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Found 1 result

  1. This ship is pure garbage for the Money your forced to pay if you want to complete the missions to obtain Steel of which some of them require you use this JUNK!. I have nearly 100 ships but this is by far the worst play experience of any ship I have in port!. Guns that cant pen any BB unless your close in but you do not even have the armor to DO THAT! , low rate of fire for a small caliber gun in which you only have 8 of them. Don't tell me its a "cruiser" killer , there are dozens of those far better even at tier V. All tier V BBs can out gun this piece of pure garbage and forget it if your stuck against tier VIII ships this ship is worthless. And sorry there is no Battle Cruiser class in the game for you purists. The MM does not acknowledge that when making up teams!. I have played more then enough games in this to see we have been scammed with this bad design of a ship.