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Found 1 result

  1. EDIT: I am speaking about Very Good CV players. Average CV players are not as much as a concern, but the danger is still there. Please keep this in mind. In the first 3 minutes i get zeroed in by Aircraft. I was near a balti.... I get rocketed for 4k, 3k, then 4k again. I was even in a yugumo which has excellent dodging ability. Only then did i DCP. I lost 2k~ due to holding DCP. 18,650 - 4k, 3k, 4k, 2k= 5,650. This is all i had to make a impact. I still managed to place #1 and lose. https://imgur.com/a/0uSyZa8 What do i do as a DD main, I was even near a Baltimore...... I cant contest Caps. Also, I saw a 1/2 plane squad return to a CV, immediately launch with a full complement of planes. I thought there was a penalty when losing planes. If my sig is any indication. I was first place the last 4 games (the only 5 games i played) and have a 0% winrate... Something is wrong, non AA DDs now are not worth taking.... I think the only way to beat this is to play cvs.... Is that what Wargaming wanted? EDIT: Played a game as a Dolphin Princess Groz build that doesn't rely on range/concealment as much as other dds. I put up a better fight against cv's, and still managed to do damage and (badly) Attempt to contest/deny caps. I even had a ZR guy on my team, also in a Groz. (We both +1 each other, and tried our best. We got zoned out) But ultimately, the combination of enemy long range cruisers (zao) and the cv beat my sustain and DCP timing. I did also manage to be in 1st place. We still lose due to me not being able to get close enough to contest caps safely. If i was not at full speed, id open myself up to CV attack, If i stopped firing (in my opinion) means we lost since i was zoned out of caps. I tried to be the center of attention to keep the CV on me, but ultimately the CV won by denying the one ship type next to other CV's that influence the game the most. DDs. Metashift for dds will be: Groz, Gearing > Strong AA boats>Boats not reliant on concealment>IJN torpedo/Other DDs. Sucks some boat lines will be useless now :\