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Found 9 results

  1. I like that they are putting in ships like West Virginia, however I would love to see either alternate, and or options to be able to get or work up to having the ship in the 1944 rebuilt construction version. I like playing Colorado and dont mind her to much in her configuration as she was refit with single 5 inch guns in her last condition. Dont get me wrong I dont think that it would make Wee Vee have to climb a tier but it would be a much better AA platform that how she is in the game now. I just think that she hit her epitome in the last build. I was somewhat impressed at how much time and money were spent on rebuilding, rearming, and modernizing the old Battleships during that time, and just went to show the slow understanding and appreciation of the aircraft carriers. I also know that there were 4 classes of standard type U.S. Battleships that came before Colorado consisting of 9 Battleships starting with Nevada. that means that World of Warships could model at the minimum of 5 and the maximum of 13 battleships, or choices of therein. Of course there are already 4 of these ships with 3 of the classes now in the game. We all no this is not likely to happen and at this point would be a nonsensible request. I have thought that they could have the option of choosing ship names, IE like lets say on Arizona you could choose Pennsylvania. Especially because they were basically Identical ships for the most part. Now, again I am happy to see New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and now West Virginia in the game, and it might get tedious or what some people would consider ridiculous to have a battleship from all 5 standard type classes. With there already being 3 represented in the game though they would only need to put either Nevada or Oklahoma in for that class along with the choices of Tennessee or California for their class. Yes I know that a Tennessee with 12-14 inch guns would be redundant to New Mexico and would be the same tier I'm Sure along with Arizona, but for the love of money and keeping us History Channel buffs pumping more of our pay checks that direction I believe it would be worth it to them. And Yes, once again I would love to be able to play them in the original build and the last refit build also. Oh I almost forgot to mention the first South Dakota class. The six Battleships that were axed due to the Naval Treaty. BB's 49 through 54. They were going to be slightly larger Colorado's with 12-16 inch guns. (Yea, You heard me right) Twelve 406mm 50 caliber mark 2 guns. The same guns that were on the Colorado's. Just 4 more of them. They would have been considered that last Standard Type U.S. Navy Battleships. I think one of these babies could be a tier 8 easy, and or possibly a tier 9 depending on the aa suite. The speed I think would be their worst attribute at a planned 23 knots. Anyway, let me know what you think. Would you like to see some of these ships with the most modern builds on them? would you like to see the option of using different names on the ships that are/were basically Identical? would having multiple Battleships in the U.S. Line just gum up the works, or make it more versatile with slightly different play styles like they have done with Alabama and Massachusetts? I think over time it would make the game more interesting and diverse. USS West Virginia 1944 USS Tennessee 1945 1st South Dakota Class BB Model USS Nevada 1945
  2. West Virginia is a slow brick with the biggest, baddest guns you're likely to find this side of tier VI -- at least until the upcoming Russian battleship tech tree. I want to thank Wargaming for providing me access to this ship. This is the release version of the vessel and all of the statistics discussed here are current as of November 30th, 2018. Be aware that Prinz Eitel Friedrich's statistics discussed in this article are still a Work in Progress and are subject to change. PROS Armed with 406mm guns with excellent damage, penetration and overmatch ability. That's it. That's all she's got. No, I'm not making this up. That one "Pro" is the reason that decides if you want this ship or not. CONS Small hit point pool of 50,200hp. Highly vulnerable to HE spam. Very slow and no improved energy preservation while turning. Bad anti-aircraft defense. Large surface detection range of 16.4km base. Overview Skill Floor: SIMPLE / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme Standard-type battleships are some of the simplest ships to play in World of Warships. West Virginia 1941 (WV41) makes this even easier by all but eliminating complicated decision-making for novice players. She's too slow to flex once she's committed to an engagement. Her AP shells are so good that you don't need to consider changing ammo types. She's going to get her bows overmatched by most of the battleships you'll face so don't worry too much about manoeuvres. You're also a ready victim of aircraft attack, so why bother stressing about it? Yep, dirt simple. Of course if you want to try-hard WV41 will reward you for it. She's got enough belt armour and agility to tank effectively. Her gunnery is wonderful so picking the right targets pays off huge. While she is slow, if you fancy yourself a master strategist then knowing just how and where you need to go to have the most influence will make all the difference. – One of, if not the worst at its tier. This is a pronounced weakness. – Middle of the pack at its tier. Not terrible, but not terribly good either. – Has a significant advantage over her tier mates. A solid, competitive performer. – No other ship at its tier does this as well as this ship. Her main battery guns are the about her. Her handling and anti-aircraft firepower are just plain . Her defense and concealment are passable, earning a rating. Options The only thing of note with WV41's options are her two camouflage patterns. Consumables WV41's Damage Control Party is standard for an American battleship. This has unlimited charges, a 20 second active period and a 120s / 80s reset timer. Her Repair Party is also standard, healing back up to 14% of her health over 28 seconds. This has a 120s / 80s reset timer. Finally, she has a Spotter Aircraft. There's nothing unusual here, with a 100s active period and a 360s / 240s reset timer. It starts with 3 base charges. Upgrades We're looking at the usual suspects for mid-tier American battleships with the exception of any anti-aircraft modifications. Like Arizona, WV41 doesn't have the AA power worth upgrading. Start with Main Armaments Modification 1. Next, take Damage Control Modification 1. Fires are a big concern for USN Battleships. After that, it's Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1. This will get your main battery range up from 16.06km to 18.63km. For your last slot, Damage Control Modification 2 is optimal for helping mitigate Fire damage. However, if you prefer, you can take Steering Gears Modification 2 to help with her sluggish handling. It's not going to do much, but every bit helps. Camouflage By default, WV41 1941 comes with Type 10 Camouflage. Alternatively, you can purchase W. Virginia 1941 as a cosmetic swap for 3,000 doubloons. Both types have identical bonuses, providing: 50% bonus experience gains 10% reduction to maintenance costs 3% reduction in surface detection 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. The big difference is how they sound. Yes, the W. Virginia 1941 camouflage has a custom horn! http://shipcomrade.