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Found 1 result

  1. A translated clip from a sponsored collab stream, between two Japanese vtubers, Shirakami Fubuki and Houshou Marine, playing WoWs. ASUS also pitched in, loaning a gaming laptop for the stream (obviously for advertisement, lol). I actually watched the whole stream live, on Youtube... lel. They played one Tier II Coop game in a division, then hosted two Tier II Training Room battles, inviting players from their audience to join in: Team Fubuki versus Team Marine. First match was "torpedoes only, using DD's" and second was "guns only, using cruisers." You can actually see some of the invited players from the audience are WoWs veterans, by their enblems, the Lutjens captain's red colored shell tracers, and a full combat signal flags load out on their ships... lul. So cheeky of them... at Tier II... what a bunch of show off's, lal. They were both using fan-made voice mods of themselves. The mods can actually be found on WoWs forums, from here and here, courtesy of a player from Japan named @ROKA_na. Thanks, ROKA. Awesome stuff. Original one hour stream, from March 15th: