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Found 7 results

  1. Lose_dudes

    Webcomics (merged)

    I have decided to merge all my webcomics from here on so it will be easier to read. Here goes---- WoWS loves spreadsheets:
  2. Lose_dudes

    Every ship class' terrible

    This will only make sense if you read 'webcomic 5'. it delves deeper into their relationship with the game. To the tune of 'The Modern Major-general song I simply can't start playing cruisers because of the terminology I'd love to quit CVs right now and start learning biology Battleships are just stupid now there's a thing called deadeye It's less interesting to be a CC than watch movies about jedi. I'd love to learn more about dds but they're less effective Unless the only better thing was to sit and gain perspective They yell at me for CV rework though I designed it greatly They say my money grab was done rather less than sedately There's many things in this game we have to eventually perfect the player base is one main thing we'll have no choice but to disinfect. The thought of playing any of these is simply too unbearable Just give me a break from this game-- every ship class's terrible. If you're new and you totally suck you can go for bb rheumatology But I've been here since alpha so maybe potato physiology? hydro will make each game a long boring sit for tea but compared to radar in a smokescreen that's where I'd prefer to be submarines prepare you for a life of fighting with dds nonstop HE bombers a tedious training of when your payload drops though rockets seem to grant you a 30% like game the wiki page for CV player redirects to 'load of shame' They say it's best to save your steel of find your coal ships eating it but all it that does is prevent armory steel ships from meeting it My five-year experience was hardly comparable but give me a break from this game-- every ship class's terrible. Cruiser players all cringe when they hear commander's skill rework I can't invent a new ship class then I would be a jerk I want to stick with what I have--I'm really that neophobic And other ship classes make me feel anaerobic A plain pure forumer gives you deadeye hate going for reddits is a big show of your naivete torps are the reason people play dds these days... (or so claims this weird guy who sings marselliase) When I talk about skill based mm my employees exaggerate the 'mm''s fine the 'skill based' where they evaporate When you discuss the game with me you're not comparable-- Just give me a break from this game-- every ship class's terrible.
  3. Lose_dudes

    Webcomic 5

    Their anniversary is coming up in like 6 days. A bit of backstory... meanwhile, I'm busy thinking of a spoof on THIS! Every Major's Terrible XKCD Sing-a-Long - YouTube
  4. Lose_dudes

    Webcomic-4: Voicovers

    'I don't think the torpedoes go in the boiler'
  5. Lose_dudes

    Webcomic part 3: children

    The third part of my infamous webcomic series. expect at least one more today!
  6. Lose_dudes

    Webcomic part 2

    The second part of the funny and heartbreaking tale of a doomed couple...
  7. Lose_dudes

    New Webcomic!

    No, this is not a troll post. I am starting a new webcomic series that will be posted on the forums! P.S the only cure is a massive E.Coli infection, but where would you get THAT from? (There's never a bacteria pool when you need one... or is there?