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/West_Virginia_shiphorn_2.wav WV41's default camouflage pattern can be swapped for an alternative palette for those who have completed the second-medals section of the American Cruisers Collection. This changes the blue disruption pattern to a pale grey. For 3,000 doubloons, you can unlock the W. Virginia 1941 camouflage in red and brown. While this has the same economic bonuses, you do get a cute horn to toot Firepower Main Battery: Eight 406mm/45s in 4x2 turrets in an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration Secondary Battery: Eight 127mm/25s on the deck and and Ten 127mm/51 mounted in casemates. Right, West Viginia 1941's main battery guns are the only good thing about this ship. I'm going to avoid doing Wargaming's hype-job for them by gushing overmuch about how good these guns are. This said, WV41's guns are easily the best battleship-caliber weapons available at tier VI. They're so good you're going to pay for it in almost every other facet of this vessel. If what we go over here in her Firepower section doesn't wow you, then this isn't a ship worth paying for. The Unnecessary I don't want to waste too much time on WV41's secondaries. There's not much going for them. They have a 4km range. They reload in 4.5 seconds. She fires a maximum of four guns (not turrets -- guns) per side. There's no potential here. Obligatory, ugly stats-dump. One of these days, I'll figure out a way to make this look pretty. Sorry, Mutsu WV41 is armed with the same naval rifles as Colorado at tier VII -- and here they are shoe-horned in a full tier lower. She inherits these weapons in full, and not having to suffer with inferior ammunition choices. The few differences summarize to the following: Main Battery Range - Colorado has 2.77km more base reach with her main battery for 18.83km vs 16.06km (or 21.84km vs 18.63km with upgrades). Sigma - Colorado has 0.1 sigma more than WV41 for 1.90 versus 1.80. Standard dispersion test. 180 AP shells fired at 15km at a stationary Fuso without camouflage. Colorado and WV41 have identical dispersion areas -- the only difference is how often shells cluster towards the center of your aiming point (as determined by sigma). Warspite, equipped with Aiming Systems Modification 1 has been included as she represents the gold-standard of what precision looks like among battleships at this tier. Penetrate All the Things With WV41's precision and dispersion being considered "average", her guns need to make up some ground to make this vessel worthwhile. Where she does this is in her penetration power. This she has in spades. WV41 has the best AP penetration among tier VI battleships, hands-down. With more than 450mm worth of penetration at 18km, she has enough to penetrate broadside battleship belt armour of anything she might face. Furthermore, the large-caliber of her shells allows her to overmatch 27mm worth of hull plating. WV41 will punish any cruiser within her matchmaking spread while also being able to do the same to tier VI and VII battleships, regardless of angling. This just leaves tier VIII battleships able to bow-tank her. In answer to this, WV41 must reach for her HE shells. She has no special quirks with her HE shells, so use them only when needed. They have 67mm worth of penetration which is more than enough to bruise any opponents pulling off these shenanigans. Unlike other tier VI battleships, WV41 is far less reliant on HE shells than most, so having only mediocre shells here isn't a drawback. Provided you aim well and dispersion doesn't troll you, WV41's AP shells have more than enough penetration to handle almost any target you might face. Let's take a look at some of the raw stats: These are the top 5 battleships at tier VI for AP penetration as of patch 0.7.11. Penetration values are approximate and courtesy of proships.ru (link in the Appendix -- give them some love). Generally speaking, battleships at this tier are forced to choose between having good penetration or the ability to overmatch. WV41 is unique at tier VI for having both. Go figure, bigger shells hit harder. WV41 tops the charts on a per-shell damage basis at tier VI, with one of her hits dealing 18% to 20% more damage than a comparable 356mm shell. This number is important to keep in mind when you account for potential damage output. WV41's precision, penetration and overmatch mechanics make individual damaging hits more likely in many (but not all) situations compared to her peers. They're not God-Tier Good as WV41's guns are, they're far from perfect As any veteran Roma commander will tell you: There's such a thing as too much penetration. It's possible to blow clean through the machine spaces of some cruisers without causing a citadel hit. Thankfully, this is largely limited to point-blank range engagements against the lightest armoured cruisers. WV41 doesn't couple of her enormous penetration levels with high muzzle velocity. Where they're really lacking, in my opinion, is reach. I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to tell you this early that mounting such potential on a standard-type hull is going to cause issues and she struggles to keep up with the flow of battle. WV41's fire angles are only alright. You have to expose a fair bit of side to get her full salvos off. This isn't too bad when she's top-tier. However, when she's at the bottom of the pile, the enormous levels of penetration present makes a mockery of your belt at anything but near autobounce-angles. This problem with being bottom tier compounds with her range. Again, it's perfectly acceptable when she's top-tier, but the large maps she has to navigate when she's facing tier VIIs and tier VIIIs makes me wish she had closer to Colorado-levels of reach. Finally, the last fly in the ointment is this: She only has eight guns. You really need to maximize the opportunities provided by your high-penetration and overmatch potential to make your advantages count. If you're facing opponents that are constantly sailing broadside at medium-close ranges, you would have been better served with a larger battery of smaller-caliber weapons. WV41's theoretical damage output