some tier V cruisers, and what do you know, they have similar AP penetration. I would laugh maniacally if this wasn't just sad. As you can see, Oklahoma (blue) has barely more penetration than Mikoyan (dark blue), and 50mm of extra penetration compared to Exeter (yellow). Compared to actual battleships, South Carolina (purple), the tier III USN BB has 150mm more AP penetration. As for Texas (orange), Oklahoma's peer at tier V, the difference is simply silly. Someone on the video talked about Oklahoma firing WWI ammo instead of more modern one, no idea on that. I just want to believe it's simply an error, be it on fitting tools, or a mistake on the values of the ship. Regardless, in the chance this is actually what WG wants to release, might as well spread the word.