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Found 25 results

  1. I go on vacation for a week and all hell breaks loose! How the hell did burnt toast, rookie moves by the communications officer and fingertip blisters turn into a ragging inferno that seems to have burned down the community?! I think we all get those new Premium ships, commanders and camo make money. And new maps, ops of the week and balancing of Fire mechanics don't. Killing off the community contributors that have helped info, shape, and expand the game is just bad business. You want to change the system, fine. But have a plan, publish it, and help everyone implement it. Its not rocket science, hell it’s not even nautical science. It’s building a strong crew and working collaboratively with those that are engage and want to have a role on the ship.
  2. I was watching Flamu the other day and realized something the community had changed quite a lot. I was around in the closed beta test days. We had solid communication then. Sub_Octavian supported the community and gave us direct feedback on wows future plans and mechanics. He was the fall guy for the failed Puerto Rico dockyard event. It was sad to see the community divided then. It surprises me how easily we forget about Wargaming’s greed that day. It still clearly shows these days as well with back to back dockyard events that have changed in some aspects, but carry out the same purpose. To take money in large amounts from players. I think I may be old just rambling on about the past. If there is one thing I do remember it was the day when @iChase stood up and said enough was enough was Graf Zepplin. I think it’s high time that we all do the same as Wargaming only seems to listen when it hurts them in their wallet. We need to support the CC’s that do actual critical thinking and expose Wargaming’s greed. The problem is that people are too content with how things are and will likely do little to nothing on this. I will not be buying Yukon and will do a serious reassessment on when I do buy things from Wargaming. Let’s all do one very simple thing and not buy Yukon. It has to hurt their bottom line in order to see change. That is all I have to say. Make it a great day or not the choice is your’s.
  3. Hello WG, I downloaded this (quite big; really, 60 gigs?) game to play over the late WInter after being gone for about three plus years. Most all of what I have to say can best be summed up as; expecting folks to somehow enjoy NPE (negative play experience) being the norm for matches rather than the exception is completely unrealistic on your collective part. Yes, it's still possible to have a good match win or lose, with the latter being more typical & far too frequent. It should never be a possibility in the first place to experience a map empty of visible ships (and that further shrouded in multiple clouds of smoke) minutes at a time for one, if not both, teams in a match between real players. However, camping & farming to the exclusion of other productive gameplay was bad before except now it seems little more than try to compete with gimmick ships, Russian BBs, double CVs, or just not play. Your matchmaking is abysmal, to the point of making me only play BBs in random battle after just two nights of play and trying to get what I can out of Coop for the CAs & DDs, simply for the survivability of a battleship or battlecruiser. Making it the common experience for your merely average skill playerbase to be ineffective beyond queuing one type of ship cannot possibly be a good thing, nor hopefully what you intended to be how the game is best played. There are still ten tiers in this game, with multiple lines of ships of various types - yet you folks at corporate clearly still expect everyone to want tier X all day every day. Plus, carriers killed off the very ships this title allows playing, in case any of you didn't know - I understand you're trying anything and everything to attract folks willing to do at least one micro-transaction or else splurge into a high tier Premium or Free XP ship but it would be nice if they wanted to stick around as well, preferably long enough to maybe learn more effective ways to play so everyone else isn't at the mercy of your business approach. And, speaking of micro-transactions, when neither Amazon Pay (keeps trying to log me into Amazon UK) or Paypal will work as the go to you've hindered micro-transactions on my part to the point of 'Why bother'. Farewell Hizen, we never knew ye; our paths shall never cross again. You had an interesting game with little real competition, but once you finish milking ever more churn players will it take this game being as dead as Warplanes before you bother to take notice of anything at all with your approach being wrong?
  4. WG should design and add a tier 3 Italian Battleship, and add it to the tech tree. Who's with me?
  5. The matchmaker has to be broken! I've played several battles tonight with my friends and we keep running into whole teams from the same clan. THERE ARE NO RANDOMS. Match making must be broken! WeeGee Pls nerf this. 0/10 unplayable.
  6. I started playing WOWS again after a while and I was surprised to see a USS KIDD in my port along with a personal assignment to get a texas. I only need to earn 25k base xp for the texas but I got a kidd for free. Does Wargaming have a returning player gift program?