isn't bad at all for an eight-gun warship at tier VI. It's considerably better when you factor in the gimmicks that make dealing said damage easier -- namely her high penetration and her overmatch potential. WV41 has to rely on said advantages to differentiate herself from the twelve-gun heavy hitters which use volume of fire to make something stick. Most of these suffer from 1.60 sigma or less which makes any pretense of precision dubious. WV41's fire arcs are average and on the poor side of average at that, especially when kiting. Her gun handling benefits greatly from Expert Marksman if you have the skill points to spare. You don't need it, but you'll want it. Summary Her guns deliver heavy damage, but they're not flashy. Their big deal is that they penetrate all of the things. Her secondaries suck, but no one's surprised. Evaluation: What would have to happen to DOWNGRADE to : Worse sigma, a longer reload, slower gun traverse, etc. Defense Hit Points: 50,200 Min Bow & Deck Armour: 25mm Maximum Citadel Protection: 343mm belt + 45mm citadel wall Torpedo Damage Reduction: 22% I told you: You're going to pay a lot of concessions to have 406mm main battery guns on a tier VI ship. This is the first of many areas where WV41 only manages to be so-so. An Aside about HE Damage Mitigation At tier VI, Fuso here is the gold standard for HE resistance, ticking all five five boxes including a fully reinforced main deck and upper hull. This gives her the best chance of shattering and absorbing HE spam from most CLs, CAs and DDs. Note that on the whole, these bonuses only provide some small amount of protection. Cleveland is still going to melt your face off. Let's talk a minute about HE damage mitigation from cruisers and destroyers. In general, there are five components to look for when evaluating how well protected a battleship is against small and medium caliber HE. The idea is that a ship has either spaced-compartments to absorb the shot or she has heavier armour than normal in a given place. This reduces the surface area where HE shells can land a damaging hit. Extended Waterline Belts must be above the surface to have any value, reducing the amount of target area on the bow and stern. These are typically found on German and lower tiered battleships. Imperator Nikolai I stands out in this regard. An Anti-Torpedo Bulge can have some merit provided it extends upwards to cover parts of the hull that would otherwise be vulnerable. The Queen Elizabeth-class are a great example of this, with bulges that extend forward far enough to help protect part of their bow. Armoured Bridge help foil HE shells from otherwise damaging your super-squishy superstructure. They typically have armour as thick as (or thicker than) the ship's belt which is a no-no for all calibers of HE. Reinforced Hulls and Reinforced Decks come with three distinctions -- no mitigation, partial mitigation and full mitigation. No mitigation speaks for itself. The plating is no thicker than the extremities and cruisers will hoover up damage here for days. Partial is thick enough to repulse some small and medium caliber HE shells, typically those of destroyers. Full mitigation will repulse 152mm shells buffed with IFHE or even some heavy cruiser shells. Note that some ships will only have a small part of their main deck reinforced -- pay close attention to the amount of area covered. The Bismarck-class is a good example of this. The Colorado-class relies on raw armour thickness to repel AP shells. Not much of her plate has any appreciable angle which would further increase its relative thickness. So while her 343mm belt looks solid, you'd get more mileage out of the sloped belts of some of the later USN battleships like the South Dakota, North Carolina and Iowa-class battleships which have better protection for comparable thickness. Given her 25mm extremities and deck plating, WV41 is dangerously vulnerable to AP overmatch mechanics from 380mm guns or larger and most HE shells she'll face. Armour Protection WV41's protection scheme is alright if only just. She relies on raw armour thickness to carry the day and there are glaring holes in her defenses which are easy to exploit. Her 25mm extremities and deck are vulnerable to overmatch mechanics and HE spam. She has poor anti-torpedo defense and no spaced armour around her belt. Her internal citadel wall is only a third as thick as the other standard-types at her tier. Finally, she has one of the lowest health pools at tier VI, barely scraping together 50,000 hit points. There are two reasons WV41's durability is considered adequate and the first isn't exactly flattering. The protection schemes of a lot of the tier VI battleships are found wanting. The other two standard-types are the only ones that could claim to have decent anti-torpedo protection, for example. Vulnerability to overmatch mechanics and HE is a chronic problem at this tier, with only a few ships boasting sections of upper hull or deck greater than 25mm. The list of problems among tier VI super-dreadnoughts goes on, with citadel height, hit point disparity and module vulnerability all plaguing ships to various degrees. So at least WV41's in good company. WV41's second saving grace is that her belt and citadel armour is good enough. When top-tier and with a bit of range or angling, she can avoid the worst from incoming AP shells. The high penetration of her own guns means that her opponent's protection scheme matters much less. If it comes to outlasting tier VI and VII opponents, WV41's defense is sufficient unto the task, allowing you to trade fire effectively. It falls apart against tier VIIIs, though. With her low hit point total, WV41 is second-to-last for effective HP among her peers. This is yet another way WV41 pays for those awesome guns and the cost is getting pretty steep. According to the Devs, WV41 (like other USN Premiums) is NOT slated to get the proposed Repair Party Buff coming to the American battleship line. I predict they'll rescind this statement. Repair Party You can't talk about American battleships without talking about this consumable. The lead of WV41's class, Colorado, has an improved Repair Party that heals back 18.48% of her health over 28 seconds instead of 14%. The entirety line of researched American battleships is getting said buff if the Work in Progress changes go through. The premium battleships are not, WV41 included. In this way, WV41 is being "Mutsu'd". While the Japanese premium was gutted by her poor shells, WV41 really feels the lack of Colorado's regeneration. Her hit point pool feels even smaller without it, and it's already pretty small. To put it another way, I was genuinely shocked when Wargaming told me that WV41 was not currently slated to be getting her Repair Party buffed in 0.7.12. It feels out-of-place. If she does eventually get it, it will be a welcome addition. Summary: Her armour is "okay". Her hit point total is not. Her anti-torpedo protection is unsightly compared to the other standard-types. Overmatch and HE are your bane. