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Found 46 results

  1. People may be asking, how is Wargaming capable of attracting players to the game, even when there is an increasing number of controversies, monetization and players (especially veteran ones) leaving the game? Do they: A)Start an effort to rebalance the game, make an effort at introducing content like maps, Scenarios, modes (remember the Axis vs Allies mode?) or just addressing bugs affecting the game for a number of patches? B)Try to solve their communication issues, both internally within the company and externally with the community? Try to get more interaction and develop a more transparent and honest image? C)Pay you to shill Wargaming products to your readers/viewers? If you picked C, the newly announced WoWs Affiliate Program has just been announced and might just be what you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgihQnEpl0 Now you can turn your hobby into money by promoting WG products, as the sleek guy in a suit said on the video, the average monthly reward for a partner is 3000$!11!1!!!!!!
  2. poll for more ops https://www.dday-overlord.com/en/material/warships make sure to leave a comment / bump to keep the thread up top!
  3. Le_Potate

    AFK Problem

    So, it seems that there is an extreme AFK problem in ranked. I had nothing to do today, and ranked out of bronze. Easily 80% of my matches had an AFK dd or BB. The amount of people who load in to a match and then don't play is absolutely insane. There really needs to be more differentiation between ranked and fandoms. There need to be stricter punishments for Afk of griefing. There also needs to be a higher minimum battle requirement. I played 2 matches with an individual who had 36, and 38 battles. This guy was in a ZF-6. 36 battles. Not that I expect anyone at WG to care about anything but lining their own pockets no matter the cost to the player base.
  4. FirstDayAdmiral