  7. What would you like wargaming to do for the game, more balancing, less ship lines, fix the old stuff, quality or quantity. What would you like to see? I would like to see better balance for t8-t10, old ops, returned, less ships lines released, quality balancing nothing of this 0.5 sec reload buff for new york, the only ships that need to be kept in check are T4 cvs as that is the new players coming up and thats not fun for them. If wargaming is pushing for high tier forcus customers on balancing them. More 30% sent out so we can buy more ships, and Armory ship coupons reduced to three months if you keep putting ranked and clan battles so close together. These ones I would like. Make the game fun again, and not like a job for having to grind out ship lines every 4-6 months, two ships lines a year is plenty. It is better to have a good release then a bad one. If you want more date to balance your ships, let people have access to the new ships on pts, so you can get your data. Does anyone know the exact number of supertesters? These are my thoughts brought on by wg recent dev article about ship changes.
  8. HeavenlyWind_


    Dear WarGaming, STOP NERFING THE GERMAN SHIPS!! Thank you.
  9. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Letting go my Hatred

    None of us are perfect human beings.....we all experience emotion, both good or bad emotion every once in a while. It is only natural. Recently, I have been struggling with myself as the whole "Russian bias" got me worked up as Kremlin is difficult to sink, Smolensks are still everywhere, Wargaming announced new Russian cruisers, etc etc...... I so thoroughly depressed myself I seriously considered just uninstalling the game and never coming back. So much was the hatred that I was harboring for Russian ships. Plus, it has been increasingly depressing for me that I love playing CVs (I am working on a private pilot's license actually) but that there are so many players who HATE CVs and who HATE CV players with an intensity that is strong enough to kill people. Feeling hated by CV-haters has made me want to hate them back.....and realizing this makes be feel psychologically disturbed and upset. However......I have decided that the best course for me to take is to follow Master Yoda's advice and let go of my hatred. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. --Master Yoda, speaking to a troubled Anakin Skywalker. Below is a picture of a new upcoming Azur Lane shipgirl: Sovietskaya Russia battleship (Soviet Soyuz-class) which I found on the Azur Lane WoWS "Off-Topic" forum. I have had such a intense hatred for Russian battleships because of how difficult it is for me to sink them and by how OP they are.....but this image.....is beautiful. Yeah….I know that it is fake and not a real picture. But looking closely at it, melts my heart. It is a lovely picture of a beautiful woman. Seeing this image has encouraged me to put a halt to my hatred for Russian ships and Russian bias so that I can be made free. \ Of course, I am still upset with WG that they have made a lot of OP Russian ships in the game, and yes, I do wish that the CV Rework was improved a bit more (I play a lot of CVs, but I do play a lot of destroyers, battleships, and cruisers too so I also have it tough against CVs. And being a CV player I see that there is much that still needs to be tweaked and fine-tuned). Things that I am GLAD for: 1.) Submarines. Yeah, WG did make a promise to not add subs.....but adding subs just expands the game. WG cannot just keep adding more battleships and cruisers and destroyers all the bloody time. Besides, adding subs makes destroyers more useful in the fact that they are "destroyers" i.e. the bane of battleships and submarines. 2.) CV Rework replacing RTS system. The CV Rework is not perfect, like I mentioned but it is far better than the old RTS system by a long shot! In the RTS system it was too easy to Alpha Strike a enemy ship in the first 2 minutes of a match simply by bombarding them with all bombers and torpedo bombers. If all your planes got shot down by...then all you had left was a plane-less carrier and can contribute NO MORE to the fight other than attempting to ram some enemy ship. Furthermore.....with the OP fighter strafing run, you can deplane an enemy carrier in seconds. There was no "balance" in the RTS sytem of an experienced CV player to a inexperienced CV player. 3.) Armory changes The adding of more ships and the demotion of steel ships into coal ships. ….I can go on, but you get the point. My goal now is to put a halt of my hateful feelings that I have for this game, and for other players, and just do my best to enjoy the game for all its worth. This is a video game after all...and video games are meant to be enjoyed and to relax ourselves from our daily, real life troubles. Sure….I am going to still play CVs because I love the class. Players are still going to hate me for it and even Report me for it....but f%$# it. They can do what they damn well pleases it if strokes their ego. I am going to enjoy this game because I want to sail ships and fly airplanes. They say that every guy usually experienced a "f$#% it!" moment from time to time.....I just had one, and explained it to you. Anyway, dear friends and fellow captains, I shall see you on the oceans. <o