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : New Mexico's new Repair Party. Agility Top Speed: 21 knots Port Turning Radius: 670m Rudder Shift Time: 13.7 seconds 4/4 Engine Speed Turning Rate: 3.6º/s WV41 chasing Colorado in a turning radius test. You'll note how the gif "pops" as WV reaches the 9 o'clock position and skips to the 6 o'clock position while Colorado's circle is complete. She's that much slower than Colorado. This test confirmed WV41's port-stats as accurate. However, it did provide proof that Colorado doesn't turn as well as advertised. The lead-ship has a 710m turning radius, not 640m, so WV41 has a slight leg up there. Standard-type battleships are notoriously slow. WV41 somehow manages to be even slower. Yes, really. Wargaming has artificially boosted the engine power of some of the American battleships in a similar way to Royal Navy cruisers and destroyers. For normal battleships, they lose up to 25% of their maximum speed while under manoeuvres. Thus, a 30 knot battleship will drop down to about 22.5 knots in a sustained turn. New Mexico and Colorado both lose less speed in a turn than they should -- much less in Colorado's case; a mere 9%. Not so WV41. WV41 is entirely normal when it comes to manoeuvrability penalties, joining Arizona in this sorry-state. Thus WV41's 21.1 knot top speed falls down to 15.9 knots in a turn. Unless you're sailing in a perfectly straight line, this ship struggles to maintain 18 knots with any consistency. Unlike Arizona, WV41 has a larger turning radius of 670m instead of 640m. The combination of this slow speed and larger turning radius makes WV41 positively glacial when it comes to her rate of turn and arguably the worst-handling of any of the American battleships in the game. The gone ray of sunshine is that she can't out turn her turrets. So yay? So WV41 isn't getting anywhere fast. You can be fatalistic or proactive with this. The former is pretty brainless -- you're not fast enough to flex, so pick a path and accept whatever happens beyond your range as being outside of your control. Blame teams for your losses and decry WV41 as a trashbote because of it. The latter means work -- a lot of work. Develop your situational awareness. Keep a ready eye on the minimap and have a keen sense of predicting the flow of battle. Flex well in advance and give yourself time to intercept key threats. It's exhausting but you can work around this deficiency. The larger the map, the more work this is -- perhaps more work than it's worth. Summary Blame Lert for inspiring this image. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : She's the worst of the worst here. It would take a lot to redeem her. She'd need a turning radius smaller than 640m or better energy preservation in a turn to overtake Arizona. That still wouldn't improve her standing. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Gun Calibers: 127mm/ 76.2mm / 12.7mm AA Aura Ranges: 4.2km / 3.5km / 1.2km AA DPS per Aura: 58.4 / 11.2 / 30.4 There's more bad news here. WV41's AA power sucks. It's worse than Arizona's, it's that bad. Do I need to elaborate more than that? What's this nonsense? "Effective AA DPS"? On the eve of the Aircraft Carrier rework, stressing over current AA mechanics just isn't worth while. Be glad WV41 isn't being sold on the premise that she has good AA. That might end up not meaning much in a few short months. This chart shows the relative power level of given AA armaments based on not only the amount of damage their mounts put out but also how far they can reach to keep enemy planes under fire. Thus ships which concentrate their firepower into long-range will get a higher rating than one that focuses on medium or short. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : Technically she deserves a "" at least going by the metric that she's not the worst or second worst at her tier. However, AA power at tier VI is almost across the board with only a few battleships that have enough to give any CV pause. I'm not pulling any punches here. Refrigerator Base Surface Detection: 16.42km Air Detection Range: 14.68km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 13.70km Detection Range when Firing in Smoke: 15.9km Main Battery Firing Range: 16.06km (18.63km with APRM1) While it cannot be accurately said that WV41 pays for the power of her guns with a lack of concealment, this definitely isn't one of her strong points. Her concealment is on the bad side of average, sitting just above Dunkerque and Mutsu by 500m, but well behind just about everything else. A full stealth build is highly recommended -- use and abuse what little ability to hide that she has. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : Losing two or three kilometers off her surface detection range. Taking Me Home WV41's skill choices are stupidly easy. With no real anti-aircraft firepower worth upgrading and secondaries that may as well shoot spit balls instead of HE shells, that just leaves a survivability build as the only real option here. Start with Priority Target. If you prefer, you can take Preventative Maintenance instead, but it's not optimal. Adrenaline Rush is your second skill choice. Take Basics of Survivability next. Finally, to round out your 10th skill point, choose between Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert. You'll be taking both, so the order is up to you. You'll take the other one for your 14th point. At 17pts you should take Superintendent. Note, if WV41 had the buffed Repair Party the other USN Battleships will be getting, you'd take this before Basics of Survivability and the two skills would trade places in order of priority. Oh well. And finally, round things off with Expert Marksman. If you prefer, you can take Jack of All Trades or High Alert instead. Final Evaluation Unless a ship is particularly novel, I'm not a fan of having to put in extra work to get a ship to perform. West Virginia 1941 is one such vessel. Her guns truly are phenomenal at tier VI. The rest of her, though? Well, it's all poor-to-average at best. There's a trap in such an evaluation though -- just because something measures up 'okay' compared to what else is out there, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's 'okay' on the whole. WV41's concealment is a good example of this. For a tier VI battleship, it's decidedly average. In order to be functionally competitive based on everything else, it's woefully inadequate. The same could be said for her AA power and agility. A case could even be made that her durability is similarly lacking. Those awesome guns have cost her dear. Her firepower up-tiers well even if the rest of her does not. WV41's weaknesses are scarcely