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Found 46 results

  1. I've heard that the Price change to tier 6 down will be Permanent next patch. so that leaves the question... Will Players who have already researched tier 6 and lower ships get Compensation? Example is I've researched 18 of the line to tier 6 at least. So when you consider the lower price then that adds up pretty quick to Credits and XP spent.
  2. When are we gonna get a set of ship sales? Maybe after all these premium ones? Standard tech sales have been gone for awhile it seems, with I think only an American sales of some sort for July4th.. What gives WG??
  3. clan battles extension for tonight?

    This is a major issue for my clan, we have a few members but are dedicated and have made it to the top league each season. But now we can not even run a match due to most of my team stuck in our previous match when the server crashed, they are therefore unable to join the new division. This is absolutely ruining our clan progress, not to mention that the last game we where in the struggle for Typhoon and now we don't even know if our hard fought win counts. If it counts as a loss this will mean we are back to storm league 1, which needless to say is total [edited].
  4. I listened to the entire 2 hour 30 minute long Q&A. There are a number of questions from Flambass, Farazelleth, and Flamu in the middle. Some are obvious (like Fara asking the question he gets asked to ask most on his video comments, "When is the Graf Zepplin going to be for sale again?" to which the obvious answer is "When carriers are done being reworked." which is what WG confirmed). I would say over half of the questions were about radar and how broken it is and WG employees were getting audibly irritated. Here's the video (really just audio). What they did say which I've never heard before were: At around 1 hour 30 minutes, WG says there is no significant statistical difference between a team with 1 radar vs a team with 3 after Flambass asks if MM will ever take the numbers radar of ships on each side in to consideration. At around 2 hours 16 minutes WG gets asked again about anti-radar consumables and WG says they are talking about a radar "counter measure" internally. There are a lot of questions/answers many are ones I've heard before and frankly I was playing Hands of Fate and half listening so I'm sure I missed some. It's worth a listen. WARNING: The Russian guy singing the Russian national anthem with his "best American accent" at the end was so painful I had to shut it off before the rest of my skin peeled off.
  5. Gold to Doubloons

    Beating a dead horse here, but seriously can we ever get a conversion of gold to doubloons?
  6. Here is a game I had in Roon, no, I don't think it should be nerfed, I just found this battle rather funny (ex: Z-23 on enemy team forgets I am German). I just found the battle funny and intense as we won the battle by coming back in the last 7ish minutes. Enjoy! 20180510_172525_PGSC109-Roon_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  7. Do we need faster games?

    Hello Everyone, This is a quick poll in regards to a topic on /r/worldofwarships. The TLDR version is that in the recent episode of the warships podcast. (https://thewarshipspodcast.simplecast.fm/665a7b62) a discussion evoled into what would be perceived as the "perfect length" for a match. "Being asked what they'd perceive as the "perfect length" u/KamiSamurai answered "12-15 mins" (which would've been my exact answer, too). Trevzor argued, "every double-digit"-length would be "really pushing it" and referenced CS:GO's ~2mins. That's where my nervous system Beat to Quarters. He went on about prep-times being too long" How would you feel about this? Do you feel the current game time is appropriate could it be longer or could it be shorter? Or is it just right. I am curious to know how the community feels about this. I personally would not like to see the games shortened by any degree. I find the 20 minutes we are given in a match to be sufficient and it provides great close matches and opportunities for epic comebacks and defeats. Please answer the poll on how you feel about this specific topic. Thanks! *Edit - Reddit disclaimer for reasons. ***Just keep in mind***: most of this is based on observation and speculation Trevzor just voiced his own opinion and perspective (not WG's official policy) so pls don't tilt there may be ~20 cases of a missing /s in this wall of text
  8. So I was looking for music for an upcoming idea I had planed (because like 80+ people asked me to do an encore of the 12 days of Euro-beat) and then I got an alert saying my WG beta game center was updating, and I then noticed it had a total war game on it. I loved the total war series growing up and it got me thinking, since WG recently jumped on the Total war wagon, would they consider maybe developing other name brands as well? and how cool would it be if WG were to make a gundam game or a robot/mecha fighting game in general? if they did it right we could have epic battles such as this What are your thoughts? Would you play a game that WG made if it had robots/mecha and or spaceships that you could play with in space? or what other brands do you think WG could maybe invest in to expand their player/customers' library? Personally, I'd love to have a Mecha game for the PC, especially if it's centered around space combat!. feel free to leave comment's suggestions below! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  9. Montana Over-buffed?