  10. In this post, I am going to lay out my honest opinion on what I would do if I were in WG's position right now, as of February 2020, given my understand of the game, how much I have played it, and what I have discussed with other players. I understand that not everyone of you are going to agree with me, and much of what I am going to suggest is going to be controversial....but I am more than happy to hear out your opinions and thoughts in the comments below! A without further ado, here goes..... 1.) Place HMS Belfast at Tier VIII. This is so that she is on par with her sister ship, HMS Edinburgh, as I think that it is unusual that Belfast, which is better than Edinburgh in many ways (access to HE shells, radar AND smoke combo, and is a premium ship with premium economic bonuses) would be a tier lower than her. Plus, having Belfast at Tier VIII would mitigate her over-powered-ness, and would save Tier V ships from being bullied by her (Belfast as a Tier VII can be put into Tier V-VII matches) 2.) Do a USN battleship split. I would keep the original USN battleship as is (USS South Carolina, Tier III ---> USS Montana, Tier X), but starting at Tier V New York I would make a split. The split would be something like this: USS Nevada (Tier V) USS Pennsylvania (Tier VI) OR a pre-WW2 modified USS Tennessee (Tier VI) this would go in tandem with how Tenessee's sister USS California is being made a Tier VII premium, with WW2-era modifications) USS Maryland or USS Washington (Tier VII, Colorado-class ships) USS South Dakota (Tier VIII) or USS Washington (Tier VIII) ??? (Tier IX)? [Maybe USS New Jersey or USS Wisconsin (but how to differentiate them from USS Iowa and USS Missouri without making Iowa and Missouri more obsolete?)] Tillman battleship (Tier X) ----> Just to clarify that I myself am debating on the best setup for the USN battleship split, but I am settled on the idea that the Tier V ship ought to be USS Nevada, as she was of a class similar to the New York-class, and is a brand new ship class not yet introduced into WoWS. 3.) Nerf Kremlin. I find that her armor and her high hit-points pool is ridiculous. I would certainly reduce her hit-points to be BELOW that of Großer Kurfürst so as to preserve the uniqueness of German BBs of higher the highest hit points of all other nation's battleships, and as a nod to efficient German engineering. As a historian, I find it infuriating that the RU BBs in the game somehow are BETTER in their engineering design to that of the American, British, and German battleships. I would also make Kremlin slower in her acceleration, as she is a bit too fast, and I would reduce her armor so that she is more vulnerable to being targeted. Of course, I do not wish to nerf Kremlin to the ground and make her plain useless.....but I would like to see her be a bit less OP so that other battleships are made a bit more viable again, such as Yamato and Montana. Speaking of which..... 4.) Buff IJN Yamato and USS Montana slightly. Yamato I would make her have a better hit-point pool, so that she is a bit better on survivability. Montana already got a buff to her Repair Party which is nice, but I think that she too, should have a slight hit-point increase. I would also increase the range of Montana's and Yamato's secondary guns so that their secondaries are a bit more useful. 5.) Increase the secondary range of ALL battleships across the board, except German BBs, French BBs, and other BBs that already have great secondaries (i.e. Georgia, Massachusetts) I find it ridiculous that more battleships have base secondary ranges of 5 km or less. I understand that this is made so that DDs and crusiers have a chance to rush in and sink a battleship with guns or torpedoes, but like really? 4km or 5km? You might as well not have ANY secondaries at that point because they will barely fire off a few rounds before that rushing DD/cruiser is on you and torpedo-ing you to Davy Jones's Locker. What I would so would be to increase the base secondary ranges by 2-3 km (making ranges range from 6-8 km instead of 4-5 km). That way, at least you can feel good that your secondaries are firing at the enemy, and with flags, and captain skills you can try out secondary builds on battleships that are not really the best at it. Like, why not try out a secondary built on your IJN Nagato? Or on your HMS Iron Duke? Maybe it can be fun! But with base 4-5 km range, it sucks. It is not worth while to utilize a secondary built unless you have 6-8 km which is more useable. I would love to make Tier VII and below battleships (excepting the Germans and French of course) have longer range secondaries. 6.) Nerf Smolensk. Make her citadel larger, increase her gun reload, lower the time of her smoke dispersion.....these are changes that I would definitely make so as to mitigate her overpowered-ness. 7.) Nerf Russian radar. I would either (1) lower the range of Russian radar to 11 km or (2) I would lower the time duration of the radar. 