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Found 3 results

  1. Want to know how to get amazing value out of Santa crates? Dodge the shortlist of s**t ships and get into the good stuff? Feel good about all the camo's you'll never use, because you also got a Belfast? These rules are to help you become a killer whale, and not be just a big dumb blue whale swimming along with your mouth open waiting for food to drift into it. If you feel you have no whale in you, see Rule #1 below. Otherwise, welcome to the Whales Guide to Santa. The rules of Santa Crates: Rule #1 : The best value you can easily, safely get is by not buying any Santa crates. Rule #2 : Safely and easily getting value by buying crates is hard. Getting value needs planning, grinding, and a ton of money. You might also need a time machine. Read all the rules before starting. If you haven't got the patience to read all the rules, see Rule #1. Rule #3 : If you suffer from, have ever suffered from, or think you might suffer from gambling addiction there is no safe way to buy crates. Phone your sponsor. See Rule #1. Stop reading now. Rule #4 : Plan to spend a lot of money, and decide your hard maximum limit before you start. SET A BUDGET. This is for your protection. Decide when you are stopping before you start. If you can't do this, see Rules #3, and then #1. Rule #5 : The more containers you open, the better your average ship drop is, when you drop ships. This is because the ship list has % drop rates biased to the low tier ships. As you get more of them in port, the chances per ship drop of rolling a "T8 ship, or a T9 or a rare ship seem to go up accordingly. Rule #6 : Do everything you can to fill up your port with discounted or free ships from the list BEFORE you buy Santa crates. Rule #6A : Ships like Texas, Marblehead, Huange-he have been for sale in the premium shop at a deep discount for years. Fill up on these before you buy crates. Rule #6B: Never ever sell a premium ship, even if its garbage. Port queens still stop you getting that ship in a random drop again. I'm so pleased to own Kransky Krym because it means I can never drop it again. Rule #6C: Always grind free / cheap premiums when the events happen. London, Aigle, T61, Cossack, Vanguard, Hill, Sirroco, Graf Spee, Lazo etc have all been there for the taking in game for free / almost free at one point in time or another. Grind them to pad your port and help with the Christmas list, even if the ship itself holds no interest for you. You may need a time machine. Rule #6D. Check out the armoury. You may be able to tick off a few T5/6/7 ships with dubs you have, or coal. Check if you have a coupon you're prepared to spend to help this. I've spent every "25% off doubloon ships" coupon they ever gave me since they put coupons in the armoury, chipping away at the T5/6 cheap ships, ticking them off the list. You may need a time machine. Rule #6E. Get as many of the T9 premiums and you can grind as well. I've got everything the game offered for free since Musashi (Kronstadht, Jean Bart, Alaska, Aigir, Benham, Georgia, Pommern, Friesland, Azuma you get the idea). Every ship ticked off the list makes it more likely you drop Belfast, Fujin, Nikolai etc. You may need the TARDIS for this one. Rule #6F. If you feel your lack of a time machine is holding you back, see Rule #1. Rule #7 Value the fluff. Camo's are zero value to me, but dragon signal flags I like, coal I like, dubs I like, and I actively want premium time. If the only value for you is the ships you'll need to whale harder to get your value. Review rule #3 just to be on the safe side. Rule #8 Recycle the dubs and coal. Every 20 or 40 crates, stop, go look at the armoury and check if you can buy one of the list ships for dubs or coal that you just dropped from crates. Get those ships ticked off the list. Rule #9 For dropping ships, the best value seems to be the BIG crates, not the MEGA crates. The community thinks the BIG Santa crate ship drop rate is about 10% (google it, I'm not going to prove it) Rule #10 You are going to end up with the crappy "shortlist ships". You first drops from BIG crates will be Admiral Makarov, California and/or Orkan. Buy them upfront in the premium shop or armoury to tick them off, or just blast through them with crates and carry on. If this is disturbing to you, fair enough. See Rule #1. Rule #11 Guesstimating how many crates you might need to buy: (review rule #5). Count how many ships on the list you are missing. Multiply by 10 (because ~10% ship drop rate in BIG crates). If you buy this many crates, on average you will end up with every ship on the list. You might not get all of them, but it is highly likely you will get most of them. The missing ones are likely to be some of the rare / T9 ships. If you only buy half this amount, my gut feel is you stand a chance of getting a few rare / T9s to drop. If you're buying less than this, then expect a random selection of T8's to be your best drops (you could always get lucky, but luck is for Blue Whales, you're a Killer Whale). Review rule #4 (check your budget). This is gut feel. I am not going to prove it. Buyer beware. I'm not responsible for your choices. All of this could be wrong, or changed by WG overnight. Gamble at your own risk. Worked Example: #1You are missing 40 ships off the full list. Plan to buy 400 BIG crates if your aim is to get most of the list, with a respectable shot at the whole list. Plan to buy 200 BIG crates if you want a respectable shot at dropping a small number of Rare / T9 ships. Worked Example #2 You are missing 70 ships off the list. You can only afford 40 BIG crates. You need to buy about 700 crates to get most / all of the list, or about 350 to have a fighting chance of dropping 1 or 2 T9 / rare ships. Unless the flags and camo's are valuable enough for you on their own you should stop now. See Rule #1. Rule #12 Allergies to whale blubber: If you are sickened by the amount of naked whale blubber flashing before your eyes, this is a very healthy reaction. If your budget isn't at this level that's great. See Rule #1. Maybe treat your self to a specific T8 you really like the look of in the premium shop and spend the rest on rent, a better rig, your family, or housing the homeless this Christmas. Rule #13 You Suddenly really like Whale Blubber in a deep lustful way you never did before. If you're feeling a tingling sensation and this post makes you want to suddenly spend way more than you thought you ever would, see Rule #3, then #1 Rule #14 If you started buying crates before reading rule #14, you have an impulse control problem. Reread Rule #2, then review Rule #3. If you haven't even got the patience for this, you may skip to Rule#1. Stay safe Megla
  2. SgtSpud

    Bang For The Buck!

    So this morning after much internal deliberation I pulled the trigger on the "Santa's big bundle" . I'm Canadian so that's $245.00 but It's Christmas so wth . I also have almost all premium ships in the game with the exception of those obtained through CB or steel. But in my books this mornings haul was Awesome and well worth it! 4 premium ships (including Gorizia). A whales perspective!
  3. In case you were on the fence about the Armada bundle and getting fewer doubloons for duplicate ships was a worry. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/11293/ Please note: If you already have some of the ships in your collection, you will receive the ship's FULL price in doubloons as compensation.