    I feel since the cit lowering the Montana has gone from average to massively overpowered. The higher cit at least would punish you from going broadside, (not that Montana needs to with her accuracy and turret angles), but now its almost impossible to take one on in most ships. The accuracy lets them do massive damage to any cruiser in range even without a cit hit, and allows the same to DDs. Other BBs, struggle to damage even broadside montys not to mention ones that are bow on or at that "sweet spot angle". I feel one of her following attributes need a nerf to bring her more in line with other BBs and to make it more conformable for cruisers and DDs. 1. Nerf her base accuracy, the Iowa's/Missouri is already borderline OP but is balanced by less armor and 3 less guns, i feel Montana's base accuracy should be nerfed. 2. Raise her cit again, maybe not at much as before but it needs to be higher, otherwise shell pen through water needs to be un-nerfed (though this is a whole other story) 3. Reduce her turret angles for her rear turrets to the front, I'm not talking GK bad, but it should make her show some broadside to make use of her lol-accuracy guns I feel one of these 3 nerfs will improve gameplay at high tier all around and make other tier 10 BBs competitive with the Monty. Preemptive argument: Yes i know Yamato can over-match her bow, but even with this landing a cit is not easy at all and Yamato still has a broken cit model. Also-also I know Conq is generally considered OP, but her armor is not as good, but I would also like to see her cit raised or again shell pen mechanics tweeked.
  10. Did WG Just ASSUME...

    My Port preference? Marseilles? No thanks. WG, Get OUT OF MY LIFE. Take heed WARGAMING! I moved out of my parents house last week for the same reason. I am 36, I don't need them telling me what to do anymore. #grownup
  11. I've been playing the AIDS bote Henri IV lately and i can't seem to get the AP shells to perform against broadside BBs. At first I thought it was because I was too far away so i spent a few games full on cyka blyat rush BB. At the range of about 6-2km, against iowa/montana class BBs, flat broadside. I aim for waterline: "2 shatter + shell dip hard into the water"; I aim for upper belt: "1 pen 1 shatter 2 overpen", I aim for main belt: "5 shatters". So uhm, if ya'll know what's going on, I'd love to hear it.
  12. Musashi Y118 camo is supposed to give 50% bonus exp for commander xp but it's currently not working. Basically I spent 5000 doubloons for worthless ugly camo. Please fix this WG. I attached screenshot. Bonus rate is exactly same as the type 10 regular prem camo.
