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Found 1 result

  1. BurnsOnContact


    Just when I think you couldn't possible do much worse for your game, WG'ing? You prove me wrong. At least you've been 100% consistent at that. I for one am sick and [edited]tired of waiting a full 5 minutes in the que, SEEING up to and OVER 100 people PLAYING that tier (or tiers), of ships,,,, and then get served, match, after match, after [edited] match, LESS than 5 people per team? Usually, it's 2, maybe 3 people. Per. Team. The EXTRA special slice of stupidity are the 1 vs 1 matches. THOSE are such FUN!!! Bottom line is, for any match with LESS than 5 people per team? Kiss the one daily bonus g-bye. Kiss any attached flags you might have on our ship, an utter waste. Kiss any chance of scoring anything of value a lost cause, too. And if the now-pissed-off Player says- "Hell with it, I'm OUTTA here!"? You penalize the PLAYER, by forcing them to don the lovely *PINK* tutu (which is SUCH an alluring temptation for the hordes of crayon-feasting [edited] out there, who LOVE shooting at *PINK* players, 'cause they KNOW they're immune to some Karma return-[edited]-smacking), for x-amount of matches, AND/OR you dump us in [edited] 'Co-op ONLY' battles, for yet again, an x-amount of matches, till our PENANCE is served? Have you utterly lost what mind(s) you had, or is it you merely never had one to start with? If you honestly believe treating your players like this is going to attract new players? If you honestly believe treating your players like this, is going to RETAIN them, and (this is absolutely choice, this is), COMPEL THEM TO ACTUALLY SPEND REAL $$$ on your game? Then there is no hope left for you. I'd suggest those responsible for all the above, and the idiotic RNGeezus Program, go back to your old jobs. You remember- The ones you had... At Chernobyl? See how well your Programming skills worked, there? P.S. For all you die-hard, dedicated Fan Bois out there, who love trolling the Forum and practically break the sound barrier with your *SQUEES* of delight when you find a post that casts any negative light on your cherished game? Give your fingers a rest boys (and girls). YOUR gullible opinion(s) are not important to me. I'm far more interested in seeing if any actual Programmer, or someone with some degree of responsibility for this sad fiasco at WG'ing, actually reads this, and dares reply with some logical reason why its happening. Now, Fan Bois? Enjoy yourselves, 'cause I know you will anyway.