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Found 9 results

  1. SuperComm4

    Time to buff HMS Hood?

    For being the once “Pride of the Royal Navy” - HMS Hood seems a bit underwhelming in today’s WoWS. More specifically it seems people rave far more about Warspite; and the Repulse has turned out to be a lot more fun with it’s improved dispersion. While I am not sure, I believe Warspite has a better dispersion or sigma value. What would make a good change for Hood: improved Sigma improved Dispersion Reload Booster AA buff I think any two of the above would make the ship more enjoyable without overpowering her.
  2. So I got Georgia for coal, and now with the news of some premiums going away, is it worth getting the Massa? Like is it worth having both premiums or will Georgia suffice my need for a secondary ship? I also have a bunch of gold from free Santa crates and a coupon so I can get Massa half off, however, I also really want Warspite.
  3. warheart1992

    Meta enduring ships

    So recently I decided to make a return to Fletcher and finally complete my grind through the USN DD line, one of my favourites. What struck me was that even after loads of changes in the meta in recent years, she is still a very good and reliable ship, still capable of being a very strong torpedo boat and a decent knifefighter. From there a few other ships sprung to mind, some that with few changes have stayed relevant in the ever changing meta of the game even after years have passed; thought about hearing other opinions of ships that remain relevant after quite some time. Another example would be Atago; still a reliable ship and a safe choice for a tier VIII premium CA, with heal, accurate and strong main battery, concealment and torpedoes. From the middle tiers Fuso and Warspite spring to mind. They still are good ships regardless of various changes in how the game plays. Looking forward to hearing and finding out about other ships falling in that category .
  4. I was just wondering "what if" Bismark had run into two older battleships like Warspite and Valiant after blowing up the Hood. Would Lutjens have bailed because of being outgunned or would he have tried to blast the older ships? Just a thought running through my head.
  5. TheKrimzonDemon

    Warspite, I Apologize

    Warspite, we haven't ever gotten along, I know this, you know this. Many, many times, I've heard your virtues sung from Davy Jones' Locker to Heaven. I didn't believe it, we didn't click, you made e-peen jokes about me to all the other ladies upon the seas. I couldn't make you do anything. You were fickle, and I wasn't patient. It was like a courtship gone totally awry. After almost 3 years of futility, I finally figured out how to make you sing like the Fat Lady at the Opera. I just dropped 170k in you, all the things on the seas were food. Much yeeting was done. Possibly, you even purred. I'm here to say I was wrong, and I'm sorry for doubting you, and sorry for every bad thing I've said, and I've lost count of how many(Let's be clear, I said all the bad things, ok?). You are my new Zombie Angel Battleship. Let's not get divorced, ok? The courtship ritual you put me through bankrupted my soul, so, even if we did get divorced, you wouldn't get anything out of it.
  6. I currently have Auxiliary Arms Mod 1 (+100% secondary survivability) in slot 1 and Secondary Battery Mod 1 (+20% secondary range while -20% dispersion) in slot 3. (British unique) commander skills are as follows. Although the opportunities to enter secondary range are rare, I find her pretty proficient at chaotic close range brawls. The secondaries rain HEs and the main guns' AP can penetrate hard when you get close. Let me know what you think and how you would build your Warspite for secondaries.
  7. I must say, it's quite fun getting lolpens on an invisible Leander from long range, accurately predicting where a Boise is going to turn, and winning 2v1 fights in a cyclone against a New York and a Texas. The only times I've ever done higher damage in a Random match were when I was sailing the North Carolina.
  8. anonym_NIWq62weaeXo

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.