  13. They have the same guns. Musashi needs Yamato gun sound!
  14. In a recent Dev QnA, WG stated that the IJN DDs are not in line for any love. While I can understand where they're coming from, I do disagree heavily with WG's decision. This post is written for the purpose/aim of being presented directly to and considered by the WG developers. In the QnA, the question was "With the introduction of the PA DD's super-stealthy DWT, can the IJN DDs have their torpedoes un-nerfed?" WG's answer was a simple "No plans currently......" followed by their argument. According to WG, the IJN DD torpedoes out-damage those of other nations, which is true, and thus is a fair trade-off for the high torpedo detect. What is the flaw in this argument? Simple. Torpedo Reaction Time. Coming straight from the WoWs wiki, the TRT formula goes: (TorpDetection[Kilometers]) / (TorpedoSpeed[Knots] * 2.6) * 1000 = Reaction time. Using this formula, the reaction time of the fully upgraded type F3 torpedoes aboard Yūgumo is found to be ~9.6 seconds. Next, using the same formula for Fletcher, the American tier IX destroyer, the reaction time is found to be ~6.4 seconds. Also worth noting is that Yūgumo type 93's are 10 knots faster than those found on Fletcher(76 knots vs 66, respectively), yet Fletcher torpedoes still have near a 3 full second advantage in reaction time. In short, the final question from all this: Is the increased damage done by IJN torpedoes worth the difference in reaction time? My answer is no. It is not. With the difference in reaction times, Fletcher torpedoes are far more likely to land multiple hits due to the much short reaction time. In terms of torpedo damage, Fletcher's top torpedoes, the ones used in this example, do 17,100 damage top. Yūgumo F3 torpedo damage caps at 21,366. Is a 4k damage advantage worth the disadvantage? Not really. That difference may not sound like a whole lot, but believe it when you're told that the amount of difference that those 3 seconds make will blow your mind. How? The rate of turn and rudder shift. While it varies between ship types and each ship themselves, it goes without saying that the easier they would be to dodge. For every second the torpedo is spotted, most players will turn either towards or away from them. Regardless of which route the player chooses, every second the torpedo is spotted before it hits is time the rudder is turning, and time that the target is turning. Think of the tier X american battleship Montana, for instance. In her straight-out-of-the-box configuration, Montana will take ~11 seconds to turn her rudder from straight forward to hard port/starboard. If Montana were to be the intended target, and also the one to spot the torpedoes in the water, by the time the torpedoes strike home, Montana's rudder will have shifted almost entirely to hard flank and will be turning at maximum rate to minimize hits, usually resulting in only 1-3 hits. In the same scenario, Fletcher torpedoes have a significant advantage. With their reaction time of 6.4 seconds, the battleship's rudder would have only shifted about halfway and the ship itself will still take more time to fully react to the turn orders desperately being spammed by her captain. But in the end, with their shorted reaction time, Fletcher would land 4-6 hits on a target that, in an identical situation, her IJN counterpart Yūgumo would only have landed 1-3 hits. Conclusion: Fletcher torpedoes do more damage, because more of them hit. On top of that, Fletcher would also have an easier time striking more maneuverable targets such as cruisers if the destroyer manages to catch them off guard. A Yūgumo stands a chance to miss a torpedo salvo completely, "What's all this leading to, anyways?" is probably the thought running through most of the heads of the readers right about now. Bear with me here. Now, as shown in the previous example, Yūgumo torpedoes are less deadly than Fletcher ones for the difference in reaction times. The difference between the two results in a massive advantage in terms of landing hits vs targets. And why play a feast or famine ship, like Yūgumo, when you can pick mainly feast aboard a ship like Fletcher? How many people feel that way? Well, a lot. Data from https://na.wows-numbers.com/ Note the difference in overall battles played. Fletcher beating out her competitors and even the second place contender by over double. Again: Why play a feast or famine ship when you can only play feast? If its average damage you want to go by, then: And if you wanna go by WR: Now, I'm not normally one to bring stats into an argument, but as shown by these numbers, it is safe to conclude that the IJN DDs are under-performing on average compared to other destroyers. And these are just the tier IX DDs in the game. The story with Shimakaze and Gearing at tier X is a similar story, but Shimakaze is managing herself quite well against her competitors as opposed to Yūgumo at tier IX. A very similar pattern appears when comparing other tiers, like VII and VIII, albeit better than Yūgumo. If you wish to view those, please refer back to https://na.wows-numbers.com/ as I will not be posting screenshots of those for the sake of time. "But it's not the ship, its the captains playing it!" Arguable, but think of it this way: The IJN DDs have the highest skill floor compared to other lines. This can result iin not only deterring players from the line to begin with, but the ones who do play the line are the MOST punished for mistakes. The line is definitely a "Skilled captains only" line to play, but given the state of the line in general, and with the amount of things that can so easily go wrong (Space between torps)or just happen (Radar) , even the best players