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Found 1 result

  1. I've been grinding the Fletcher in co-op this week. 78 games in, 135k (170k with B hull) done, another ~100k to go. I've played four games today, all have been weak games. First game largely wasted with a smolensk behind me gobbling up all of the easy XP (DDs and plane kills). Next game standard battle, and I need caps to get decent XP since damage gives such terrible diminishing returns on XP for DDs, or so it seems. The next two games all the bots decide to bum rush the cap I'm at, and all I can do is hope to yolo out, get torp hits, but no way to get a cap. I'm a new co-op player so I'm still learning the ropes for co-op grinds. I've been running a perma camo on my Fletcher, +50% xp signal, one of the special signals with another +50 xp in about half of the games, and I have premium account time. The progress has been okay s far, faster than it would likely have been in randoms, with co-op games being so fast. The bottle neck is the limit of special signals, that means more game grinding. I have a couple of questions for you co-op veterans. What sort of strategy do you use for playing DDs like the Fletcher? I've been going right up to the cap, but not entering (looking to farm defense ribbons). I'll smoke when a ship, usually a DD, get close. I'll farm whatever comes closest with guns. I try to save my torps for cruisers that get too close, but ideally I'll sprint out on a closing BB or two for an easy yolo torp run. Generally the xp is decent, relative to what the rest the of the team is getting. My average damage is ~72k a game. Not being a co-op regular I don't know if that's good or bad. In randoms that would be decent, in co-op maybe that's chump change. My goal is to get defense ribbons, caps, then damage, plane kills are a bonus. That doesn't always go to plan when too many bots charge. If you guys have any tips on strategy for DDs, or general co-op strategies, I'd love to hear from you.