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Found 3 results

  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Wallpaper version?

    Does anyone have this screenshot, but without the setence in the mid and the "collect" button? Thanks in advance
  2. _Marines

    Alaska-at-night wallpaper by WG

    I think the wallpaper WG uses to promote Alaska is very cool. This wallpaper, however, cannot simply be downloaded from the webpage for technical reasons (maybe WG was trying to make it look better for viewers with 3D glasses?). I had to dig some codes and use multiple layers to render what you see on the webpage into a wallpaper. It is not 100% the same, but the imperfections should not be obvious to casual viewers. Enjoy.
  3. Most recent stream on the WoWs channel had the attached image as their background for the stream thumbnail. I've searched Google Images and directly searching for the image, and the NA and EU websites but to no avail, anyone have the full wallpaper to share? Sorry for low quality screencap, ship is the Irian. @Femennenly @TheURLGuy Sorry for tagging you two but I hope you two, as the streamers, may have it to share as well