can sometimes have a hard time making the line work, as, once again, the line is a very Feast or Famine line to play. Also once again: Why play a feast or famine line when you can play anything else and just FEAST? CONCLUSION and suggestions to help the line: The IJN DDs have the most going against them. They're the greatest ones to be effected should hydro, Radar, and catapult aircraft be present. RNGesus forbid a tier X CV. While this does not make them BAD, it DOES give them the absolute highest skill floor to play. As stated countless times before, the line is a very heavy feast or famine, and requires very specific circumstances to be met before they can really shine. Minimal Radar, Hydro, preferably no CV at all, but if there is, the bulk of the aircraft are somewhere else and fighters aren't trailing you like a bunch of pilot fish, permaspotting you and all your torpedoes the second you launch them. They are really more a one-trick pony when its all said and done, and they aren't even as good at their trick as other lines of other nations are, especially at higher tiers. They have the worst guns and arguably the worst torpedoes as well. They're the least flexible line, and the approach to fixing the line, IMO, would be to increase the flexibility that the line lacks currently. While currently, the IJN DDs are certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination. But they require very specific scenarios to perform at their peak, and those cases are fairly rare. There are many things that can screw over an IJN DD more so than any other line, such as Radar and Hydro. Unspotted enemy DDs. Aircraft. What would be the best approach to "fixing" the line? In the end, that is up to WG. Although my suggestions to help the line would be: Lower their torpedo detection to give them a little bit more room to work with, especially vs maneuverable targets. Give them a little buff to their reload and turret turn times. Nothing major, but give the line a little more flexibility that the other destroyers offer with ease Maybe some sort of new national trait. Maybe hydro won't have as big an effect on their torpedoes as it would on others. Maybe give the IJN the option to slot two torp modules and switch between them in battle for changing circumstances (Doubtful, but one can hope and dream) The aim of these changes and suggestions is to overall increase the competitiveness of the "Possibly Worst Best torpedo line in the game." The ending of this post was a little bit rushed because of time, and will be updated sometime within the next 24-48 hours. As stated at the beginning, the goal of this post is to be presented to and considered by WG devs, and if anyone else would like to have a nice, constructive debate down in the replies I would love to be a part of that. Share your thoughts and opinions. What do you think of mine? Are these valid points, or are the the stupidest ideas you've heard of ever since shock collards for blue whales? Discuss!
  15. so this will be a bit of a rant, I know that. At the same time, I have some serious questions. why is WG bases their MM off of the Hinduism "Well of Life" its the idea that pertaining to warships... that you do good, if not best of your team and win. and then suddenly you start doing good if not best of your team but losing. everyone says "well thats just the game, its MM" is it? I earnestly believe that this is done on purpose by WG.. its not fair MM. why is it WG says MM is "fair and balanced" when they allow a single team to have FIVE radar ships but give the other team ONE radar ship? that is ridiculous. it instantly give whatever team that has that much radar a clear and distinct advantage in winning, so how can you say it's "fair and balanced" I only say this because everyone that I play with, is sick and tired of this concept, sick and tired of WG saying things are balanced and fair. its not. WG decides who wins, and who loses. how is it certain people loses 6-8 games in a row, but take minimally top 3 on the team? play high tiers and 6 games you get the team that sits in spawn within 10km of eachother and wonder just why.. why you get such bad teams. especially high tier.. where you SHOULD know better. frankly on a separate note, WG why is it you making a mission, such as the Pan Asian DD hype, why do you making 50k flooding a mission? it has nothing to do with skill, nothing to do with how well, or how bad you play. it depends entirely on luck, but at the same time you make the campaigns and every other mission skilled based in some way. even the ARP ships were skill based. you needed XP, if you suck at the game it would take you FOREVER and thats if you complete it within the time.. but if you was good and new how to play you could get those ships within a few hours of playing. now however, you make a mission needing 50,000 flood damage, that is entirely up to RNG to get the flood in the first, place, luck you dont just out right kill your target, luck in hope that your target does not have their damage control ready to use. 43 games is what it took to get that 50,000 flood damage.. 38 games if you take the games out that I didn't land a torpedo. the entire mission was based on luck and random chance, not skill, not even RNG. so why is it Wargaming do you decide who wins and loses based on who you feel should win or lose? to say you don't do this, is a lie straight through your teeth. why is it you want people interested in the Pan Asian DDs by doing these really cool mission rewards to help people when they finally release the ships but you make it based upon random LUCK to do some of the missions? ...and you wonder why people become toxic and quit your games when you rig the system against them..