noticeable when she's facing tier V and VI ships. This is largely owing to map sizes being so much more comfortable to her 'stately' waddle and modest range. Top-tier, she's truly a monster and you can really feel that this is what she was balanced for. She's on the tipping edge of being too powerful to be a tier VI ship. She's a solid contender for Ranked Battles. If Wargaming were to buff her with Colorado's agility and New Mexico's upcoming Repair Party improvements, she'll give Warspite a run for her money as the best choice in this limited competitive scene. The Random Battles queue won't let you play as top-tier all the time, however, so you have to contend with how WV41 stacks up against higher-tiered opponents. Provided you can get in range with her guns and not get focused, she performs well. The challenge, which is darn well near insurmountable at times, is getting into firing position, keeping up with the flow of battle, and being able to disengage when things get too hot. WV41 compounds the problems facing the Colorado-class as a whole by exaggerating the weaknesses that defined the class. Colorado is slow. WV41 is slower. Colorado isn't very durable. WV41 is weaker still. Colorado isn't flexible. WV41 is even shorter ranged. If a situation makes Colorado struggle, then WV41 founders. I'm not going to tell you this is a good ship. It isn't. I will tell you that her guns are good -- excellent, even. They're unfortunately mounted on an interwar, standard-type hull. In my opinion, the ship's worth playing for her guns alone. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the experience of firing her guns is worth paying for. My opinion here will probably change if she gets some small improvements, like that Repair Party buff. Would I Recommend? It's maybe a little presumptuous of me to say, but this isn't the ship that anyone asked for. Almost universally, if someone wanted West Virginia to show up in World of Warships, they wanted to see her late-war rebuild. Her story is a compelling one. She is a phoenix that rose from the ashes of Pearl Harbor and went on to avenge not only herself, but the United States Navy too. On top of that, her late war build is so much more interesting in terms of game play. What-if debates have gone back and forth on what tier she would end up and with what gimmicks to make her competitive. I don't think we'll see West Virginia 1944 anytime soon, though. If Wargaming rushed, they could have her out sometime in 2019, but I just don't think she's high priority. After all, they have West Virginia 1941 to sell. West Virginia 1945's anti-aircraft armament. My body is ready. PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? Yes for Co-Op, no for Scenarios. WV41 excels in Co-Op. You can count on the bots to always come charging blindly at you which mitigates her weaknesses. In Scenarios, her speed and lack of AA power is a big liability. Random Battle Grinding: This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. No. While she's a beast when top-tier, it's a roll of the dice to get that kind of favourable Matchmaking. If you could guarantee it? Absolutely, she's all kinds of fun when she's kicking in the teeth of her contemporaries. For Competitive Gaming: Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. Yes. Oh look, guaranteed top-tier Matchmaking. For Collectors: If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. No. I'm waiting for West Virginia 1944. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? Yes, surprisingly. I enjoyed playing WV41. I do love my standard-type battleships. What’s the Final Verdict? How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage – Meh – Gud – Overpowered? GARBAGE– I hate it! Mehbote – An average ship. Probably forgettable. Gudbote – The best thing ever. Totally not overpowered because I like padding my stats in it. OVERPOWERED – I hate playing against it! In Conclusion My goodness, I managed to get a review out on time over the holidays! That's one at least. The next ship to be reviewed is Bourgogne, the tier X French Battleship. I wasn't going to prioritize her initially, but news of Wargaming giving players the opportunity to acquire Steel outside of Ranked and Clan Battles has bumped her up my list. Hopefully I'll have her review out by this time next week. Dreadnought and Charleston remain in my backlog. Prinz Eitel Friedrich looks very close to being released too, so stay tuned! Appendix Armour penetration data was pulled from: http://proships.ru/stat/ships/
  3. I noticed in the dev notes on today's mini-update that some ships were being turned loose for Super Testers. Was wondering if we might expect to see West Virginia and maybe Vanguard in the wild.
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    Upcoming ship models

    Woke up to a bunch of emails from the modelist maxromash that makes ships for wows, here are the 3D models for West Virginia 41, Charleston, witchita, vanguard, and Dreadnought. West Virginia https://sketchfab.com/models/8386087c12474362b71756e31581511a?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Charleston https://sketchfab.com/models/7c4b7128d3954749bfd11e232f3400d4?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Wichita https://sketchfab.com/models/2c2b3bd549b744de8d0f5b605ee70116?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Vanguard https://sketchfab.com/models/946f2db414d24336b6fec4d1eeffd7e6?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Dreadnought https://sketchfab.com/models/5b1d62fc047d423daf6629422708bfc5?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following
  5. This issue with the 1941 vs 1944 West Virginia debate shows Wargaming has a chance for a big promotional opportunity with premium US battleships. A few people have suggested naming the West Virginia 41 as Maryland instead, and truthfully, you have to have a deep knowledge for the details before you would ever recognize the differences between the two ships at that time. I suggest going even further. The WV41 model is also very similar to the 1941 design of the Tennessee and California, with the primary difference being they had the same main armament as the New Mexico instead. Furthermore, their 1944 configuration is what the WV refit was modeled after, so when that ship is modeled, the same general framework could be used. What Wargaming could potentially do is create a series of US premium battleships that could be sold in the shop as pairs that are tied to a specific event: The attack on Pearl Harbor: 1941 Maryland (T6) and 1944 West Virginia (T7) 1941 California (T6) and 1944 Tennessee (T7) 1941 Arizona (T6) and 1944 Pennsylvania (T7) 1941 Oklahoma (T5) and 1944 Nevada (T6) It could be a big seller for the connection to this major historical event, and the rising of most of the ships from the flames, so to speak. Thoughts?