8.) Add more Tier II battleships into the game. IJN Mikasa is special in that she is the only pre-dreadnought battleship in the game (so far). If I were in WG, I would definitely add more pre-dreadnought ships because (1) many of them existed….so.....no paper ships, but REAL ships would be added into the game! (2) Why not add more diversity to Tier II gameplay? So many players complain that high tiers (Tier VIII-X) are stressful, so why not make the second-to-lowest tier a bit more attractive to play? Furthermore, additional battleships can be added to each of the battleship tech tree lines. So instead of having battleships start at Tier III, have them start at Tier II. In other words, add a Tier II battleship to the German, American, Royal Navy, Russian, and French battleship lines. After all, the cruiser lines start off with Tier I cruisers then move on to Tier IIs before then splitting into destroyers (beginning Tier II) and battleships (beginning Tier III). 9.) Make there be more Clan Battles and Ranked Battles at Tiers II, III, IV, and V. We have seen there be one Tier VI ranked sprint, a couple of Tier VII ranked sprints and ONE Tier VIII Clan Battle. The Tier VIII Clan Battle in particular was well appreciated by thousands of players because it was a break from the usual Tier X Clan Battles that occur in 99% of Clan Battles. But what about the other Tiers Tier VI and below? Why not make THEM also into Clan Battles or Ranked Battles? After all, there are plenty of Tier V premiums that players have in their ports that they would certainly like to use in competitive game modes besides just Random Battles. Tier III and Tier IV premiums also exist...so why not have also be given more purpose by creating a Tier II, III, IV, or Tier VI Clan battle/Rank Battle? In addition, by creating a Clan Battle/Rank Battle that is Tier V or below, it might compel experienced players who have been stuck in Tier X-land to actually go back to playing the lower tiers and...who knows? Maybe rediscover a appreciation of the lower tiers (unless they already have a appreciation for the lower tier ships) since we all were once rookies at playing WoWS...we all had to sail our way up from Tier I all the way to Tier X. Now....the only issue that is to be had with a Tier II, III, IV, or Tier V Clan Battle/Rank Battle is that a lot of rookie/newbie players are usually at those tiers, and they might ruin the gameplay and fun that the experience players are trying to have with participating in those events. My solution to that is to add a in-game system that checks to see how many Random Battles you have played in WoWS. If you have played 1000 less games, then you are not eligible to play in the lower-tier Clan Battle/Rank Battle let's say. Or the condition could be that you have to play in 200 game or more in Tier VIII or higher ships before you can be granted access to lower tier Clan Battles/Rank Battles. That way, there is a separation from the rookie players from the experienced players, and the rookie players will not ruin the games of the experienced players. If the rookie players want to participate in the competitive events, they need to play higher tier ships AND play enough games in them---therefore becoming "experienced" players in the process. 10.) Add Italian battleships in the game. This is the final point I am going to make, and that is Italian battleships. SAP shells with battleship guns might prove interesting and make said Italian BBs VERY unique in their play style compared to other BBs. Honestly, I am not that all familiar with the history of Italian battleships, but it would be something like this: ??? Tier II ??? Tier III ??? Tier IV Conte di Cavour (Tier V, sister ship to Guilio Ceasar) ??? Tier VI ??? Tier VII Littorio (Tier VIII, sister to Roma) ??? Tier IX ??? Tier X Let me know your comments below!
  11. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Directives/Missions Deleted?

    Wargaming seriously? Will you ever stop lying!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? As you can plainly see it says that the Directives are to end on the 13th. So imagine my shock when I saw this. Wargaming? Are there no depths you will sink to for this event? @Femennenly @Sub_Octavian @Kami You better tell Wargaming to compensate us for this royal screw up. O.k Directives are back, but I have a battle that didn't count for my directives and lost potential enhanced build time. We deserve some sort of compensation because this was clearly a screw up on Wargaming's end.
  12. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    I don't know if Wargaming is trying to distract us from the Puerto Rico fiasco or what but this is beyond the pail on the stupidity scale. If you don't want to watch the whole thing I'll sum up. 1. Sub numbers make no sense 2. Subs no longer surface, so RIP heavy cruisers and battleships in most situations 3. Homing torpedoes are now basically Cold War era (see 18:18 in vid) 4. Wargaming took everything good and gave us exactly what we feared. Seriously this.......I have only 1 way to describe it. WTH?