  16. To Staff of Wargaming and this Forum @WolfofWarship, @Pigeon_of_War, @SuperNikoPower,and all rest of the other members of Wargaming Staff. I hope everyone of you and your Families have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. I know that some of us can be a royal pain in the stern (I think I am at times), but speaking for myself I do respect each of you for the all work you do for us. And thanks for putting up with all of us "kids". Even us old grumpy sailors Chaos_EN3 Commander of the Old Salty Dogs
  17. WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  18. Trying to reinstall WoWS and Gamecenter not only installs the client on the wrong hard drive but puts WoWS folder in the place I said to put it, Can I get a WoWS Launcher instead of this scam WG calls "Game Center" ? otherwise I cant play.
  19. CC's y Recuperación del Foro Latino.

    Como muchos sabrán, hace ya varios meses no hemos tenido respuesta sobre concursos, ayuda de ningún tipo en este medio. No tenemos CC's ni mucho menos a Wargaming velando por nosotros, solo algún Moderador que quedó por aquí y eso es triste para nuestra comunidad sabiendo que somos muchos jugadores que hablamos español, y muchas personas tienen talento y tiempo libre para ser Contribuidor de la comunidad, esto nos impulsa a creer que a la empresa no le importamos y debemos aprender a hablar inglés para que tengamos Voz y Voto, en mi caso puedo decirlo en ambos foros, el conocer el inglés y formar parte de un Clan que habla este idioma me ayuda a comprender lo que sucede en el otro foro y seguir adelante, pero los demás que no lo conocen o no saben inglés quedan a su suerte, que hicimos mal? Quisiéramos saber que fue lo que hicimos para que Wargaming nos olvide y nos deje a nuestra suerte, no hicieron más eventos para nosotros, ni tampoco se animaron a buscar Contribuidores que por mucho harían de esta comunidad mucho mejor, conozco muchos jugadores que podrían ser muy buenos CC's y conozco a muchas personas que están atentas a saber que hará la empresa por ayudar a la comunidad, que en estos meses a sido absolutamente NADA - 0,siguiendo con mantenernos en el olvido y ya pronto eliminar el Foro en español porque no hay ya casi comentarios ni uso para este. Es increíble como la comunidad trata de sobrevivir por el hecho de hacer eventos por su propio bolsillo (Cosa que a Wargaming le interesa), pero también ya toda la comunidad esta perdiendo el interés en el juego, y por ende también pierde la empresa, al olvidarse de nosotros no nos dieron explicación y todo siguió como si nada en el Foro en inglés, esto de verdad nos decepcionó a todos los lideres de Clanes latinos y a todos los representantes de Clanes de habla español, haciendo que tuviéramos que irnos a Clanes extranjeros para poder obtener pequeñas ayudas de Wargaming. Si es posible para Wargaming iniciar el programa de CC nuevamente para Latinoamerica, necesitamos saberlo y reiniciarlo de inmediato.. Con personas que nos ayuden de verdad y mantengan a la comunidad viva, espero tengamos una respuesta de verdad.. Y si necesita aceptación este Post, la conseguiré.. Pero necesitamos respuestas positivas de una empresa que olvida a sus jugadores. Saludos. Battleship_Repulse - Lider de la Flota del Caribe - Vanguard in CUTE.
  20. So, I'm sure many of us forum lurkers are aware that iChase recently got dismissed from the CC program because of his recent Graff Zeppelin video. Their justifications were that he 'attacked" WG employees when he said that those who released it should be fired, and that he suggested that they should provide refunds for the ship if they were asked via ticket. I personally consider both of these to be [edited]. His video had no personal attacks by name, and was quite tame in his suggestions of punishment, none of that exaggerated "get AIDS" or "get shot' nonsense". Just that they should be demoted and/or fired. Now it is well within WGs rights to do this, I'm not arguing that. I'm just saying that I absolutely detest the move on WGs part. But when all is said and done, WG doesn't care what I write on their forums, so I'm making my frustration known in the only way they'll appreciate. I run out of premium time in 2 weeks. I was going to top it up to a full year. a nice juicy 100$ to their wallet. I was probably also going to buy 100$ worth of doubloons as part of my once a year splurge on this game. Not anymore. I'm not giving WG a single cent for the foreseeable future. So, from me anyways, WG is -200$ Anyone else? Maybe keep up a running total until this is thread locked?
  21. So, and I am open to the idea that I may be very dense on this and missing something very obvious, but it *sounds* to me, from re-reading both articles a few times to be sure: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-069/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/peek-at-unique-commanders/ That to actually begin work on the Yamamoto *collection* and unlock the special customization/aesthetic options, you need to either finish the *Campaign* and earn Yamamoto who comes with your first Yamamoto crate, OR you can purchase those crates directly. That's correct right? So... where's the crates? Cause while being very open about *not* spending money on this game, I am *eager* to spend money on this and genuinely would like to know where these crates are. Are they really going to make us wait till *2.5* months pass to have the entire campaign unlocked? Because if so I have the following to say: Wargaming, Devs, Community Managers, Lend me your ears: THIS IS A BAD IDEA. Don't put a barrier between people trying to hand you money. If the Santa crates proved anything, people are *very* willing to purchase these crates and since there is a direct, tangible reward for doing so in these, you can rest assure you will see a net profit on them. So why are they not being released like, NOW? Yours truly, someone trying to push his credit card through the net port.
  22. game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game.....
  23. wthare you guys waiting for?

    plz release hms hood now i'd like to BUY BUY BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Warplanes: Premium shop bundle and ability to earn a flag (more than Warships) Tanks: Sell rare tanks for 24 hours "Tog II and Mutant" (more than Warships) Warships: Have a non-playable submarine in port, free port slot also with a front page article that couldn't have taken more than an hour to type up. Alabama was released on the 31st but it's been ready for a quite a while, they just wanted Okhotnik to sell more. I can safely say I am quite pissed off, why? Because it's been tradition these past years to have a big and fun event but to me they don't care anymore. You think they spent time on that Sub specifically for this event? I got news for you, it's been in the files(at least when I first noticed it) since October 2016 as: D:\Games\WOWS_PublicTest\new_unpack\content\ports\ship\service\OSC014 Yes, they literally did that little effort. I'm already quite burnt out from supremacy, I was looking forward to an event to help me you know play for fun for once. I think it's safe to say WG is done with April fools and Halloween events, to me they just don't care to put in effort anymore. They thought that this "troll" would get laughs but instead it's pissed off quite a lot of people. You could argue they have a lot on their plate, what with the new French line and CV rework coming sometime this year (Dec 31st anyone?) but then again they made a fantastic Halloween event I believe was the time that RN CLs were introduced (and we all know how that went for them). I had high hopes, but those were shot dead. Damn this is getting salty.. I digress, WG you royally screwed your player base for a really crap joke. And if that "fishfeed" on April 2nd turns out to be "code" for an apparent April fools patch then COOL, I'll play it gladly! But I doubt it. P.s. I actually planned on a funny April Fools mod, the submarine would've been scaled bigger and replace the Khabs model and I would've made a post like "I can pilot it no problem". But I don't feel like it now, wonder why? P.p.s. Warthunder has done much better than WG this year in terms of event, I hear it's quite fun.