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Found 6 results

  1. Wobulator

    Can't install CV CBT

    I got the invite to the CBT, so of course I tried to download it. I open the Wargaming Gaming Center, I click on World of Warships, I click on Settings, I click on Add Additional Game Instance, and nothing happens. Or rather, I get stuck with the message "Waiting for response from the server" until it times out and disappears. My internet is fine(9mb/s), but it's persistently popping this up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. By now, the majority of us on the forums, and in the game, know about the WGC, and know that soon it'll be our only option for launching WoWs. There have been many concerns over the last year, and honestly they were justified. However, as of now, those concerns appear to have been addressed. I've installed it, though like most of you, I didn't want to. As of right now, the open WGC client only drives my RAM usage up by .8%. I know many had complaints about excess RAM usage, but I just don't see it. iTunes uses more RAM sitting idle, far more, in the area of 14+% of the RAM, than WGC does. I've gone through all my services and processes, and can find nothing WGC is doing that it shouldn't be, and when it is shut down, it is really shut down, unlike in the past. None of my Internet Security has gone crazy due to the presence of WGC. I understand, WG is a company from across the world, and perhaps for that reason, it's easier to find reasons to not trust them, especially given the way certain things have been handled, at times. However, in this one thing, at least, they appear to have finally gotten it mostly right. Mostly. The fact is, if you want to play, soon this is how it will have to be. I enjoy playing with many of you, and I really don't want you to bail on the game because of this, especially since your concerns have been addressed and fixed, as far as I can see, save one. My one complaint is the same one I've had for a while, and WG, you really need to fix it: The inability to install WGC to the folder of our choice. Most gamers, heck, many people period, these days have multiple drives on their comps, and we sort things onto those drives. We have a system, and we don't like this being forced to put things where we don't want them. Personally, I want all my games and game related things on 1 of 3 drives, split by where the game comes from, and what kind of game it is. I do not, at any time, want them directly on my OS drive, I like my OS drive to be small for a reason. More, if something goes wrong, it's less stuff to have to have fully backed up, it's usually the OS drive that fails, while the other drives remain intact. You've given me no other option, and I have to honestly say, WG, that it really gets under my skin. Maybe some have one drive, maybe some want everything on the OS drive, but at least give us the choice where to put things on our own computers. You own the game, WG, you do not own my computer. Telling me how to access the game, fine, that's your right, honestly, but you don't get to dictate how I use my actual computer. That is a deal breaker. I'm not attacking WG in any way, I'm simply stating the facts. I feel I was as polite as I could be about how I feel. WGC, as a whole, doesn't have the issues it did, it functions as it should, and it isn't doing things it shouldn't anymore. WG isn't stealing our info, isn't breaking any laws, and isn't full of malware. In short, it works, and it's safe. @Femennenly, @Radar_X, or @Gneisenau013 is there in fact a way, a downloadable client, to make this work? Because the client that's available on the website does't even have a prompt, it just installs itself, and boom, it's done. I'm stuck with it on my OS drive, and I do not want it there.
  3. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Cant install WGC

    Per title. WGC will not install, as it refuses to allow me to install to anything other than the C drive, and it says there's not enough space there, which is utterly false. Suggestions? WG, how about you actually make the thing work before you force us to use it?
  4. I know that I’m just one insignificant player out of the average 12-14000 players that play daily, I’ve tried the wargaming center before and I reverted back to the standalone launcher, but if they force us to this new upgraded wargaming center launcher like they did for world of warplanes. I’m just going to stop playing. i love this game and I’m not liking being forced to use the Wargaming center https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/wgc-whats-new/ The Wargaming Game Center also does a better job of helping us bring new players into the game and keep them there, which contributes to the overall health of the project, allowing us to satisfy your naval needs for years to come. We've now reached a stage where WGC is a stable platform with most of the issues highlighted by the community now fixed, so its beta testing period will be finalized in the near future. We will continue to focus on improving and expanding WGC, and we don't want to split our team and audience between it and the old launchers. Therefore, we will stop supporting the old launcher infrastructure within the next few updates and help all players transition from the old launcher to the new one. We'll provide everyone with more details later on.
  5. YeOldeTraveller

    Getting started with Game Center on a Mac

    [I received a question regarding getting the Game Center running on a Mac. I don't have one, so I am starting this thread to collect the needed information to develop a Quick Start Guide for new users.] Where does one get the installer for a fresh install of the Game Center for OSX? What are the steps that need to be followed for most users? (We can add significant variations as we run into them. OSX should be pretty consistent system to system, so I hope the variations are minimal.) Thanks for input on this thread. Please limit discussion here to information that will help other players get the software installed and running on their system.
  6. Read Updated Info below: [SOLVED] Updated: If you are going to trial this WGC (final version - 18.) beta software, and you care about where it is installed, ONLY DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER FROM THE NEWS SITE [Direct Download Link] http://redirect.wargaming.net/WGC/Wargaming_Game_Center_Install_NA.exe Note that the main download link on the WoWs Homepage has been updated from the previously reported installer named: world_of_warships_install_na_bnewnzi1ryvc [dot] exe ...as well as the News Article: The New WGC webpage download link has a new installer named: wargaming_game_center_install_na_bnewnzi1ryvc [dot] exe There is still the issue that if you download the WGC using the installer named "world_of_warships_install_na_ ..." it will force install the WGC to C:\ProgramData - the same as previously, about which Wargaming has not responded. Also the WGC Version number is the same. (Just uninstalled to test both installers) A previous version release note for WGC I had noticed where there was reference to: v.18.3 Simplified installation flow for new users WGing's "world_of_warships_install_ ..." named installer will force installation to C:\ProgramData for new players downloading the game for the first time is meant to simplify installation (I don't know if it's because of this particular installer that some people go on to have any issues with the current version or not?). If like me you expect to have 'control' over your own system and file management, this is awful and horrid; the dumbing down installation for the Forte Nite and mobile gaming generation. So long as WGing always serves a "wargaming_game_center_install_na ..." version of the installer for the custom build pc members of the community, or those that want that destination path control, then I will continue to play. If WGing ever dictates where I have to install software on MY system, by removing an installer that allows selection of custom drive path assignment for install, that's will be the bridge-too-far; I'm extremely passionate about this personally. Having two installers, of which only ONE allows you to select the installation path, is total and utter чепуха!