  13. landedkiller

    Research bureau issue

    PLEASE READ REDDIT POST AND THEN RESPOND https://reddit.app.link/rpSazJ1Vy2 I think it is very important to have a discussion on Wargaming as a whole lately. Do they really think we aren’t paying attention to what they are doing? What can we do to fight back against these ridiculous proposed changes. I mean those who have been around long enough remember how Missouri was removed and how Kronshtadt and Musashi were removed. Graf Zepplin Gate and the CV half baked cv rework. I think bearing this all in mind that we are simply Ignore the research bureau and let it die off due to unpopularity. Essentially what Wargaming is trying to do is pressure players to go back and regrind lines for RB points when they have already put in days or even months into grinding these lines already. I am ignoring the research bureau and I hope it dies. Seeing as how Wargaming only wants us to regrind the same lines over and over again no thanks. World of tanks doesn’t do this so warships should take a lesson from them and leave the players alone. We don’t want this point blank and it is important to realize that Wargaming has gotten greedy and that we need to stop giving into them or else they will just become more greedy. Would you trust a salesman who lies to you? That is essentially what has happened murmurous times since I beta tested this game. So please stop regrinding all of you until this company changes it’s ways.
  14. What defines a "Veteran Player?" Really though, what does? I am still wondering how WG see's the pre-requisite of "5 Tier X Ships" a fair and acceptable entry point for this new activity. When in reality... it couldn't be further from it. Lots of players don't have multiple tier X ships or even ANY tier X ships that have been playing this game for years. Why are they excluded from this? In my case, I have only two tier X ships. République & Henry IV. I am a HUGE french navy ship fan and enjoy the speedy play-style they allow me to have. I will be getting the Italian cruisers when they embark because they have a very niche play-style.. "big gun that go boom and is invisible ( full speed smoke )" If WG was to not change it any-time in the future, then I would be up to 3 lines ( having the Italian cruisers researched ). Still unable to reset a branch. In order for me to partake in this, I have to get 3 other lines ( or 2 if the Italian cruisers come out before any changes are made ) that I simply have no interest in playing whatsoever, to then be eligible to play? No, that's wrong. The requirement should be removed in it's entirety or reverted to what was initially announced by Kami, "who has at least two tier X re-searchable ships in port" I can't be the only one here who is in the same boat as me. Lots of players are excluded from this because "veteran players" are classified as holders of many tier X ships when it shouldn't be that way. I guess I have been playing the game all wrong if I don't have several tier X ships? Also Lets be honest.. the Research Bureau is a cash cow.You don't have to be a genius to see why. You only have to peak your nose into the premium shop right now. TODAY ( August 21 2019 ) the new update which rolled out RB also landed a few new premium shop goodies for purchase. All these "support" bundles to help ease the players for regrinding. However... I could of sworn/heard I read somewhere that you wanted players to remember the earlier experiences in the game". Found it. here is a link to that video. Start the video at 3:00 and listen away. Now if WG wanted players to take their time through this and remember those earlier experiences/ with the grind, why would they bring out these bundles to help move them quicker to the higher tiers again? They don't. They know the majority of the lower tier ships are very unplayable in stock configuration. They know very well you don't want to play those. If they wanted to make you play those, they could simply put some earn-able research bureau tokens on the lower tier ships... but instead they keep it at 6 and above only. I am not outraged that this entire activity is a cash cow... but WG playing it off as some sort of " enjoy the old times and earn something new" is really far-fetched. I don't expect WG to come out and blatantly mention this is a cash grab.. but from the responses on the YT videos on how they explained how it works and the goals are... the majority of players don't want it. They can get more players to partake in this by simply reverting the requirement or removing it in its entirety. Why would it be a bad thing? It wouldn't be. ( for their pockets ) I know I am probably going to get flamed, and that's fine. I am a grown man. I can take feedback. I just feel after 3 years of playing this game, loving this game, supporting this game by purchasing premium ships/ time, doubloons, camo.. you name it... I feel jaded that I am left out. This is how I feel. I was so excited initially with the NTC. I wasn't keen on the rewards they were offering at the time, but the concept of it I was 100% on board with. Jimbob.