  6. First off I would like to say that i am very grateful of the fact that WG actually Tries to fix issues and make the player base happy (Unlike Gajin, EA, and many others) and granted its not perfect, its nice that they are trying. So with all the West Virginia Threads going around I figured i would give my impute on it as Colorado is one of my favorite ships with about 342 games in it as of this post and i want what is best for the class. I would recommend the following: Suggestion 1: Give the Colorado the Marylands 1945 Hull with the 5'38"s and buff the sigma back to 2.0 instead of 1.9/1.8. 2: Add WV-44 as ether a Free XP ship or a Premium ship and give it the Massachusetts Treatment, this would be the following: Give it a lower Sigma of ether 1.8 or 1.7 and also raise the reload to 32 seconds instead of Colorado's 30, Give it a Slightly weaker heal then Colorado only with a 60-50 second cooldown instead of 80 and the same Damage control party, Give it better performing secondaries with the +40% to Accuracy and a longer range, Give it an Improved Torpedo Belt as that was one of the main reasons it is so much wider, (I'd say around 45-50% instead of the 37% or so of Colorado) 3 Make the current WV-41 be Maryland 1941, I understand this means some Changes to the 3D Model but this would work best because then the whole class would be in the game instead of 2 of the same ship. I may have missed some things here but I feel this would make the Colorado and West virginia-1944 Balance Pretty well as they would have the Same secondaries and would have Comparable AA with these hulls. this would be the Colorado C hull: and this would be West Virginia-1944 (Obviously)
  7. So with all the West Virginia Threads going around I figured i would give my impute on it as Colorado is one of my favorite ships with about 342 games in it as of this post and i want what is best for the class. I would recommend the following: 1: Give the Colorado the Marylands 1945 Hull with the 5'38"s and buff the sigma back to 2.0 instead of 1.9/1.8. 2: Add WV-44 as ether a Free XP ship or a Premium ship and give it the Massachusetts Treatment, this would be the following: Give it a lower Sigma of ether 1.8 or 1.7 and also raise the reload to 32 seconds instead of Colorado's 30, Give it a Slightly weaker heal then Colorado only with a 60-50 second cooldown instead of 80 and the same Damage control party, Give it better performing secondaries with the +40% to Accuracy and a longer range, Give it an Improved Torpedo Belt as that was one of the main reasons it is so much wider, (I'd say around 45-50% instead of the 37% or so of Colorado) 3 Make the current WV-41 be Maryland 1941, I understand this means some Changes to the 3D Model but this would work best because then the whole class would be in the game instead of 2 of the same ship. I may have missed some things here but I feel this would make the Colorado and West virginia-1944 Balance Pretty well. this would be the Colorado C hull: and this would be West Virginia-1944 (Obviously)
  8. West Virginia – Getting her done right It’s little secret that the reception to the West Virginia as a tier VI premium has been overwhelmingly negative. In fact, it’s hardly surprising. On the NA server, ‘WeeVee’ has long been one of the more heavily requested USN battleship premiums, but specifically in her 1944 state once emerging from refit after her sinking at Pearl Harbor. Instead, WG gave us WeeVee as she appeared on December 7th, 1941 – her last modernization having been in in July of 1941. Basically, we got Mutsu’d. After sinking at Pearl Harbor, she took until 17 May 1942 to be refloated, and began repairs early in June. About a year later (7 May 1943), she sailed stateside for a full refit, which largely rebuilt her superstructure, and by the time she emerged in September of 1944, ready for action, she looked something like this; Scarcely a month later, she would get some measure of revenge against the Japan for her mauling at Pearl Harbor, at the Battle of Surigao Strait. The surviving forces of the Japanese southern force sailed into the teeth of seven American Standard-Type battleships, already having lost Fuso, and Yamashiro a cripple having taken two torpedo hits an numerous 5” shell hits. As the crippled Japanese battleship came into range, West Virginia was the first to open fire, commencing the last battleship-on-battleship action in history, although the better term for it would be execution. Her first salvo, guided by her Mk.8 Fire Control Radar, straddled and hit her target, and continued to straddle for the rest of the engagement as her wounded foe was torn apart in a deluge of 16” and 14” fire from West Virginia, Tennessee, and California. Finally, destroyers came in and finished off the Japanese force with torpedoes, and the victims of Pearl Harbor had had their revenge. So, the better question now is; how can we bring this version of West Virginia to life? The Avenger of Surigao Strait Fresh from her refit at Puget Sound, ‘WeeVee’ weighed in at some 40,396 tons, and was vastly improved compared to how she had been before Pearl Harbor. Her armament of sixteen 5” guns of various types (single and dual-purpose) had been disposed of and instead her secondary battery consisted of sixteen 5”/38’s in eight twin Mk.24 mounts, power operated and capable of far more destructive potential than her prior battery had. Her Anti-Aircraft firepower had also increased considerably, her medium AA consisting of forty Bofors 40mm cannons in ten quadruple mounts and fifty single Oerlikon 20mm cannons. Her main armor deck was also considerably improved, as well as her torpedo defense system (increasing overall depth by a meter). Her Fire Control had also been improved as instead of relying purely on optics as she had done previously, she was fitted with the Mk.8 Fire Control Radar, which was inferior only to the Mk.13 fitted on some American warships at the time, such as her sister the Colorado. The cost of this refit was not high (half a knot of speed), but it made her far more capable than she was prior to Pearl Harbor, and compared to her sisters she was outright superior to the Maryland, and had a more effective anti-aircraft armament than Colorado even if her fire control wasn’t quite equal yet. So, how does this affect us in determining how to place West Virginia in-game? Well, from a raw statistical point of view, let us compare to Colorado; Weighing in at 40,396 tons, some 744 tons short of Colorado, West Virginia will have 58,600 health points (compared to 59,300 on Colorado). 