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Found 4 results

  1. Mr_Argamas

    Weimar run, PVP style.

    I thought I would share an hilarious short game replay with you. I basically get my Weimar, hit the engine boost, and rush at the enemy team. Ending the game at 6:19 by killing the enemy CV. Sunk 3 ships and nearly killed a 4th (everything I had on my flank). 15 citadel hits, 123.9k dmg. A massive blowout for the red team. I also uploaded the replay to wows replay, but it appears like it didn't sum the dmg from the last salvo that ended the game (it only shows 115k). https://replayswows.com/replay/157196 Still linking, because the video might appear, eventually. 20220405_185019_PGSC517-Weimar_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay /edit: forgot to add the screenshot with battle duration.
  2. Hukom

    Having fun with the Weimar

    I got Weimar from a Santa Crate last December, but totally forgot about it. Now I've been seeing a lot of amazing scores with this ship, and I've read many times that this is the King of Narai, so I decided to try and emulate what other players have done. This ship is seriously fun. I don't even have a Lutjens, but I can say it is really made for this Operation. I went the CV route—just like those amazing games I've seen—sunk a few ships, nearly got sunk, but managed to survive with less than 1,000 HP left. I'm usually below average in this operation, but on this game, I made my highest score ever. Link: https://youtu.be/85PsBGUTOO8
  3. Blorgh2017

    Weimar in PVE

    Has anybody tried Weimar in Coop, and also in the Operation Narai, yet? How does she perform, especially when compared to Munchen, the other forgotten(kek ) Tier VII Premium German CL? I'm currently at work, and I won't be home till very late because of a lot of overtime today, but I was still curious... lol. I really like Munchen, because she's so fast and nimble (almost like an oversized DD with a citadel), with a decent concealment, and floaty shells that allow island-camping playstyle, if needed. On the other hand, I heard that Weimar has less range, worse mobility, and not as good concealment? Well, she has whooping four more guns, plus the Spotter Plane and the Speed Boost. IMHO, the latter consumable was a bit of a surprise to me. It feels like an odd choice of a consumable to give to her... but I haven't played her yet, so I guess I can't really say much until I do. Still, those extra guns should count for something, right? Maybe? LEL. Thanks in advance... lul.
  4. So, a CC named Carbine Carlito released this video, just several hours earlier: (YouTube video link) He put the word "REVIEW" in the title and in the video thumbnail... so I'm guessing she's due to arrive very soon? TBH, I'm personally all for having more German ships in the game (I'll definitely grab her once she arrives), but I'm not entirely sure why she exists. We already have Munchen at the same tier. Just saying. You know. As a reminder, lol. Unless... WeeGee forgot that Munchen exists, and went "we need a Tier VII Premium German CL in the game," or something... lel. Speaking of which, Weimar kinda looks like a baby Mainz... and Mainz sort of looks like a baby Hindenburg... so does that mean Weimar is a baby-baby Hindenburg? LUL.