    WG gets ZERO credit

    I am actually shocked, to be honest. WG addressed that it wants to fix dead eye.. nothing. May I remind you a hundred other companies don't even respond to the player base or even continue to update a game after even a year? WG tries a new commander rework to provide fresh new material... rage. WG releases new ships to keep fresh new material coming out..... RAGE! WG TRYING TO MAKE MONEY!! (Gotta keep the lights on somehow sigh). WG comes out with Brawl shortly after the complaints that brawling is dead.... RAGE. I could go on. So much hate for a company that I can find several reasons why the hate is not warranted. I know they could do better in some areas. But what I've been reading and hearing from the crowd that complains, is a great deal exaggerated. How do you demand instant change in a game so large with a scheduling matrix? Could you imagine being the company and seeing all the bad from some of its player base? Why would you have any motivation? Just some thoughts.
  5. I never thought that my first 2 contributions to a game would be in defense of the actual company. I have noticed lately a few YouTubers going out of their way to complain about every aspect of World of Warships. I've seen crying about all ships and mechanics, the direction of the game, etc. As someone who was just coming to the game. I had a great time before going to youtube for help. Literally, every single complaint was not game-breaking as it dramatically is described. When has a player base lost the concept. This is a business that developed a game. Nothing in life is free. But this company offers you to play their game for free. This game has to turn a profit in order to be able to stay in business. They offer various items that you can buy to help make your game more to you're individual liking (You're not forced to buy them). They allow you to choose which country you would like to play and ship type without making you pay or unlock it. The maintenance downtime almost doesn't exist which is unheard of in most games. I could go on. My advice to new players. 1. Youtube content is to be taken with a grain of salt. When you're looking up ship info on youtube, you're more than likely not going to be told that they are running every advantage the game has to offer. They don't want to soften the praise received so typically it's not mentioned. A fact that in particular Youtubers like to leave out is that when the post-match stats hit, they leave out the part of having every flag, hull, mod, camo, captain, etc. You will not have that as a direct example. 2. Games update and change. The content you see from years ago is most likely not still valid or accurate today. 3. Every patch or addition WG brings in, will be complained about. It's an amazing wonderful community here. Unfortunately, a portion of the game influencers run to make videos when it's a change not to THEIR PLAYSTYLE. Not yours or mine, there's. You need to take what you're told with a grain of salt. Last week I watched video after video about the current poor state of the game. I NEVER THOUGHT THAT UNTIL I TURNED ON YOUTUBE. I thought WoWs is an amazing game and I couldn't figure out what was so wrong? I played and didn't see any of the "Sky is falling" over dramatization. Very few games in the history of video gaming have ever self-destructed over a single patch. 4. "Dead eye will be the death of us", "The time of secondaries is over". I literally just read several forum, facebook and youtube posts where people were having record matches with secondaries "Brawling is dead" False. Still seeing tons of it. What I am seeing is the result of YouTubers play strategy. It was social influencers who preached cover and demanded newer players to hang back and use the islands for cover. Now that they are doing that, the players that got good off of sniping are mad. Nobody is taking objectives because they are doing WHAT THEY WATCHED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The current playstyle isn't WG's fault, I hate to be the one to explain that. 5. ALL GAMES WILL NOT BE PERFECT. WG has a large player base. Some have been around for 6-7 years?!? It's impossible after all this time to provide PERFECT updates and material. Impossible. The game is catered to millions, not just 1. One thing I've learned in 30 years of gaming, your time comes around. 6. Think "Big picture". You ARE NOT IN THE MEETING ROOM WITH THE DEV"S AND STAFF. You have no idea what their release tracker completely says. You have no idea what's being done behind the scenes. Instead of losing my cool, I usually wait a couple of weeks during a pandemic to see what updates were done to fix any issues. The staff is supposed to fix any issues in 5 minutes right? With this much coding? Try cutting the WG staff some slack. 7. I do know no one at WG. But I've been here long enough to see a raging video community that is raging FOR ALMOST NOTHING. Your emotion is coming from social media. If the game was that bad you would not be here. Quit letting others influence your enjoyment of a game. Remember this is a matched base game. You will not unlock everything on day 1. And at the end of the day, it's just a video game. -Zach
  6. Long long ago, WoWP had whiners, just like we do. In fact, they were even more toxic than WOT whiners, possibly because of the elevated oxygen levels. And these whiners whined about EVERYTHING. They cried about bomber turrets, they wawaed about GAA armor, they moped about matchmaker. And what did WG do? Fix, of course! After all, the requests seemed perfectly reasonable... to the whiners. They were the only ones who benefited. And finally, it cumulated into the Matchmaker fix. Now, I'm not saying the MM update was BAD, no, it was pretty good, actually. It's just that the cost--killing the game--- was a little too much, and adding bots didn't really help because most of the whiners already left for wot. The warplanes community staggered on, slowly gaining traction, but we will probably never beat wot. One wonders how WOT can still be so popular after 50% of the population claims they uninstalled from cash grabs every patch.
  7. Being a big fan of Jingles......
  8. Since this week/cycle I have horrible disp on my ships, particularly Nurnberg. Just when Wg will be capable of actually fixing the game instead of shoveling down on our throat this crap called skill re....?!? Btw "enjoy" another bug added to the endless existing ones...
  9. OK, this makes absolutely no sense to me! Suddenly, I have 4 World of Tanks coupons that were all generated at the same time (based on how long they are good for). They are all for 10% off and good for the next 5 days, 23 hours, and some minutes+seconds (at the time of this post). I played World of Tanks a few times a long time ago, didn't really like it and then discovered (re-discovered?) World of Warships. Not seeing the sense, I dropped a ticket to support. I actually use my WoWS coupons, spending money on the game, so I figured there was a goof and they were intended to be a coupon or two for WoWS. Nope. I got the following response: "Hello, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support. Please note that all the coupons are added by the system automatically. All offers regarding our marketing campaign are provided to players once certain criteria have been met, and certain players will receive some offers and others will not. We are not eligible to disclose aspects of such accounts choices, as well as algorithm work specifics. But it is still possible that you will receive coupons for the World of Warships in the future! If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know! I wish you the best of luck and much success on the battlefield. Kind regards," I guess the "certain criteria" I met was not playing WoT for.. a year? perhaps longer, and never spending money on the game. This will not benefit WG in any way. The "certain criteria" I would expect to have met would be something along the lines of "he spends money, we've got new ships in the shop, let's drop a coupon or two and perhaps he will buy another ship or two". This would probably have generated some money for WG. I mean, why would someone who hasn't played WoT suddenly decide to make 4 purchases within 6 days? Oh, wait.. they wouldn't. <vent=off> Jim
  10. As the title says..... To be honest....when I saw In the title "+ Announcement" I knew that,..,, it will be something along those lines.
  11. assuming the transformers collaboration is good and makes money. WG should have the next one be GI Joe, based on the 80s cartoon. With commanders like commander cobra, destro, Duke, and another commander maybe flint, scarlet, or lady j, or the shipwreck and his parrot. A COBRA flag for ships too. @Hapa_Fodder Catchphrases- Yo Joe, COBRA!!!, Retreat Save your command (cobra commander). What is everyone else's thoughts?
  12. So I posted earlier about how terrible Defense of Naval Station is and some agreed, other recommend hoperations, but i fill while hoperation is great, the majority of people dont want to go to a separate channel just div up for an op. The only reasonable at least for the player base is the have it removed or reworked. I can say at least in my opinion if naval station was removed, very little people would complain WG because it is that terrible. These are from a match I just finished with zero stars yet still completed. Some thing at needs to be done, we the player base know you can make a op unavaible -(cough)-ugh hemm- narai unavaible, just remove the op and many to some op players would be happy. If you like statiscial data WG, look at the win ratios, and amounted played for this op compared to ageis, raptor, whale, and narai and your data will show it. @Hapa_Fodder
  13. lordholland4293