20.5 knots versus 21 knots on Colorado. Slightly inferior FC (Means bugger-all in-game). Improved AA armament as illustrated below; So basically she loses out a little in mid-range AA, but has much better close in and long-range AA – reaching near Gneisenau levels of long-range firepower. So how can we help translate these into making West Virginia unique compared to her sister? Well, the obvious choice is to maximize her main difference – her secondaries. Her AA is already strong, but her secondaries aren’t inherently better – until you Massachusetts-ize them. Crank the rate of fire up to 15 rpm and give them a long range of 7.5 km, and similar accuracy. Sit back and laugh at the hail of fire you send downrange. But then the question becomes, if we’re taking an upgraded Colorado-class battleship… what tier should she be? Is her refit enough to bump her up a tier? Or should she stay? Generally speaking, battleships are meant to be built and balanced based on the holy trinity; armor, firepower, and speed. At tier VII, it looks something like this; The golden circle is just about the perfect balance of armor, speed, and firepower, and is where the true ‘Fast Battleships’ can be found. At tier VII, the only real ship that fits this role is the King George V. Colorado clearly favors armor and firepower and not at all speed, being the slowest ship at the tier. However, this doesn’t make her unbalanced at the tier – just a variety, as other ships also fit the triangle of extremes around the tree – Scharnhorst with good armor and speed but not great firepower, and ships like Ashitaka with less armor but great speed and firepower. So how about tier VIII? As you can see, this is a very different story, with almost all the ships focusing around the middle, as pretty much every ship here is a fast battleship. The two largest discrepancies of the tier VIII battleships is Bismarck, leaning towards armor more than speed and firepower, and Amagi, leaning more to firepower and speed than armor. Colorado is all the way on the armor/firepower side, and also nearly off the triangle entirely. Why? Well, the issue is Colorado is not only slow for the tier (7 knots behind the closest competitor), but she’s also inferior in every other regard, with inferior belt armor even to the relatively thinly armored American fast battleships, and inferior firepower, with only eight 406mm guns. While the fact she’s supposed to be ‘improved’ over Colorado is something that might lead one to assume that she’s fit for a higher tier… the key thing to remember here is that this is a 1920s hull upgraded to 1940s standards. She has limits to what she can do, and even with all her help, she’s still far behind the modern warships at tier VIII. Perhaps the best way to evaluate just what kind of gap exists is to compare her to the two current American tier VIII premiums; Alabama and Massachusetts. The first and most obvious gap is the top speed – at 27.5 knots versus 20.5 knots, they’re a full 7 knots faster than West Virginia – and they’re two of the slowest tier VIII battleships currently. However, she’s also inferior in other areas: Armor – while nominally thicker on paper (343mm vs 307mm), the greater incline on the belt of the SouDaks gives them superior resistance at ranges of 10 km and beyond. Firepower – not only do they feature an extra barrel (and able to bring 6 to bear forward instead of only four), but the 406mm Mk.6 rifles of the SouDaks fire much more powerful AP shells, the famous Mk.8 ‘Super-Heavy Shells’ with 20% more mass than the Mk.5’s fired by West Virginia Anti-Aircraft Fire – WeeVee is also inferior in this regard, with less 5” and 40mm AA power than either SouDak, while having more 20mm than Massachusetts (but less than Alabama). Secondaries – WeeVee is again beaten, having only 80% of the secondary broadside as the SouDak’s. Healthpool – as a lighter ship than even Colorado, her healthpool will be inferior to the heavier SouDaks With so many categories stacked against her, it’s hard to see how such a ship could make it. At tier VIII, she’s facing an uphill battle – not only is she too slow to be able to chose when and how she engages other ships, but even if she can engage she’s at a disadvantage due to her inferior firepower and armor. Even her claim to fame, her enhanced anti-aircraft armament, is nothing special for the tier. At the end of the day, she is simply out-classed by the multitude of more modern designs, all more tactically flexible than her. Placing her modernized form at such a tier would make her feel like a VW beetle painted red trying to keep up in a race with an 488 Spider – just because it wears the same paintjob, doesn’t quite make it the same league of vehicle. WV44 suffers from the same problem. She looks modern and capable, but isn’t, compared to all the modern fast battleships. So where does that leave us? Well, there’s only one place we can put her between tier VI (boo!) and tier VIII (a bridge too far) – tier VII. “But wait, Phoenix!” I hear you cry, “That’s the same tier as Colorado, and WeeVee44 is all modernized, and Coloradoisn’t!” Well, not quite. I briefly went over their differences beforehand, but I’ll review them again. WV44, as she fought at Surigao Strait, is fresh out of her refit, scarcely a month having gone by. Colorado is the ship as she was in 1945, at which point she had taken on plenty of upgrades herself, albeit not nearly as extensive as the refit West Virginia went thought. In some ways, she’s inferior to her sister, but in other ways, she’s stronger. West Virginia at tier VII So how should WeeVee slot into tier VII? She’s essentially a variation of Colorado, sort of like what Texas is to New York, but without being totally superior. West Virginia is more of a brawler ship than Colorado, with a greater emphasis on damage mitigation against torpedoes and damage output with her secondaries. She’s also not afraid to punish any attempts to distract her with long-range firepower – so she can support her friendly ships around her more effectively. However, she’s not nearly as good a shot at long range as Colorado, and her ability to take raw damage isn’t nearly as good due to lacking Colorado’s superior heal and lacking the same healthpool. Since we’re all familiar with Colorado, I won’t give a full breakdown of all stats, but only compare the differences that the two ships could have and both fit into tier VII. First off, what West Virigina gains: WeeVee gets a major boost in AA firepower, with 180 vs 133.2 dps from 20mm AA and 120.8 dps versus 58.4 dps from her 5” guns – and a full 5.0 km base range versus the 4.2 km on Colorado. Given her TDS was a meter deeper (8m vs 9m), her TDS increases from the 37% of Colorado – out to 41.6% Her secondary battery is a uniform eight 5”/38’s to a broadside with a rate of fire of 15 rpm (4 sec reload) and a base range of 6.0 km, for a base output of 120 rpm. Colorado’s secondaries are a mix, four 5”/25’s and four 5”/51’s, which put a combined 87.6 rpm out to 5.0 km. However, Colorado has the advantage of: Barely superior 40mm AA – 161.1 dps to 159.0 dps Higher hitpoints (59300 vs 58600 HP) A superior heal – she regains 0.66% of her HP per tick compared to 0.50% on West Virginia She makes for a better long-range sniper due to her 1.9 sigma compared to 1.8 on WeeVee 21 vs 20.5 knots top speed. Thus, it is quite apparent that Colorado is more suited to long-range combat, sniping at enemy cruiser or trading salvoes with enemy battleships, away from the threat of torpedoes and hopefully several DFAA cruisers away from enemy aircraft carriers. She’ll have a harder time avoiding damage, but she’s better at recovering from it due to her superior heal. However, West Virginia is without a doubt the better close-support ship, her TDS shaving off almost half the potential damage of torpedoes, and her monstrous volume of secondary fire making it very difficult for enemy destroyers to approach her. Her long-range AA makes her far less vulnerable to being caught out by enemy aircraft, as tends to happen with her slow speed. In this manner, both ships are balanced with each other, neither being totally superior to the other. They are sisters, but they occupy two different roles. Final Verdict Well, I’ve said my piece. What do you guys think? WV44 has been one of the more hotly demanded American battleships since before the game got out of even alpha testing, and plenty have not been pleased by her placement at tier VI. So what do you think? Is she fine at tier VI? Should she be pushed to tier VIII? Or is tier VII the best fit? I know the subject has been debated tirelessly for the last week, but I felt it was a good idea to make the point. And the poll. And please, don't vote until you've read things through! Good luck and Fair Seas!
