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Found 1 result

  1. jackarooneyroo

    Ragnarok Gun Clipping

    Hello! I create this quick forum post today to bring attention to a visual bug relating to Ragnarok's guns on 4 out of 5 of her turrets. This bug has been present since the ship's release and I was hoping that by bringing attention to it, it could get fixed. Below is Ragnarok's No 3 turret, her middle twin. Notice how long the barrels look, and where that gray piece is sitting - almost its own length further out from the turret face - and you can see the decorative gun mount. Here is a larger picture of the stern guns of Ragnarok - turrets 3, 4, and 5. To help a little, I even added boxes around the part of the turrets I want attention drawn to - the turret face, and the gray piece on top of each gun. Notice how much shorter the No 4 and 5 turret barrels look compared to No 3. Also notice that on turrets 4 and 5, the gray piece above the barrels is clipping into the turret faces unlike turret 3. Final picture of this brief post, below is a picture of Amagi's No 3, 4 and 5 turrets. Obviously, the Amagi has the gun mounts of Ragnarok exchanged for gun bags, but notice the barrel lengths, and where that piece on each barrel sits. This is what every turret for the Ragnarok should look like, not what we currently have. To wrap this up, Ignis Purgatio, released at the same time as Ragnarok, does not have issues with her barrels. They are correctly spaced and aligned, like Amagi. Thanks all for your time reading this. Hopefully WG notices this and implements a fix as I doubt it would take much time to pull the barrels out of the turrets a touch, but I know other bugs may be more pressing concern for the time being.