    Operations Reworks/Unavailable

    I feel that the common senses is that defense of Naval Station is the worst of then all. If not fun, the carry potential is abysmal, and the win rate is low for randoms. Out of all the ops that, ultimate Frontier and defense of Naval Station are the worst because you are defending . WG forgot about money for just about three months and redo your ops. An leave Narai alone
  14. The mad lads did it again in the Cruiser Split() you'll lose the current T10 CA Moskva (and if you have the Type 20 you'll lose also 5k doubs) you'll have to grind T10 CL AL. Nevsky(but that was a given) and also you won't get T10 CA Petropavlovsk and on top of that you'll need to research T8 Tallin and T9 Riga to recover the ship they've stolen from you... Let that sink in. Now what they should have done is give us T10 CA Petropavlosvsk with the perma if you had the perma for T10 CA Moskva (like they did for Cleveland on the American Split) and the same for T5 CL Kirov and T5 CL Kotovsky. Edit: So to sum it all up we lose a ship that afterward we could get for free(coal); meaning grinding it was pointless in the first place(since we'll have to do it again) and for those who invested in the game and have spent 5k in the Type 20 they get to keep the camo(while others get it for free). Edit 2: Some people said in the comments below that they wouldn't give you a brand new ship(so i present this image from the American Split also addressing the camo problem). Edit 3: People seam to have a hard time looking(pictures) or reading so i will make it clearer: In the US Cruiser split you had: Before the split: You had US Cruiser T9 Baltimore with her perma camo(Occupying the T9 spot in the tech tree silver line) After the split: You had a stock T8 Baltimore with her perma camo and an brand new 8 point Capt and You had a T9 Buffalo (a brand new ship occupying the same spot that you had with the T9 Baltimore before) with her perma camo; all commanders, upgrades and XP earned transferred to her(from T9 Baltimore) and If you had a duplicated camo WG would give you a refund in Doubloons. In the USSR Cruiser split you "had"(will happen in 0.9.5 according to WG): Before the split: You had USSR Cruiser T10 Moskva (Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line) with her perma camo the Type 20(for those who bought it) After the split: You get Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva(that should cost ~240k coal and will be available in the Arsenal) with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line(Now a Light Cruiser spot) although according to WG if you reset the line your RP gets applied to T10 Nevsky(so we should get Nevsky) Those who bought the Type 20 perma camo for Moskva(and didn't have a time machine to know about the split and this mess) lose 5k doubloons You get to grind the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line again although if you had Moskva (and didn't reset the line) you already had it researched (I already expected this) If you want to have an T10 USSR Heavy Cruiser in the tech tree silver line like Moskva was before. You get to grind the from T7 Shchors to T8 Tallin to T9 Riga to T10 Petropavlovsk Since who Researched T10 Moskva but have not bought her will still get her as an Special Ship those who have her in the port will lose 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades(cuz of upgrade duplication done before) WG didn't said nothing about in-game refunds. Edit 4: To sum it all up after the USSR Cruiser split you get: Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose 19,500,000 credits(Moskva credit price) If you bought the Type 20 Perma camo for Moskva you lose 5k Doubloons Since you are not getting T10 Al. Nevsky in return for the removal of the Moskva from the main line you'll lose around 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades plus the T9 DM. Donskoi grind.
  15. lordholland4293

    Operation Narai

    Anyone else notice that Operation Narai is unavailable, who knows what wg is doing this time.
  16. I have keep my eye on what wg has been doing, and I don't feel it is healthy for the NA community to have to pay a crap ton of money to have access to early acess ships like t5-6 which are what a free player would hope to get. I would rather WG go back to dropping the missions in the creates like they used to and have the permanent camos for the tokens. To me this is just another FU... Middle finger (Cash Grab) at the NA community and as whole, after the whole pureto Rico debacle and 2019 being a terrible year. I don't know if this is just me or do other players share my feelings.
  17. You know, I have yet to meet a player that has told me, "you know what, I think the unique upgrades should be moved to the research bureau, yep that sounds like a good idea." *Bias ends here* Obviously WG wants to add extra incentive to the replayability of the tech tree ships, it's the reason the bureau exists in the first place. However by moving the unique upgrades they are also removing useful "end game" content for a lot of players, players that want nothing to do with the research bureau. (Me included) So to compensate for this, the assignments to obtain the unique upgrades should stay, and instead reward the permanent camouflage for the appropriate ship. Compensation for those who have already earned/purchased the equivalent permanent camouflage will likely be given in the form of credits. On a side note, it's my understanding tht WG currently plans to do nothing in regards to retain the unique assignments or replace them with something else. This is a good opportunity for you WG. Thanks for reading.
  18. monpetitloup

