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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Captain! So I typically collect feedback for items that most people might be interested in or something I would be interested in improving. Now, I want to hear from you! What is it you want to improve about World of Warships that bothers you from time to time? Is there a particular ship you feel needs attention? Something about a map? User Interface concerns? I'd like to know. That said, some topics I earnestly would not gain benefit from in the feedback portion, so let me list a couple that I would ask you don't leave feedback for: - CV Rework: We know, we have seen the memes, and it's being worked on. Placing feedback on what's already being worked on won't be beneficial I'm afraid - CVs in Clan Battles: See above. -National Flags: Honestly, this would simply not be constructive and a sore point for some. Let's avoid it. -National Political Icons on ships: You know the ones I'm talking about, and it's not worth feedback on. OK, that's all of the big items. I realize with this week of thoughts, I'm opening the proverbial "floodgates", so do be aware that for the sake of proper discourse and discussion posts that are could spiral into a quagmire of intense and heated arguments may be hidden. I thank you all for you constructive input, as I do want to improve World of Warships and look forward to hearing about your pain points.
  2. Hello Captains! With the new Patch of 0.7.4, Ranked Battles will be coming. Tier 8 for the first several ranks, then Tier X for Ranks 10 and up. So my question is what ships will you be using in Ranked, and why? What has served you well in the past and what do you anticipate the new meta being? Let's hear your thoughts! (NOTE: If you don't care about Ranked Battles, this ain't the thread for you. Please move along!)
  3. Hello Captains! I was talking the other day with @SeaRaptor00 about German Cruisers and frankly I found I'm just not good a the line (I wish I was, but I don't feel like forcing the skillset). That said, I found that United States cruisers favored me a lot more. This brings me to my question this week: What is your favorite tech tree ship line? Why is it as such? Of course I can simply see what tree gets more play on the server, but I'm curious "why". Was it a Premium Ship that complementing the line to get you playing it? Maybe some emotional connection? National Pride? Let me hear from you!