  9. I had a comment last night that I wanted to flesh out more. Concerning the addition of the (early 1920s and less desirable) West Virginia, I looked at the ship and immediately lost all desire to purchase it. I've not been one of those players around since beta or active on the forums, but additional US standard type battleships have been one of the classes I've been looking forward to the most (it was the topic that even brought me to the forum). I really do desire most a T7 version of either Tennessee or California post refit the most (as I do love my Arizona and I enjoyed New Mex in the grind), but the addition of the last and greatest of standards was a highly anticipated moment. West Virginia should be the apex of the line, the cream of the crop, and the Standard that can best stand against the newer battleships. However, at the same time, I realize that WG is going to go out of its way to turn a profit, and a quick turn around on an A hull is, depressingly, one of the ways to go. And I can't hold that against them; while I do not own them myself, one of my clan mates does have Mutsu and Kii and she finds both of them to be some of her favorite ships to play in general. I did consider Ashitaka in the past, but reviews that I read about her led me away from purchasing the vessel at the time. That's the sum total of my experience of the down-tiered battleships. As such, I don't doubt that they could be balanced around and could even be decent ships at the tier. However, I believe this is not the way to go about that situation, especially as it deprives WG the chance to turn additional profit down the line with a good post-refit West Virginia. As such, I figured I would lay out my own recommendation on how to handle the change so WG can have its cake and eat it too: T6 Premium - Colorado Yes, make the T6 vessel Colorado. This was the only unmodernized battleship of the three Colorado class, and it would be most fitting down at T6 in its old A hull form. This also clears the way for its replacement, which allows for potential further changes. T7 Tech Tree - Maryland I say make Maryland the tech tree variant, as this provides a potential Hull C refit in the future, which would modernize the AA weaponry and not much else. With the upcoming CV work, to the best of my understanding, AA will be made important again, so the buff brought about by a Hull C should be countered by that. From what I have read, Colorado as a tech tree ship is in need of a buff as it stands. This may be sufficient enough to buff the vessel without altering other statistics, such as improving Sigma again. T8 Premium - West Virginia This is where it is difficult - fitting WV in at T7 would mean likely sacrificing her accuracy. Making her a secondary ship only at T7 would be hard, as she lacks the speed to dictate engagement range, and it would be opposite of her actual status of having the best fire control of the sisters. It would either be that, nerfing her AA stats past what they should be, nerfing her reload speed akin to Arizona, just something in that regard. Or, one could put her at T8. Have accuracy as good as the old Colorado and better range, coming close to the NC in those terms (perhaps better Sigma but worse dispersion per km, as the latter I believe is the case). Her hull is short and her turrets are closer, so you have more similar firing angles in comparison to the newer vessels. Have torpedo protection likely better than Alabama. Have 4/5s the AA and secondaries of Massachusetts. And the biggest cost is being limited to 20-21 knots without a speed flag. It also is incredibly beamy, so it makes a big juicy target for HE spammers. If she needs additional buffs to actually be competitive at T8, those could be a number of things. Adjust the heal amount to compensate. It doesn't have to be Nelson's ship printer, but it can be higher than normal. Sigma, as mentioned, could be adjusted upwards - 2.05, perhaps even 2.1. You'd have a slow firing ship using old ammunition and that doesn't pierce as well as newer ammunition, so every shot would have to count more. Perhaps you could give her the Slot 5 Steering Gears Mod 3 - it'd fit with her ability to drive her shafts in opposite directions (Being turboelectric), and it'd grant her that extra bit of maneuverability to dodge incoming fire. Perhaps that combined with better accel through turns would allow her to maintain most of her speed in a turn, allowing better performance throughout. I had mentioned in other comments even a custom flavor consumable for any turboelectric vessel, Evasive Maneuvering, to simulate that - a consumable to reduce rudder shift, tactical diameter, and accel/deccel for 15-20 seconds while active. This could even take the place of the spotter plane, so those who would be sniping anyway would have to give up that extra maneuverability to do so. - Either way, it'd be a premium that is not necessarily easy to play, requires conscious awareness of the battlefield and a plan on how to engage it as you cannot react quickly to changes on the battlefield. It'd be a premium that would introduce a new playstyle to T8 (there are lots of fast and medium fast battleship, but no slow battleships) and it would reward patient play while punishing overextension. I don't see how it could be overpowering, just a tough hyperaccurate brick that can be outrun fairly successfully. - Oh, and if a US T7 premium battleship is needed, then there is a near immediate solution. T7 Premium California/Tennessee It would basically be putting New Mexico's turrets on West Virginia's hull, to be crude. It would have more guns of smaller caliber, and perhaps better accuracy, than the T7 tech tree Maryland, and it would have better torpedo protection, but it would also be one knot slower and only have roughly equivalent AA. It would also have the particular flaws of a 14" gun vs the 16" guns used on Maryland. It wouldn't have the secondary range of WV just because it would be the rough equivalent of Maryland rather than filling out a whole new niche on its own.