    Directives/Missions Deleted?

    wg whilst you may use the cyrilic calendar the rest of the world uses the julian calendar: TODAY IS JANUARY 11, NOT JANUARY 13. the directives should be working AS STATED ON THE GAME WEBSITE @Sub_Octavian@Femennenly@Gneisenau013@Hapa_Fodder get your act together. this type of false advertising is absolutely shameful!
  19. lordholland4293

    pr grind

    can we all agree that the pr grind should not happen again
  20. So... someone at WG lost their mind multiplied the directive requirements by 10 or they don't want you to complete it; because the directives are insane, the directive number 7 is super insane and someone did the math and to complete Puerto Rico freely you'll need to complete every directive within 12 hours because remember of the 32 days of the event you will have 17-4 days of per minute construction points gain and after that you will need to pay points or cash to complete it..... so good luck?
  21. Hello, my name is KingCakeBaby, formerly Cannibal4Christ. I played my first game of World of Tanks in April of 2011 and have dedicated probably an average of thirty hours a week over the past eight years to Wargaming’s various titles; with this year being the exception due to the birth of my son in January. I want to pause for a moment because I want that to sink in. I have been with this company for the greater part of a decade. I have been here longer than most of the moderators, forum administrators, community contributors, developers and even upper management. There’s very few employees you can name who have been here longer, or put in as many hours as I have not just in playing these games, but also in helping in their development. I was an alpha tester for World of Warplanes, World of Warships, World of Warships Legends and even with World of Tanks Generals. I was a supertester for World of Warships for the first two years before life and circumstances overtook me. I’m not very well known in the game or on the forums. I try not to post unless I have something important to say and typically someone tends to beat me to it. I’m an average player at best and I admit that I have yet to grasp some of the finer points of the game. Even so, I don’t think there was ever a time when I did not get great enjoyment from logging in and doing what I do. I also have a great deal of loyalty towards this company, to the point that this is really the only game I play anymore. When an unpopular changes are announced I take the wait and see approach and have usually been rewarded for my patience with an eventual equilibrium. When people complained about having to pay for certain things my response was always that this is a business and there is a lot of money that goes into development, marketing, logistics, servers, employees, events, etc. I remember the matchmaking flood of Type 59s and E-25s so I can also understand why premium vehicles cost as much as they do. I say this to illustrate the point that I have never been one to fly to the pitchforks or unload on the forums when something doesn’t go my way. I expect hiccups and issues and growing pains from a game that is in a state of constant evolution and I am not one to cry about things that I can’t change, I just do my best to wait for the patches or adapt to the changes and enjoy myself regardless. I’m too damn old and been through too much in life to be riled up by a video game. I never understood the protest posts on the forum, being of the mindset that if something bothers you that badly why wouldn’t you move on to something that doesn’t and honestly a lot of them are fair petty. That changed a couple of days ago. With the announcement of the Puerto Rico event I was incredibly excited and decided to make time to play again this holiday season even if I have to pull all nighters. I put $100 to the side to make it a little less painful, because I assumed the total price for the bonuses would be anywhere from $50 - $100 in an effort to make some profit and to somewhat mitigate the damage of PRs clogging the queues. I updated the game and was pretty quickly confused and disappointed when I opened the directives tab. In the past, when someone complained that WG was an evil corporation trying to swindle their poor and unassuming player base with shifty money grabs I always rolled my eyes, but wow. I know there has been a lot of feedback on the PR issue already, and I fully expect mine to be lost among them with no one reading this and no one caring, but honestly I am so frustrated that I have to write this out anyways. I’m not particularly disappointed that I won’t be getting the ship. There are plenty of steel ships that I will never see as I have no way of gaining steel in any meaningful amount and no, 75 per tier X is not that. The thing that really breaks my heart is the very blatant lies told to the players about the feasibility of obtainment. The reality is the best player in the world could not get this ship for free in the time limit allotted with the missions the way they are. They are lies by the way, regardless of how you try to spin it. There are enough screen caps floating around from passages on the official channel and employee comments that I’m not going to go into it. I will say that, as someone who studies law and works in the industry, a ‘misunderstanding’ on the part of the consumer based on what was said by the provider is still the legal definition of false advertising. Someone with more time and energy might be able to make something of that, especially since this isn’t the first time there’s been such a ‘misunderstanding’ between Wargaming and the player base. The other issue I take offense to is the response by @Sub_Octavian. That was not an apology, that was tantamount to an insult towards a very passionate and loyal fan base, even if they are occasionally misguided in their zeal. I tend to defend the position of the staff as much as possible because I don’t think it’s fair the amount you guys are dumped on from ungrateful players, but after reading that you couldn’t have offended me more if you had personally slapped me. You know better. The company knows better. They definitely should by now with how often they find themselves in this situation. You shouldn’t be milking your fan base, you should be rewarding the amount of money and time and dedication they put in over the year; for playing through the broken reworks and game mechanics while keeping faith that you guys are working on it. Believe it or not, people tend to spend more money on products when they believe the company actually values them. There is a large amount of the player base who is more than happy to pay for things, but you guys really need to find some kind of balance. I don’t expect free things, and I acknowledge that I have gotten some in the past and I am grateful for them. Honestly you guys used to be really generous and still are sometimes with the occasional captain skill resets and the like. It just seems that for the past three years, any time you’ve done anything under the guise of doing something for the players it always comes with a price tag or a caveat. The dockyard is an amazing example of something that could’ve been for the players. It’s a new concept that was universally praised as a great addition to the game (how often does that happen?), and if it was made to act as a campaign or similar mechanic it would even be amazing to have another long term goal to work towards in a game where you guys just released the research bureau because you’re afraid you lack end game features. Give players the opportunity to pick a ship to work towards. They could have tiers with coal ships being easier while steel and specialty ships might take the better part of a year. Unfortunately you’ve already forever tainted this amazing concept. I know there will probably be some spin and damage control coming in the near future, but it’s going to be an empty and transparent gesture. My hope is that you guys take the opportunity to learn from this and move forward in a positive direction that restores the faith that I and many others have lost over the years and specifically with this fiasco. Sit down, have a meeting and come up with some checks and balances so this doesn’t happen again. Actually do something to show the players that you appreciate them and listen to their concerns. This adversarial relationship that exists between WG and the players is exhausting, and I don’t think either will last much longer if mutual respect and understanding isn’t found. I’ve spent all year looking forward to the time when my responsibilities would allow me to play again and all year looking forward to introducing my son to his first warship when you guys come to the USS Hornet next month, and now I don’t want to do either. For someone who has been doing this for eight years, the complete lack of enthusiasm I now find for this company is incredibly distressing. I hope you recover WG, but more than that I hope you are better for it. Regards, KCB
  22. lordholland4293