  15. This week Wargaming has proven that it will in fact meddle in Clan Politics and go as far to set a dangerous precedent that all Clans should be aware of. I will keep it as brief as I can: I am the leader of KnightWolf Armada [KWA] and a few months ago we began having members of 78th Main Fleet migrating to our Clan. They informed me that 78th struggled to get enough people on for clan battles and wanted to join a clan that consistently fielded two teams. The leader of 78th at the time decided to leave the game entirely and handed over command of all 78th clans to his second-in-command at the time. This new leader of 78th decided that he didn’t want to rebuild a dying clan and instead approached me with an offer: I would have control of 78th Main Fleet to be remade into KWB, a second clan for our casual members, and he would join KWA. He didn’t want to abandon and screw over the remaining casual members of 78th so I offered to help them restructure and once they were back into the swing of things we would be allies. Fast forward to this week, the week where we were going to begin the process of restructuring and moving members where they would have the best Clan to call home. Well, hit the brakes! The old leader of 78th returns, and instead of contacting me like his second-in-command told him to he goes to Wargaming and tells them a lie about his account being hacked. They remove my alternate account from the clan entirely and impose him as leader. When I was informed of this, I brought together all the documentation I had to show that WG had made a mistake. This includes: screenshots of the conversation where he openly said he was leaving the game for good and giving his second-in-command full authority to do what he thinks is best, and citing Wargaming’s rules that state if you leave a clan you started, you are forfeiting ownership of the Clan, as well as when you share account information you are putting yourself at risk, and additionally WG’s policy of not interfering with Clan Politics. With this evidence is should be clear that I should regain control of 78th Main Fleet as he knew what he was doing when he did it and then lied to strip control away from me and have it given to him. Wargaming apparently didn’t think so. Even going so far to cite the rules that they themselves are breaking with this decision as why they can’t do anything. This is absolutely ridiculous! We did nothing wrong and WG is punishing me and my clanmates by siding with a person who did break the rules! Going even further, this decision sets a dangerous precedent for all Clans. If a clan leader leaves a clan that he started, he then at any time can create a ticket and easily take control of that clan without the consent of the existing leader or the members of the clan. How many clans out there could this dramatically screw over? All because by doing this WG is directly getting involved in Clan Politics! As a Clan Leader I observe that it is my responsibility to maintain a community that encourages fun, competitive spirit, and an environment that makes their experience as enjoyable as it can be. My members do not serve me, I serve them. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t do all I can to correct this injustice and make sure WG fixes this issue and doesn’t make this mistake again. Below is my correspondence with WG in an attempt to resolve the issue. For privacy reasons I have decided not to include the evidence of the guy willingly relinquishing control of 78th, however, it was sent to WG.
  16. GrenadierGuy

    WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  17. KAAOS_Frosty

    Premuim DD

    This is for WG to answer. I have a question in reference to the Aigle tier 6 DD. In the arsenal in game it says 7km Torps in the premium shop it says 8km which is it??? This is the same ship. Thinking of getting it but with conflicting Stats it does concern me. Frosty
  18. Rikishay

    Z-52 needs a buff

    Plain and simple, the Z-52 is in a very akward state in the game as of right now. With the addition of the Daring, the Z-52 has no unique trait besides fast loading torps. And with the new flooding mechanic, those torps got HEAVILY nerfed. Even though they reload fast, they are close to the worst torps in the game. Concealment is mediocre, guns are mediocre, speed is mediocre, large size...etc. I mean where does this ship really stand out? Hydro? That's very situational and almost useless with all the radar ships. Fast torp reload? its a total of 8 torps that do very little damage? The Z-52 is a tier 9 ship in its current state. What are all your thoughts??? The fact it has the lowest damage of all DD's with the fastest torp reload is proof enough wargaming needs to examine and buff the Z-52
  19. Could? Would? 9v9 ever be something to consider? I just finished a 9v9 match and other than me going "wth" at the beginning of the match due to the awkward MM'ing plus the personal unplayed 9v9 gameplay, ill have to say that 9v9 was actually pretty fun! Chatting with both the team and the enemy teams, it did feel alot like ranked. It did, but it didn't have that kind of feel. During the battle i noticed it was much more comfortable feel than playing a 12v12 and a much more balanced battle/cap kinda game, it wasn't so one sided. 3 extra players on your team can possibly mean 3 extra potatoes on the team, am i right? It did have a blitz style type gameplay, but something about it was much fun. My team ended up winning the game on cap points, but i wanted to take time to post my feelings on this and post a final pic of how it turned out. Maybe it's something that we can try in just the lower to mid tiers, or maybe not at all. Just putting it out there! Either way! Happy Sailing! Cheers!
