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Found 2 results

  1. Herr_Reitz

    Friday Night You Tube Weirdness

    So open your favorite drink (water, tea, milk, whatever) and watch this. Not so much for all the very weird logic but for the extreme, almost hard to believe coincidences caught on video.
  2. Issue: The enemy DD in the video takes multiple salvos from my Leander, and from a Mass and doesn't even die, I also get 3 pens and he just survives... Expected Result: The enemy DD should have died long before, even before my recording there were multiple salvos by the Mass who couldn't kill the enemy at 103 hp. How to Replicate: Put a DD in that exact position shown on TRAP, domination, and then replicate smokes and such, I don't know if this was exactly a bug or could be some sort of hacking, but I doubt hacking. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: The beginning of this video is very important.