    Puerto Rico

    I will be honest would I like a Puerto rico sure, but not going to spend money. Hopefully the Drydock concept stays but the process changes. Merry Christmas everyone from 5d3
  23. nastydamnanimal

    CV can be balanced (EASY)

    You cant think about CV the way they are now or were. Forget about them....clear your mind..... Ok lets think about the basics. A "BB,DD,CA,CL" player in the game = you alone, you have your ship and your commander. Your ship gets destroyed you go back to port. Copying the basics above lets introduce "CV" A "CV" player in the game = you alone, you have your plane and your pilot. The CV itself is an invulnerable launch pad. The player can move the CV or set course, return to it to repair/re-arm ect. Your plane gets destroyed you go back to port. CV cannot ram or cap, lol. CV are a "persona" that have been allowed into the equation of balance, which is not possible when following the original basic equation of balance. Which is one commander operating one vessel. As history show us , it is the pilot and their aircraft that created dominance in naval battles not the CV. This change in dominance was made possible according to the pilots skill to use their aircraft's speed, agility, firepower and free range of motion ect. In the game, the pilots dominance is certainly achievable, can finally be accepted and respected, as long as it is learned and earned within the same original basic balance guidelines set for all commanders. Hopfully WG will spend the money and do it right before their competitors beat them too it.
  24. KAAOS_Frosty

    Armory Ships

    When and if ever are the lower coal cost Ships in the Armory ever going to change????? The top ships change every so often but the Lower tier ships haven't changed in well never. Can we get them replaced as I own them all except the ones that are 250+ coal. Frosty