  20. The Ship Tours begin and end at 4:20 am. Well done Wargaming . . . https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/doody/
  21. Francois424

    Prince of Wales

    Hey all, long time, no post. ( This is my personal, open request to WarGaming. Feel free to chime in as well. ) Hello WarGaming, Been with you since World of tanks somewhere in late 2011 I think. Now almost only playing on World of Warships. I would like to make a personal request of your ship designing, balancing, and premium team(s): I have been a Battleship player ever since I first unlocked the Kawachi back in CBT, however my most treasured battleship has been the WarSpite for as long as I remember. Sure I don't really play the old girl as much as I did back then (mostly because of T6 MM but also because I am more playing Yamato/Musashi and other high tier vessels). Now, HMS Prince of Wales is wide open for premium material, and should you ever make her a possible premium in-game, this is where my request kicks-in ! >> Make me another WarSpite please, a T8 variant ! << No ultra-dupah heal like some UK BBs, no Anti-air gimmicks(Hood), no speed boosts, no special consumables (Hydro, radar, reload booster, etc). Absolutely nothing. WarSpite relies on her guns, on her agility, on her brawling(tho it was power-crept since CBT - still manage a DD kill with them every now and then). Not to mention player skill/positioning. Just a basic, sturdy ship with good guns characteristics, good secondaries and agility (well as much as the Prince of Wales lend itself to it, size-wise). Of course the Grand Old Lady isn't as sturdy and good as she was in CBT, but a Prince of Wales might just be able to pull it off at tier 8. That's it. if you really want to do something special with her, just give her tons of resistance against fires and good secondaries. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the Massachusetts btw, haven't had this much fun since Mikasa/WarSpite of CBT. -- François.
  22. -Evento- [El Ocaso]-//- Escena °1- [El Despertar del Gigante Dormido] ¿De qué va el evento? El evento es un concepto nuevo que se está aplicando en la comunidad de World of Warships, saliéndose de los estándares habituales de eventos y concursos. En este caso la modalidad que traemos da al jugador la posibilidad de protagonizar los sucesos. Y los ganadores del mismo pasan a ser parte de la historia que parte desde el punto de hoy. Nosotros en Latinoamérica somos los innovadores de dicho nuevo sistema, por ende, los precursores del mismo, así que sin hacer nada realmente grande, ya somos parte de algo totalmente nuevo. ¿De qué van las historias? Elaboraran un cuento/historia fantástica con 1.000 palabras o menos (Aproximadamente 2 hojas de Word - Fuente 12 times new Román). La historia debe estar ligada a los sucesos del evento (la historia oficial del evento) al ser una creación de cada individuo esta está sujeta a su propia interpretación dentro del universo fantástico que se está desarrollando dentro del evento para la primera escena del mismo. Los protagonistas son los propios autores, las historias pueden estar narradas en primera persona, segunda persona o tercera persona. Debe tener contexto lógico creíble. No debe contener errores de ortografía, de ser así su calidad se verá empobrecida, si una historia tiene muchos errores automáticamente será desechada. El contexto general de la historia se puede encontrar al final de este hilo. Pero también deben considerarse los sucesos que acontecen en: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/90591-contribuidores-de-world-of-warship-espanol/. ¿Cómo participar? En este mismo hilo publicaras tu historia fantástica. Aparte de adjuntar tu Nick, País y Edad. ¿Premios? A las cinco (5) mejores historias que recibiremos les adjudicaremos 250 mil créditos 100 doblones y 3 días de Premium. ¿Quiénes pueden participar? - Jugadores del servidor NA. - Jugadores con cuenta en el foro español – NA. - Jugadores que no tengan problemas de karma (team killer). ¿Quiénes puntúan las historias? Los Community Contributors en su conjunto. ¿Cuánto dura el evento? La duración del evento, es para esta la primera escena del mismo. Comienza el día: sábado 20 de agosto del 2016 – 00.00 horas. Termina el día:sábado 3 de septiembre del 2016- 00.00horas. (El horario es del pacifico PDT) ¿Quiénes quedan expulsados del evento? - Mensajes negativos no calificarán para esta actividad. Queremos historias divertidas y frescas. - Este no es un lugar para exponer sus quejas sobre el juego. Esto es sólo para escribir sobre el tema en cuestión. - Si no son los autores de sus historias pueden ser sancionados o baneados por copyright. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Historia oficial- Después de los sucesos que acontecen en: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/90591-contribuidores-de-world-of-warship-espanol/ (Historia contada por los Community contributors). Los países de Latinoamérica deciden hacer una coalición con todos los barcos sobrevivientes de las armadas de dichos países, fundan la resistencia llamada “la Armada del Caribe”, cada uno de estos almirantes debe ocuparse de las tareas que les fueron encomendadas. La base principal de operaciones, en Maracaibo Venezuela La razón para elegir al puerto de Maracaibo reside en su accesibilidad y alta fortificación aparte de estar en la zona central rodeada de islas y bases periféricas que proveen una línea principal y no permiten el ingreso de la niebla en las aguas del caribe. Toda la costa del Pacifico del continente americano se ha perdido, los países que poseen estas costas están bajo constante fuego enemigo por buscar de manera eficiente la erradicación de puertos en la zona, al obstruir el canal de Panamá las naves enemigas no podían ingresar directamente en el mar Caribe, a su vez Argentina ha perdido mayoritariamente sus costas, la reunión en Dominica por parte de los almirantes para resistirse a la aniquilación, dio como resultado este plan de batalla. El almirante en jefe, Rex dedicaría sus recursos a mantener el control y repeler a las fuerzas de la niebla en el caribe, utilizando el puerto de avanzada, en puerto príncipe como su principal enclave, al almirante Martinmartal fue destacado a puerto España, Trinidad y Tobago, junto al vice almirante Coldown a tratar de recuperar las costas argentinas y a su vez impedir el avance de la niebla, el almirante Telleyrand fue asigando a mantener a la habana operativa y defender todo el flanco norte del caribe para impedir intrusiones del enemigo en las aguas controladas por Latinoamérica. El resto de capitanes, (Jugadores) libran sus batallas y escaramuzas por toda Latinoamérica la guerra por la supervivencia a empezado....., Estamos en el año 2060 a pesar de la tecnología se ha vuelto obsoleta, los barcos utilizados son reliquias de guerras pasadas, todo navío que flote es útil para defenderse del atacante que busca aniquilarnos, no tenemos contacto con Europa, Asia o África, lo que dificulta un plan global de acción, por eso la armada del caribe hace sus movidas, es hora de que nos cuentes..... como fue tu historia en esta guerra, no esperes más y conviértete en leyenda.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMACION A CONSIDERAR:- No hay rangos más altos o iguales que los de los Almirantes, por ende para mantener el contexto de la historia global, los jugadores solo serán capitanes de sus navíos. - La historia que cuentes, debe desarrollarse en Latinoamérica y no contradecir a la historia oficial. - No puedes nombrar a los buques de la ARP, dado que según la historia oficial... no sabemos que buques son, o el hecho de ser llamados ARP, tan solo son conocidos como "la flota / armada de la niebla".- No puedes utilizar ningún buque de la flota / armada de la niebla en tu historia (tu tripulando o comandando dicho buque), por que todos los ARP sin excepción, son enemigos.- Las 5 mejores historias, serán anexadas a la historia oficial de World of Warships, y a su vez, será retrasmitidos los sucesos en el Canal Latinoamericano de Youtube.- Mientras más participes en las escenas del evento, más posibilidades tienes de llevarte las recompensas ten eso en cuenta. ------------------------------------------------------Almirante en jefe de la armada del caribe.Rex Leviathan Shadow NhiteringInforme de acontecimientos. 00:00 horas 20 de agosto del 2016 Base principal de operaciones, Maracaibo Venezuela.
  23. [El despertar del gigante dormido] ¿Ahora si quieres ser parte de la comunidad de contribuidores? -puedes serlo, estos capitanes sin puerto al que llegar decidirían conformar una armada para hacer frente al panorama mundial del conflicto. ¿Qué necesitas para ser parte? -Tener una Bandera Wargaming en tu puerto (tener cuenta en foro warship español)-Tener tus naves listas para el asedió (Cuenta en el server NA WOWs)- No ser perseguido por delitos a tu propia gente (No tener incidentes o amonestaciones de ningún tipo en alguna de las modalidades de wargaming)-Estar dispuesto a una batalla sin cuartel (No hay recompensas monetarias en dinero real o del juego) ¿Te tiemblan las piernas marinero? (como ser parte del sistema de contribuidores) -Telegrafiar al destacamento más cercano con tu ubicación, (Envía un PM a ELPOZOLEOLMECA respondiendo a las siguientes preguntas.) -Nombre Real:-Apellido Real:-Edad:-Nacionalidad: -Nick de juego/foro:¿Por qué quieres ser parte de los comunity contributors?¿Cuál crees que sería tu a aporte como un contribuidor?¿Quieres proponernos algo? Dinos qué y por qué.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTE: Almirante en jefe de la armada del caribe. Rex Leviathan Shadow Nhitering informe de acontesimientos. 1400 horas Isla de dominica, mar caribe.
  24. Following up with the original post regarding this event. Wargaming is gearing up for this event and has already set aside their booth: http://www.gamescom-...ing","start":0} A few folks here thought we'd be in Beta. Others thought Alpha. Well, we haven't reach either milestone. And with Wargaming setting up and attending another trade show, one can only anticipate another delay in the development of World of Warships. The next few weeks will be a foray of personnel traveling, rubbing shoulders with other production outfits, and marketing their current programs, developing projects, and boosting anticipation for World of Warships. Well, who will be there to see GAMESCON, and visit the Wargaming booth?